Monday, December 31, 2018

12/31/18 - Last Post of 2018

Wow, last post of 2108?
That's heavy!
IDK if it's just because I'm getting older but the end of the year is always so hard for me now...
Why does time have to move so quickly?!

Today I am sharing my last 2 completed PL pages.
Last time I posted I shared 43 and 44.
Funny thing when I was placing them in my album I realized I made a date range mistake on one of them and had to fix it...
First time I did that.

Prior to sharing Week 43 and Week 44 I had already shared Week 45 and Week 46.

So today I am sharing Week 47 and Week 48.
I did a little bit something different w/ them... you'll see.

Both are Traditional Pocket Pages:
 Week #47

-Finished Book #22 of my 25 Book Goal
-Another delicious Snack Nation Snack Box
-My husband got creative in the kitchen, yet again
-Thanksgiving Selfie w/ my son (and Stella Rosa wine)
-A favorite Seasonal Treat (top) and a New-To-Me Seasonal Treat (bottom)

Week #48
This is the "something different" page
I had 2 photos leftover from Week 47 and only a few photos for Week 48 so I decided to combine the 2 into one page.

Top row is the remainder of Week 47
-Our Saturday Date Night to the Three Stooges Film Festival; something my husband has always wanted to do

Bottom row is Week 48:
-A visit to Oak Glen; my son and his fiancé joined us
-Our dog w/ a Christmas Bow...which he wound up keeping on the entire month of December
To differentiate the two I made sure to include the Week # on the middle photo of the bottom row.
But honestly, even if the viewer doesn't realize it's 2 different weeks, I'm okay w/ it... They can think all the photos are from the same week, I'm just happy to have them in my album!
So all that's left is Weeks 49 - 52 (+2 days).
I already have those pretty much done.
But to make it easier on me, I did them digitally through the PL App so they will be ordered after the New Year, which means you will be seeing some PL 2018 in 2019.

TY for stopping by.
Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year

Saturday, December 29, 2018

12/29/18 - 2019 The Year of The Pig

Hi there!
I wasn't planning on posting again so soon, but according to my survey results from this post:
Last Day, where I asked, "is there was such a thing as scrapping too much?" we all agreed, that when you get inspired you gotta go w/ it! ::wink::

So here I am with a 12x12
Traditional Paper Layout

"2019 - The Year of the Pig"

Look at me... I'm not done w/ 2018 and I'm already scrapping for my 2019 Album, LOL

Today I found out from my favorite Pig Rescue, Central Texas Pig Rescue, that 2019 is the Year of the Pig!
As a pig grandma, you know I had to scrap about it!
This will be my first page in my 2019 Album.

If you want to learn more about Central Texas Pig Rescue please visit here (Their Instagram): CTPR Instagram
or Here (Their Official Website): CTPR Website

I have been donating to them monthly for the past 2 years and will continue to do so next year.
These are good people making positive changes for Pigs (and other animals) in this world.

Thanks for Stopping by, or as a pig would say, "OINK"!

Friday, December 28, 2018

12/28/18 - "I Like Big Buns..."

Hi there!

Today I am sharing a layout inspired by 3 different blogs!

  • One-
I loosely followed the December 1st Sketch at the Sketch-N-Scrap Blog though it definitely was what inspired the overall design of my layout.
I rotated the sketch to the left and switched the side where I placed my (sub)title :

  • Two-
Challenge #60 at Scrap Yourself : "Your layout can be about anything you like, as long as there is a photo with YOU in the frame somewhere on your page".
This layout is all me, baby!

  • Three-
Challenge #72 at Scribbles Designs: The Challenge is called "Year in Review" and you are allowed to choose any of the challenges that had been presented throughout the year.
I chose Favouring the Feminine: "Make your project girly in some nature--use florals, laces, ribbons or other items suitable for a feminine card or project."
I went w/ pink, hearts, and flowers on my layout.

Here is my layout
My journaling is also my Title: "I like big buns and I cannot lie..."

