Saturday, August 18, 2018

08/18/18 - CKC August Challenge #2


Welcome to my blog post and the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog's 2nd (and Last challenge) for the month of August.
Today's challenge, to (hopefully) inspire you use up that August kit, is:

Mix and Match Journaling or Title. We have them in our stash -alphabet stickers, word stickers, stamps, dies, and even punches.  Use at least two different alphabet styles for your title or journaling.

This is actually something I do frequently because I'm always trying to stretch my alphas when they are getting to the end. Mixing them up not only gets them used, but it sometimes results in some interesting combos!

For this layout I mixed the alphas in my title:

"Real Men Wear Pink"
"The chicks are gonna dig him!
Stylish amirite?! Pink was $120 dollars less than blue.
(Sorry, Spotty) Good thing dogs are colorblind!

For those who do not normally read my blog, here's some back-story (via a previous, not-for-this-challenge layout I created):

"4.12.18 - National Pet Day. Also the day we found out Spotty has Spinal Arthritis. His back legs no longer work and it's irreversible. All we can do is try our best to keep him comfortable and give him meds to help w/ his pain. It makes me sad."
Yes, it's sad that our fur-baby is going through this but we are trying our best to make him as happy as possible while he is till with us.

Back to my layout for this challenge...

I'm very happy w/ it!
Not only is everything from my Counterfeit kit, but I have used up yet another Wood Embellishment (remember I said I'm not a huge fan of wood embellishments?)!
I also like that I was able to incorporate lots of pink on the layout due to the color of my dog's wheel chair. Normally I wouldn't think to use so much pink because my dog is a boy, but the topic of this layout made it A-Okay-USA! (though technically there aren't any rules... but you know what I mean!)

I hope you'll play along!
Here's the link to the challenge again: CKC Blog - Mix and Match Challenge

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

08/14/18 - CKC August/Project #4

 Hi there!
Stopping by to share another layout from my August Counterfeit Kit.
This brings my project total up to 4 so far: 
- One (2 page ) Traveler's Notebook Spread
- Three 12x12 Layouts
"Wahlburgers & Sugar Factory"
"Top: lunch at Wahlburgers. I tried their new plant-based burger.
It was delish but expensive; $18 just for the burger! 07.08.18
Bottom: lunch at Sugar Factory. Drink = Coconut Banana. 07.09.18"

Also some journaling on the "July" Studio Calico Documenter Card - AKA - PL Card:
"(early) 17th wedding Anniversary -July- Vegas Trip"

As w/ the last 3 layouts, everything on here is from my counterfeit kit and I'm so happy to FINALLY have use that "&" as I've had it in my stash for a couple of years now.
It's wood and I'm not very found of wood embellishments, though I do love wood grain paper!
Speaking of...
I chose the wood grain paper for the BG because of the tan colors and "wood" in the photos of Wahlburgers. Then to help lighten up the layout and tie in the more "cute-sy" vibe of Sugar Factory I used my white and yellow flower patterned paper.
And circles, yes...circles again... what can I say, they're my thing! ::shrugs::

Another thing that is "my thing" lately is combing similar themed photos from different days on 1 layout (remember my 4th of July layout? LINK: July 4th Layout)
For me it's a way to scrap my memories w/out wasting too much space.
If I had scrapped just one of these meals on this layout I would have only used 2 photos and needed to use another page to scrap the other 2... but instead, here I've used 4 photos and left room in my scrapbook for a page about something else.
Saving space in my scrapbooking has also become "a thing" for me.

For funsies, I added a self-adhesive enamel star over the dot that was over the "j" in "july".
I've recently become somewhat of an enamel dot/shape junkie (do you also see the 4 green dots on the layout? Yup self-adhesive enamel!)

And lastly those less-than-half green circles...  they were actually that size on the scrap of paper I had in my kit, which made them THE PERFECT size. I punched them out w/ my circle punch leaving the rest of the scrap intact for future use.

Another page I just LOVE; I think I could get used to this!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

08/12/18 - CKC August Challenge #1

Hey there, hi there!
Happy Snout Sunday!
"Happy Snout Sunday?" you're asking...
Well, when you see what I'm sharing today it will make more sense...

Popping in to share the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog's current challenge to help you use your August Counterfeit Kit.

