Thursday, October 18, 2018

10/18/18 - Project Life Week 30

On Monday I shared PL Page #32
Today I am sharing w/ you my Project Life Week #30
It is actually a 2 pager
-One Pocket Page Style (though digital)
-and One Traditional Layout
Project Life Week 30

I created this layout in the Project Life App and embellished it just slightly:
-2 stickers
-2 buttons
-Doodling (though the white circles around my Oreos was done on the app)
Though I love embellishing my digital pages w/ real-life embellishments, I didn't feel like this one needed too much.

Oh, and yes, it's ALL about food, LOL
And as I explained in my journaling (in the "Enjoy Life" section)... I'm only slightly embarrassed about it ::wink::

Also, if you read the journaling about my pancakes, you'll see that I mentioned "my traumatic morning".
What was so traumatic?
Well, the answer to that is in my 2nd page which completes my 2 page spread:

"Hamlet's First Hoof and Tusk Trimming"

I created the journaling block in the Project Life App and printed it out on regular paper.
I misjudged the size a bit … with all my experience, why didn't I realize how big a 4x6 would be, hahaha?!
But it's all good... I like the way the large Gray and White journaling block help balances out the "No, No, No Nope" Studio Calico Project Life card.

And, I just noticed...  without even planning it, the 2 pages actually match each other pretty well!

That's all from me today...

Sunday, October 14, 2018

10/15/18 - "Use Your Stuff" Challenge #334

Today is the start of a new week (well I guess technically yesterday was) and a new challenge is up at "Use Your Stuff" .
The challenge this week is enamel dots.
IDK about you but I love enamel dots!!
I actually use them quite often.
This is how I used them for this challenge:

"Project Life Week 32"

A collage style Project Life Page that includes 6 Enamel Dots.

This is the week I found out that Starbucks was no longer serving their "Skinny-Recipe" drinks.
Hence the "that totally stinks" Simple Stories sticker.

Did you notice I used 3 different patterned washi tapes?
Each matches the topic of the photo I placed it on.
Which is awesome because I have so much washi I need to use!

For those who are new to my blog:
- The food is my August Box from my monthly subscription to Snack Nation. I receive a box of 6 snacks each month for $1 (+2.99 S&H)… so 6 snacks for $3.99.
Each month's box is different and I have tried a lot of new food items because of this; lots of new food items I have absolutely loved! Also I have priced a lot of the food items in stores and let me tell you I am getting a great deal! December will be my 1 year anniversary w/ them.

-Book 17 refers to the amount of books I've read this year...
My goal is 25.
I am currently reading book close!

BTW  - Much like my Project Life Layouts are not necessarily created in order, neither is my sharing of those pages...
so stay tuned for Project Life Pages for weeks prior to this one!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll play along!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

10/13/18 - CKC October / Projects #1 and #2

My first 2 Projects using my October Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog kit
Both are 12x12 Traditional Pocket Pages:
"Happy 16th Anniversary"

This is about our dinner out at "Pasiano's Italian Restaurant" at the Pechanga Casino in Temecula last year for our anniversary.
This was our first visit to both.
(This was BEFORE I became a vegetarian and when I had blonde hair)
That Green Heart paper is from Nikki SIvils and has been in my stash for a long time!
Glad to have found a place for it... and I still have scraps of it to use since I only used a portion of it for the pocket.
I really like using papers for my pockets! 
And yes I realize I spelled "anniversary" wrong … LOL
Luckily it's just stickers so I can fix it!

"Truly Madly Sweetly"

Also a first for us: a visit to the "Truly, Madly, Sweetly" Bakery in the Temecula Mall.
We had spent the night in Temecula and visited this place the next day.
My husband loves ice-cream and I love... EVERYTHING else, LOL
so we ordered a few different items and shared them because, "sharing is caring"

Another old item/items I want to highlight is that "SWEET" PL card, which has been in my stash...probably since Project Life became "a thing"! The heart is cut out of a PL Card from the same set.

And just for fun-sies let me share  a layout I created last year about this same night...
-some of you may have seen it already -
*NOT created w/ my Counterfeit Kit*

Not a bad start I think.
I've been feeling a bit more productive, and like myself lately... ::crossing my fingers:: it continues!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

10/10/18 - CKC October Kit Reveal

October has been a rough month for me so far!
Nothing specifically bad, I just can't seem to focus...
I'm thinking it was that darn vacation...LOL

Hopefully, it's just temporary as my brain tends to do that every once in a while, a huge side effect from be a sufferer of both depression and anxiety #TruthBomb

Anyway, because of my lack of focus I am a bit behind in getting my Counterfeit Challenge Blog Kit put together for the month.
I like to have it done by the first weekend of the month so I can get scrappin'

Here is the inspiration:

And this is what I came up with (you may recognize some of this stuff from last month):

What I pulled from the inspiration:

- Papers (14 total)
  • Flowers
I have 2 flower paper: white BG with large colorful flowers and dark blue BG with small red, light blue, white, and yellow flowers (top row, far right)
  • Pink
I have 2 of those: one with stars and one, a darker shade of pink, with polka dots
  • Green
Mine has brown hearts on it
  • Words
I have 2 of those: one Fall Themed and one Colorful/Everyday themed (the emoji paper)
  • Stripes
The Green/Yellow/White Paper - could also fall into the Green Category
  • Cut Aparts  
I have 2 sets: a Fall Themed set and Colorful/ Everyday set
  • Colorful Multiple Patterned BGs
Everything else, LOL

BTW - I was going to include a wood grain but forgot ::DOH::!