 A nod to Sir Mix-A-Lot
This is a "Selfie I came across recently that I took way back in 2014 and loved, but never scrapped.

I'm so glad I found the 3 challenges listed above to inspire me to finally get it in my album!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

12/26/18 - 2018 Project Life/Weeks 43 and 44

For the day after Christmas I thought it would be appropriate to share some Halloween layouts...
Okay, not really appropriate but it is where I left off on my Project Life Journey, so here we go:
A Traditional Pocket Page
-PL Week 43-

-- Watched the New Halloween
-- Another yummy dessert made by my husband
"My husband surprised me w/ these homemade Pumpkin Spice Mousse desserts. My daughter likes them too; darn!"
-- A yummy Plant Based lunch I meal prepped for work
"Vegetarian Eating doesn't have to be boring:
 >Beyond Meat Feisty Crumbles
 >Sun Vista Jalapeno Pinto Beans
 >Chipotle Rice-a-Roni
 >Asian Style Mixed Vegetables"


This was also my Birthday Week and I have a separate layout w/ the photos of/pertaining to my birthday.
Traditional/Hybrid Layout using the Project Life App w/ real life embellishing:


And here is week 44, also a Traditional Pocket Page...
This is the back of the Week 43 page:

As you can see, learning how to do the "film-strip" style print came in handy!

-- I cleaned and reorganized my scrap room
-- Halloween Selfie
Journaling: "When you want to be professional at work and celebrate Halloween"
-- "Mom Bite" - if you don't know what this is look at this previous shared layout***
-- Funny Pig Meme
-- Move over Pumpkin Spice, the Christmas Flavors are here!

***check out the top 2 middle boxes

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

12/19/18 - Project Life Weeks 38 - 42

Before I started mixing it up again I had left off on PL Week 37.
I mentioned I would jump back in time to share previous week's layouts...
so let's keep on going!

Week 38:

When I took a couple of the photos, I purposely left space for me to add journaling spots to add some handwritten journaling.
And though I didn't realize it at the time of it's creation, that "enjoy" circle mimics the Pistachio Oreo really well.
BTW - I want to express just how much I LOVED those Oreos!
I was pleasantly surprised at how well they nailed the Pistachio flavor...
If you do not like Pistachio, avoid these!

Week 39:
This one was tough to scan because of the bulkiness of some of the stickers... the colors are not 100%  true to life.
For example: the "MON" chipboard sticker is a darker cornflower blue, the pig's body is the same color as his face, and the cookie photo is brighter (the pain of bulky scans!)
Moving on...
As the journaling says, this week was short on "everyday-style" photos due to us taking a vacation.
But if we can scrap "1 photo" traditional layouts, why not 1 (or 2) photos on a Pocket Page/PL
Layout, right?

I have already shared week 40: PL Week 40
And as I went to scrap Week 41 - I realized I had only taken 2 photos that week and I that had already scrapped and shared them as a regular layout:
So I just added a tab to the side that says Wk 41 so those paying attention while flipping through my project life album won't think I skipped it:

(remember this layout?)

Finally Week 42:

A mismatch of subjects...but then aren't all PL pages pretty much that way?
Notably: Our first visit to Oak Glen for the 2018 Autumn Season,  David and I saw the original Halloween for the first time, finished book #20 (of my 25 book goal), and won and received a prize from Elle's Studio.

-Speaking of Elle's Studio... there's lots of Elle's Studio (and Studio Calico) goodies on these pages! -

Can't believe I've made it this far!
Only 10-ish weeks to go!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

12/15/18 - "Proof"

Today's layout inspired by the December 2018 Let's Get Sketchy sketch:
"Madison is not a girly-girl; she hates pink! She also hates pants; she wears shorts 365 days a year. But here's proof she used to wear BOTH!"