This is challenge #1 for the month and it is called:

Put it on an angle Use your favorite layout style and turn it a little bit to put it on an angle on your layout.
One of my go-to scrappy items is circles... big and small!
On this layout I used a big circle to anchor my photos of our mini-pig Hamlet enjoying his rooting rug.
And small circles to add pops of color and interest!
(We pig owners frequently use "Snout Sunday" as a hashtag on Instagram. Makes sense now, right?)
"Rooting Rug Fun"
Journaling: "Hamlet enjoying his Batman rooting rug. Thanks to my daughter, his momma, it's all Batman all the time for Hamlet. 09.11.17"
Naturally I went for Black and Yellow as my main colors, cuz... Batman!
But I quickly found I didn't have a whole lot of other Black and Yellow embellishments, DOH!
So I got creative, AKA took a chance, and added red and white (leftovers from my "Espana" Travelers Notebook spread; see previous post) and some blue and green and you know what? I absolutely LOVE the look!
I wasn't kidding when I said the Counterfeit Challenge really makes you think outside the box!
I would have never added those colors if I had my whole arsenal of scrappy supplies to choose from and yet... they really work so well on the layout!
Seriously LOVE this layout!
That Rooting Rug has since gone to pasture but the photos and memories will forever be captured!
BTW that little flag that's sticking out of the "Good Times" embellishment block was actually cut off of one of my embellishments, which means I still have the rest of it to use.
Talk about making your supplies stretch, amirite?!
And that "makes me happy" stamp is from my food stamp set... how lucky did I get, LOL!
Anyway, I really hope you like this layout and are inspired to play along.
In case I'm not inspiring enough, go check out the CKC Blog for more Design Team inspiration!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

08/08/18 - CKC August/Projects #1 and #2

Good Morning to you!
Just stopping by to show off a couple of layouts I created w/ my August Counterfeit Challenge Kit.
As per the rules, everything on both is from my kit and only my kit:
-First up:
Midori Travelers Notebook
2 page spread
"July 1st, 2018
This is how my husband notifies me that, "Spain is winning!"

W/ a Snap Chat-Dog-Filtered-wrapped-in-a-Spain-souvenir photo.
I was born in Spain so we cheer for both the USA and Spain.

Spain did not win the World Cup"

My husband sent me this silly photo and I knew I just had to scrap it for the "Fly Your Flag" challenge at
Basically it's a challenge for showing off your National Pride.
I very rarely have a reason to scrap Spain so I enjoyed this.
Funny thing... 2 years ago we went to Spain and I have like a bazillion photos...but only like 2 of them are scrapped, LOL (Because there are a bazillion of them!)

Design Details:
I used 2 PL Cards on this:
1. As a journaling spot
The 2nd I punched 1 circle and a couple of half-circles out of and used them as embellishments (the Yellow Patterned circles)

The PL cards are super old, part of the Becky Higgins "Kraft" Project Life Kit.


2nd Layout
12x12 Traditional
W/ Non-traditional Colors for the theme: Fourth of July
Heads up my scanner is (always) dirty so the "ink" smudges you may see here and there on this layout are not intentional, LOL
Seriously IDK what's up w/ my scanner!

"The 4th, 2018"
"This was the first 4th we didn't see fireworks. David had to be at work at 3AM so he went to bed early and Madi and I didn't want to watch the neighborhood fireworks w/out him"

"06.30.18 - Early 4th w/ the neighbors. David made chocolate brownies and lemon cupcakes w/ strawberry frosting."

"-Corn on the Cob                   -Steak
-Salmon & Veggie Kabobs        -Meatless Burgers
July 4th, 2018"

Finished off my Pink Enamel Dots on this - a bittersweet moment for me.
Also the polka dot PP is from an old SMASH book; remember those?!
I'm so happy that CKC asked me to Guest Design because I forgot just how much fun it is to create layouts w/ only a "handful" of supplies! Especially when some of the supplies are ancient... forces you to finally use them!

As a reminder of how it all works:
Here is the link to my kit: Doreena's Aug Counterfeit Kit
and the link to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog: CKC Blog
I would love if you played along!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

08/04/18 -"Music" Inspired Layouts

Just sharing a couple of layouts I recently created which are, coincidentally, music inspired.
Traditional Layout
"Rock Star/RIP"
Journaling: "I've been binging on Linkin Park for the past week.
"In the End" is my favorite song of theirs. 07.26.18"
I am a huge Linkin Park fan so I was very saddened by the death of front man Chester Bennington.
July 20th, 2018 was the 1 year anniversary of his death so I created a tribute layout to him.
Photo on the left is a screenshot of an IG post someone else posted on the day of his death.
Right is a screenshot of a song that I was listening to on July 26th... one of the days out of the week during which I was listening to Linkin Park on repeat.

Everything on here is a stash item, 1 year or older...except for the BG paper.
The gold "xoxoxo " is a 4x4 frame/transparent overlay.


Traditional Layout
w/ interactive element
I attached the show's 2 sided brochure w/ washi tape so it can be flipped to read the back
"David took a phot of the entire cast free-dancing at the end of the show"

We weren't allowed to take photos during the show but I'm so glad David took this one.
It's fun and captures the cast and stage!

I also included the tickets and the front of the ticket holder that also explains a bit about the show (I added enamel dots and stars in matching colors to spice it up a bit).

