Monday, December 10, 2018

12/10/18 - "Use Your Stuff" Challenge #340

A new Challenge is up at the "Use Your Stuff" Blog.
The challenge is called -Inspired By a Book-
This is what I came up with:

(it's a shame the "copper" colored strips didn't photograph better)
I was inspired by the book "Twas the Night Before Christmas". I used a line from the book as my title: "...a long winters nap".
This is another page for my December (Not-So) Daily 2017
I like that it's not overwhelmingly Christmas-y. Really the only hints of it (maybe) being a Christmas Page is the use of Red, Green and White.
Not everything done during December Daily, or Not-So-Daily, is necessarily Christmas-related.
I hope you'll come check out the challenge and maybe even play along!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

12/08/18 - Project Life Weeks 35 thru 37

Hi there!

For this post, let's rewind a little...
The last time I shared a Project Life Page I shared Week 40.
But the time before that I shared Week 34 and  mentioned that I had scrapped 36 - 39 but accidentally skipped 35.

Well, Week 35 is finished and today I'm sharing it, along w/ Weeks 36 and 37.

- PL Week 35 -
(the photo of me is a lot less gray IRL)
This one is a 12x12 digital layout that I created on the Project Life app and embellished IRL...
No surprise right? I mean by now you know how I roll ::wink::
This is usually not a problem except this time I was having a bit of trouble fitting all my journaling on it as I had a lot to say. I finally decided that the best idea was to dedicate a journaling spot to each photo and since I only had 4 photos, I thought the best way to do that, and make it look cohesive, was to place the photos on the side and to make the entire middle the journaling area. This time I used the same journaling card all the way through.
Like I've said on this blog many times before.... I like to try to change it up.
In this particular case I'm not 100% happy w/ the outcome but I don't "hate" it and there's more weeks to tackle so I'm trying to just let it go!

Next we have...

- PL Week 36 -

Another 12x12 Digital/Traditional Hybrid layout.
Since most of it was about food I dedicated 1 journaling spot to a list of the different food(s).
Another journaling spot was dedicated to my selfie/new shirt w/ a brief nod to Labor Day.
The other journaling is the part under the bunny photo which is a screenshot from Instagram that explains that CA is the first state to pass the law that beauty products can no longer be tested on animals (yay!). As an animal lover that is definitely important enough to be included in my Project Life!
To help decorate it, I have 8 stickers and15 enamel dots on this some of my trademark outlining.
Did you notice I dated the photos on this one?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't... just depends on my mood and/or if there is a significance to the date, for example: Labor Day and National Cheese Pizza Day ::wink::

- Week 37-

Hey look, a Traditional Pocket Page!
I actually really enjoy creating them but sometimes they are time consuming and it's definitely more difficult to include lots of journaling.
For example I wanted to talk a little about that Gillian Flynn book but really wasn't sure how to include the journaling w/out messing up the aesthetics...
In the end it didn't bother me too much to leave the story out.
Later I may create a tag to stick in the pocket, behind the photo...
But for now, it's fine!

Thanks for sticking w/ me through these pages!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

12/01/18 - Do You December Daily?

In case you didn't see my last post...and/or you've been living under a rock...
I'm here to advise you...
it's that time of year again: December Daily!

I'm sure you've seen all the posts and have been inspired (maybe/maybe not).

Last year I tried December Daily again, even though the other year I tried it (what year was that anyway?!) was an epic fail.
Guess what? I failed again, but not "epically" LOL!

I actually did more last year than I did that one other year (again, what year was that?!).

Anyway, thanks to all the posts on Blogs, Instagram,, You Tube... (the list is endless) I felt inspired again.
Inspired to finish last years.
Besides the layout I shared in the last post I have also created these pages so far:


*I have a page I still need to create that explains that llama comment.

My album is 6x9 and I bought it, and the page protectors, in the School Section of Target.
Because it is a small size I'm trying my best to use scraps and leftover product.
Though that 3rd layout has a lot of embellishments from my November 2018 Elle's Studio Pocket Page Kit.
As for this year...
This year I think I'm just going to try to squeeze my Christmas-related photos into my PL (yikes!).
Actually it might not be too difficult.
W/ my 23-year-old son out of the house and my daughter being 16 and in that "leave me alone" phase and the fact that David and I don't really spend time w/ either of our families... Christmas is pretty quiet now.

How 'bout you... Do you December Daily"?

Sunday, November 25, 2018

11/26/18 - "Use Your Stuff "Challenge #338

"Use Your Stuff" Challenge #338
is also a Collaborative Challenge w/ the "Double Trouble Challenge" Blog.