As you can see I changed the sketch just slightly. Besides using a vertical photo, instead of a horizontal photo, I also changed the direction of the bottom triangle.
I've mentioned before (a couple of times) I'm not very good w/ using triangles as a design element so I felt the need to switch the bottom triangle around to make it more appealing to me.
So, you're probably wondering why I chose to participate in a Sketch Challenge w/ triangles as it's main element?
Your guess is as good as mine!
But I'm glad I did because I love the layout and I scrapped a photo that has been sitting on my desk for nearly 4 years!

The BG is from Bazzill Basics, the date spot is a digital from Elle's Studio, the journaling spots are Avery self -stick file labels and the Emoji pieces are from Simple Stories.
EVERYTHING else is from Nikki Sivils.
Who else remembers Nikki Sivils?
I still have quite a bit of her products in my stash!
Which just goes to show you, though I'm constantly buying new stuff...
I do make it a point to go through and use my stash also.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

12/12/18 - "Last Day 2017"

Lately I've been feeling very creative and very productive in that creativity.
Sometimes I think I may be scrapping too much!
But then I think, well I don't know when that next wave of Scrappers Block will hit (we've all been there) so I keep going until I can't!

Here I have for you a layout I created a couple of night's ago
(click on image to enlarge and read the journaling):

"Last Day 2017"
*Note this was before I became a full-fledged vegetarian

A 12x12
Traditional Paper Layout
(only the "celebrate" and "cheers" pieces are a digital that I printed on a piece of paper)

As I was going through my Dec Daily photos from 2017, cuz you know I'm still trying to finish it ::wink::, I stumbled across these photos taken on the very last day of 2017.
Since the very last day of 2018 is around the corner, I felt inspired to scrap them!

I know it's a simple layout but... I really love the way it turned out!

All product, except the BG paper, the 2 enamel dots, and the "2017" alphas are from a mix of my Elle's Studio (monthly) kits.
The celebrate digital is also from Elle's Studio.

And to show you just how wild and crazy we get on NYE, let me show you the other photos from that night in this (previously shared) layout:

#PartyAnimals NOT!


Do you ever feel like you scrap too much?
For those of you who cannot respond here, please feel free to respond on my Instagram post:
Last Day 2017


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

12/12/18 - PL Weeks 45 and 46

I truly do not like sharing my Project Life pages out of order (call it OCD, I guess) but sometimes there is a need, like when it's for a Design Team reveal.
In this case the "need"'s Christmas Time so I want to share more "Holiday" related PL spreads.

If you recall, I said I wasn't doing a December Daily album this year but instead incorporating my "December Daily" into my regular PL Spreads.

Today I'm sharing a couple I recently completed so you can see what I mean and (hopefully) get some inspiration.

I guess I'll just have to call the older ones I share "throwbacks"...
I hope to share a few more soon now that I'm mostly caught up.

BTW - Looking at these numbers, Week 45 and Week 46, just reminds me THAT much more that the year is almost over WOW!

(Click on layouts to enlarge and read the journaling better)

Week #45:

Week #46:

Fun Fact - This year is the most I have EVER used my date stamp, LOL
Another (Not-So) Fun Fact - I have not been able to find that Coffee Banana Smoothie again since!

I wish I could tag companies on here the way we can on Instagram; I would love to give credit to the different manufacturers.
Most items used on both layouts = Elle's Studio, Studio Calico, and Kelly Purkey

Monday, December 10, 2018

12/10/18 - "Use Your Stuff" Challenge #340

A new Challenge is up at the "Use Your Stuff" Blog.
The challenge is called -Inspired By a Book-
This is what I came up with:

(it's a shame the "copper" colored strips didn't photograph better)
I was inspired by the book "Twas the Night Before Christmas". I used a line from the book as my title: "...a long winters nap".
This is another page for my December (Not-So) Daily 2017
I like that it's not overwhelmingly Christmas-y. Really the only hints of it (maybe) being a Christmas Page is the use of Red, Green and White.
Not everything done during December Daily, or Not-So-Daily, is necessarily Christmas-related.
I hope you'll come check out the challenge and maybe even play along!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

12/08/18 - Project Life Weeks 35 thru 37

Hi there!