Here's the backside of the brochure
Back story: on July 8th we saw the musical Vegas Show "BAZ"
- we went to Vegas for our 17th Wedding Anniversary
Vegas is a tradition because we got married in Vegas.

The show was amazing BTW!
If you like love stories and musicals you need to see this!

That's all for me today!
Hope all is well...
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

08/01/18 - Counterfeit Challenge Blog Guest Designer

Happy August to you my friends!

I have been asked to be a guest over at the "The Counterfeit Kit" Bog this month, YAY!

If you recall I started playing along for the first time w/ them this year.
I really enjoyed it but then I just seemed to always get so busy that I didn't have time to create a kit to work off of each month so that new-to-me adventure had to fall by the wayside.

When they asked me to guest I took it as a sign I needed to get back to it...
so of course I said "YES!"

The kit that is being presented as inspiration is the Cocoa Daisy August Kit.

As with most Kit Clubs, Cocoa Daisy offers a few different kits each month so and I used a little bit of something from the Main Kit and the Pocket Kit.

Main Kit Full

Main Kit Papers

Pocket Kit Full

As always is the process for me when creating my kit, I made a list of what stood out to me:


Wood Grain
Words (subtle in the pink paper, 2nd photo, bottom row)
Solid Cardstock (solid is a pattern, right?! LOL)


Acrylic Words
Acrylic Stamps
Tags (either actual or as a pattern)
Polka Dot Ribbon

-Random Extras I know I'll need/want:
Sharpie for doodling and journaling
Self adhesive file labels for journaling
White Gel pen for doodling

Here is my kit which I call "Summer Vibes"..

-12x12 Patterned Papers (10 total)
-Solid Cardstock, Smaller Patterned Papers, Alphas:


This photo is of the ribbon I forgot to include in the embellishment photo - doh!


I hope that you can see what I chose from the inspiration and also how it fits the list I presented.
I think the papers are pretty obvious, as are the polka dot ribbon, the acrylic words, the tags, and some of the project life cards..
But the some of the other stuff I had to get creative w/; for example:
-I don't have hexagon stamps so I chose a stamp set that at least included "shapes",
-The large set of different alphas (that includes other stickers as well) was chosen because
1) wood grain *alphas*
2) flowers *border*
3) Summer colors
Speaking of colors... I realize mine is brighter than the inspiration but I don't have papers/embellishments in those muted taste just doesn't gravitate towards it.

I included 2 punches: a hexagon and circle
and 1 large circle template because I frequently use circles in my scrapbook layouts

Finally there are a few things that have nothing to do w/ the kit, but I KNOW I will probably need them and what's the use of buying/creating a kit that doesn't allow you to scrap what you love amirite?!
So as a freebie to myself I added 1 sheet each of Cat, Dog, and Pig Stickers because I'm always scrapping my fur-babies (plus a few extra alphas might come in handy muahahaha)!  And the food stamps and stickers because I'm always scrapping food (though I think the fact that there are photos of tea and coffee in the inspiration pocket kit will allow me to slide a little! Yes?! LOL)

In the end though the challenge is not about copying the inspiration exactly but allowing it to inspire your own kit, made from your own stash, that you will be motivated to use...
And from experience I know that even w/ a large* kit, there is still something(s) that I will have forgotten to include which means thinking outta the box; another part of the fun of this challenge!
(*the term "large" is relative... I mean this is tiny compared to my complete Scrapbooking stash with which I could totally open my own scrap store with, tee-hee!)

I hope you feel inspired to play along!
If I'm not enough inspiration for you, check out the rest of the ladies' kits.
The list of their blogs is below.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog -
Guest Designer – Doreen Vasquez -


Saturday, July 14, 2018

07/14/18 -PL Catch-up Post (Kinda)

It's been a while...
I've been scrapping up a storm but haven't been feeling the blogger vibes. Truthfully my blog doesn't get a lot of attention, and honestly I'm okay w/ it...
but it's stands to reason why I would not want to spend much time on it...
especially when I share my projects on other platforms:
Instagram and for example.
There has actually been some discussion of this on IG now that IG offers You Tube style video uploads.
I think that unless your super popular, Blogs are pretty much going by the way-side.
Anyway, here's a bit of catch-up, though just Project Life Related.
Last PL spread I shared was Week 18, so here are:
19, 20, and 21
Though I technically have completed all the way up to Week 24.
I'll share those and some of my Traditional/Non PL pages on other posts.
 Week 19
Traditional/Digital Hybrid
Journaling done on PL App directly on photo before printing it out
Week 20 
Traditional/Digital Hybrid
Journaling done on PL App directly on photo before printing it out

Week 21/Page 1

Week 20 
Traditional/Digital Hybrid
Journaling done on PL App directly on photo before printing it out
I'm still enjoying the process and finding ways to change it up so that it's not the same look over and over again...cuz otherwise, I'll get bored, LOL