The challenge is to use this Mood Board from UYS:

and select one (or both) of the following Challenges from DTC:

-Include a Sweet Treat on your project
-Include something sparkly

My layout took inspiration from all 3
- Mood Board
- Sweet Treat
- Bling

It is a page I created for my 2017 December (Not-So) Daily.
Yup, I'm still trying to finish it!
(More on that in a later post)

This page not only a great mix of the challenge but a great mix of old and new product!
I actually really love the way it turned out!
Hoping it motivates me to work on more Dec Daily pages!

Also hoping to see you play along w/ one or both of the challenges, however it inspires!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

11/17/18 - CKC Nov/Project #5 (PL Week 40)

I'm going out of order w/ my Project Life sharing.
Not my first time nor my last, and you probably won't even notice it, because really it's not like you're  keeping track, LOL

I used my November Counterfeit Challenge Blog Kit for this one so that's why I'm sharing it today:

12x12 Traditional Layout

"Week 40"

I messed up a little on the journaling, to be more exact  the placement of my journaling on the journaling spot (not sure where my mind was at that moment), that's why the asterisk and arrow... fancy fix right?! ::wink::
Not the best of solutions but it's something I can live w/ since I'm happy w/ the rest of the layout.


- October Snack Box
- I made the "Use Your Stuff" Design Team
- Food* White Chocolate Ding Dongs
*Aesthetically disappointing but the flavor was amazing, and I'm not a big fan of White Chocolate
-National Vegetarian Awareness Month

I tried a new printing technique w/ a couple of the photos; a filmstrip style print...which, I really like the look of!
One thing I really love about PL is you have 52 weeks to try new things!
If it doesn't work out, week is a new week!

Besides white chocolate, I'm also not a huge fan of wood embellishments, but I found this packet of (I think) 5 different styled wood ampersands in my stash and I'm determined to get them used..
A layout with a "list" of different items on it seemed like a good place to start!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

Friday, November 16, 2018

11/16/18 - Sketch-N-Scrap #165 / CKC Nov Project #4

Good Morning!
Hope all is well...
Today is my Friday off so I'm slowly easing into my day.
I got up at 5:15...
My usual time is about 4:50ish.
Apparently "sleeping in" isn't the same as it was when I was a teenager, LOL
I can't even imagine sleeping in until 10AM (or even 8AM or 7AM for that matter)… too much to do!
Including Scrapbooking yay!

I created the bulk of today's layout last night and added a few finishing touches this morning.

I used nothing but my Counterfeit Challenge Blog November Kit and this Sketch from Sketch-N-Scrap:


"These Are the Days"
Hey look it's Hamlet, the "impossible-to-photograph-black pig"!

Journaling: "A Selfie (10.04.18) and Hide-N-Seek (10.06.18), though Hamlet didn't know he was playing!"

I took a few liberties w/ the sketch but all the elements are there:
-2 different sized photos in the same basic placement
-a strip of paper (though the sketch uses two, horizontally)
-a circle banner in the top corner
-a title placed in the same area
-a "flag" shaped sticker to make up for the fact that I didn't use that shape for the title spot

I had a lot of fun working w/ this sketch and it reminded me just how much I miss working w/ sketches!
I have been on 2 Sketch Design Teams in the past and I really miss it!
I guess I'll just have to try to play along w/ blog challenges to get my fix!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

11/12/18 - "Use Your Stuff" Challenge #337

Good Morning!
Welcome to a new week and new challenge of "Use Your Stuff" .
This week we challenge you to use stars.

I created a layout of our Mini Pig Hamlet sleeping, using a star patterned BG.
This layout was very difficult to take a good photo of because of
the shiny gold stars.  
"Dream Big" 

Here is a photo of the layout at a different angle so you can see how absolutely gorgeous that BG paper is … Mega Heart Eyes, amirite?!

Hamlet is a black pig, well all black except for 1 white hoof … the front hoof on the right side (not pictured).
Because he is black, it's really difficult to get a good photo of him without great lighting, and in this case, it was night time so the lighting was at it's worse...that's why he looks brown.
I love this photo so much and I knew, even if the lighting wasn't the best I needed to scrap it, and I needed to scrap it by itself and in a large size; this is a 6x8 that I ordered through the PL App.
Pretty sure I'm not fitting ALL of 2018 into one album... but I'll deal w/ that problem when I get to it, LOL

Also, I used 99% of my November Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Kit to create this.
Yes, I strayed a bit. I couldn't help myself! When I found that BG paper I just HAD to use it, it was too perfect for the photo! So I used it, but EVERYTHING else is from my kit so I'm counting it!
I know for a fact the CKC Blog is a bit flexible w/ their challenge so it will be just fine; the goal is to get your stuff used and photos scrapped, and I did both!
This makes Project #3 w/ my November Kit.

BTW - poor Hamlet always seems to be scrapped in pink... Oops, LOL

Thanks for stopping by and please play along w/ us at "Use Your Stuff"!

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