For this post, let's rewind a little...
The last time I shared a Project Life Page I shared Week 40.
But the time before that I shared Week 34 and  mentioned that I had scrapped 36 - 39 but accidentally skipped 35.

Well, Week 35 is finished and today I'm sharing it, along w/ Weeks 36 and 37.

- PL Week 35 -
(the photo of me is a lot less gray IRL)
This one is a 12x12 digital layout that I created on the Project Life app and embellished IRL...
No surprise right? I mean by now you know how I roll ::wink::
This is usually not a problem except this time I was having a bit of trouble fitting all my journaling on it as I had a lot to say. I finally decided that the best idea was to dedicate a journaling spot to each photo and since I only had 4 photos, I thought the best way to do that, and make it look cohesive, was to place the photos on the side and to make the entire middle the journaling area. This time I used the same journaling card all the way through.
Like I've said on this blog many times before.... I like to try to change it up.
In this particular case I'm not 100% happy w/ the outcome but I don't "hate" it and there's more weeks to tackle so I'm trying to just let it go!

Next we have...

- PL Week 36 -

Another 12x12 Digital/Traditional Hybrid layout.
Since most of it was about food I dedicated 1 journaling spot to a list of the different food(s).
Another journaling spot was dedicated to my selfie/new shirt w/ a brief nod to Labor Day.
The other journaling is the part under the bunny photo which is a screenshot from Instagram that explains that CA is the first state to pass the law that beauty products can no longer be tested on animals (yay!). As an animal lover that is definitely important enough to be included in my Project Life!
To help decorate it, I have 8 stickers and15 enamel dots on this some of my trademark outlining.
Did you notice I dated the photos on this one?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't... just depends on my mood and/or if there is a significance to the date, for example: Labor Day and National Cheese Pizza Day ::wink::

- Week 37-

Hey look, a Traditional Pocket Page!
I actually really enjoy creating them but sometimes they are time consuming and it's definitely more difficult to include lots of journaling.
For example I wanted to talk a little about that Gillian Flynn book but really wasn't sure how to include the journaling w/out messing up the aesthetics...
In the end it didn't bother me too much to leave the story out.
Later I may create a tag to stick in the pocket, behind the photo...
But for now, it's fine!

Thanks for sticking w/ me through these pages!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

12/01/18 - Do You December Daily?

In case you didn't see my last post...and/or you've been living under a rock...
I'm here to advise you...
it's that time of year again: December Daily!

I'm sure you've seen all the posts and have been inspired (maybe/maybe not).

Last year I tried December Daily again, even though the other year I tried it (what year was that anyway?!) was an epic fail.
Guess what? I failed again, but not "epically" LOL!

I actually did more last year than I did that one other year (again, what year was that?!).

Anyway, thanks to all the posts on Blogs, Instagram,, You Tube... (the list is endless) I felt inspired again.
Inspired to finish last years.
Besides the layout I shared in the last post I have also created these pages so far:


*I have a page I still need to create that explains that llama comment.

My album is 6x9 and I bought it, and the page protectors, in the School Section of Target.
Because it is a small size I'm trying my best to use scraps and leftover product.
Though that 3rd layout has a lot of embellishments from my November 2018 Elle's Studio Pocket Page Kit.
As for this year...
This year I think I'm just going to try to squeeze my Christmas-related photos into my PL (yikes!).
Actually it might not be too difficult.
W/ my 23-year-old son out of the house and my daughter being 16 and in that "leave me alone" phase and the fact that David and I don't really spend time w/ either of our families... Christmas is pretty quiet now.

How 'bout you... Do you December Daily"?

03/27/23 Planning with Urban Journal Season Ink

My printer was having issues and I fixed it but during the interim I was not scrapping and lost my mojo ::le sigh:: But I've still been ...