- Embellishments:
  • Black and White (square/rectangle) medium and small Letter Stickers
  • Word Phrases - though mine are black
  • Frames
  • PL Cards - to mimic the words w/in the frames embellishments
  • Lots of brown
  • Buttons - to mimic the sequins because I cannot work w/ sequins, LOL

What I added to play w/:
  • A few sheets of misc, partly used, embellishments and alphas - gotta use that stash!
  • Scraps - always try to include some of these
  • Gold Thickers - cuz currently obsessed
  • Washi - because I have so much I need to use
  • Cat, Dog, Pig papers and embellishments - cuz, you know, fur-babies/hair-kid ::wink::
-1 is a cut-apart, most are colorful
  • 1 Brand New un-opened package of MAMBI stickers -I want to see how much of it I can use
  • Date Stamp and Ink
  • Black Mist - I always try to use it but never do...maybe this month will be the month ::crosses fingers::

Added Essentials (though I didn't photograph them):
  • Black, White and Kraft card stock
  • Black Sharpie
  • White Gel Pen
  • Circle Punch and Template
  • File Labels - for journaling
  • Adhesive
  • The Project Life App

My goal was to mimic the colorfulness of the inspiration kit but also bring in a few darker colors and embellishments because if the fact that it's currently Fall (hence Fall-ish papers and embellishments). I will probably use up a lot of those colorful items but I wanted to have a bit of wiggle room...

BTW - sorry about the bad photos.
The lighting was bad but I knew if I didn't take the photos while I had everything out, I would procrastinate in taking the photos...
I think the only things I do not like about playing along w/ this challenge is trying to get good photos of my kit and having to put away whatever I don't use after the fact, LOL

Monday, October 8, 2018

10/08/18 - "Use Your Stuff" Challenge #333

My first DT Project for the "Use Your Stuff" blog!

The theme this week is: "Autumn/Halloween"...
   pretty easy huh?!

The challenge is live now...
     so stop on by and play along!

Here's what I was inspired to create, going more in the "Halloween" direction:

"Halloween Horror Nights"
A Pocket Page of my husband and daughter at Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights, last month.

"David and Madison went to Universal Horror Nights. I stayed home because I don't like being scared! They had a blast! Their favorite part was the 'Poltergeist' Maze.
"It was Madison's 1st time so we splurged for front of the line passes"
-Sept 21, 2018

I had a lot of fun mixing up different types of embellishments, including actual ephemera from that night: the yellow wrist band and the title, which was cut out of the brochure.
I was going for a collage effect w/ my Title pocket.
Besides the ephemera, I added this to the Title card:
  • a piece of washi
  • a button
  • a chipboard sticker
  • a (date) stamp
  • alphas
  • a "day-of-the-week" post-it / came from a pack I bought at the $1 spot at Target
  • a see-thru/orange self-adhesive enamel circle
  • and a furry 3-D self-adhesive spider embellishment.
I added 2 more of those enamel circles and spiders to the lower half of my layout to create a visual triangle.
Most of the items on this layout have been in my stash for many years...but the winner of the "Oldest Item Award" goes to that polka-dot PP;  it's older than my (16-year-old) daughter!!

I absolutely love this page!
And the seal of approval came from my husband in the form of this comment: "Very Festive!"
I don't have a lot of Halloween-type embellishments or papers so it was a huge compliment, even though he didn't know it! ::wink::

Saturday, October 6, 2018

10/06/18 - CKC September/Project #7

Just sharing a fun little Fall Themed Page I recently created.
It is a 12x12 Digital/Traditional Hybrid Layout
 - created on the Project Life App and embellished w/ doodling and stickers
(the white doodle-y circle on the top middle photo was done on the app).
I really enjoy making these hybrid pages!
"Fall Fun/Too Soon?"
Lots of journaling, all of which I think can be read w/out my having to re-type.
BTW - all the embellishments I added to this layout are from my September Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog kit.
So I wound up completing 7 layouts w/ the kit... even if it did take me a couple of days into October to do it 
#StillCounts LOL

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

10/02/18 - Newest UYS Design Team Member

I've been gone for the past 6 days; having just returned from my Boston/Maine vacation late last night.
I'm at work...  feeling exhausted and "fluffy" and just hatin' life right now... LOL
But I do have some fun news to share:

I'm the newest Team Member for "Use Your Stuff"!

I've really been missing being on a Design Team since the blog I last was involved with went on an undetermined hiatus back in November of 2017.

I'm excited to join this group of ladies, two of whom I have had the pleasure of "knowing"/interacting w/ even before I joined the team!
(Ladies, you know who you are ::wink::!)

What is the "Use Your Stuff" blog?
Well, pretty sure the title is self-explanatory but here's the official description:

"Welcome to Use Your Stuff
Grab that paper you've been saving, the embellishments that you had to have, the stamps that are too pretty to get "dirty" with ink or the alphabet collection that has grown too big for that drawer. Use Your Stuff!
We know you've got stuff stashed and it's Okay to admit it, this is a safe place. We have them too.
We invite you to join us."

 Right up my scrappy alley, eh?!

We offer 4 challenges a month, each challenge presented on Monday w/ each challenge open for entries until 6pm on the following Saturday.

Check out the welcome post here: UYS - New Member

And I hope to see you play along some time!