Thursday, December 28, 2017

12/28/17 - Happy Chinese New Year

A photo that printed out  too small became the perfect size photo for a Travelers' Notebook spread!
I've had this photo printed out for probably about 6 months now but felt that it was too small for a layout. In the past I have created 12x12 layouts w/ one photo, but as I get older, as I try out new techniques, and grow as a creative individual, I'm finding I'm not liking creating large layouts w/ only 1 photo on them as much as I used to... plus there is the need to start thinking about saving space! My layout/project numbers are continuing to grow but my house isn't!
I haven't completely stopped creating 1-photo 12x12s, I'm just trying to do less of them.
Which leads to today's 4.5 x 8.5 Midori Traveler's Notebook page :
"Happy Chinese New Year"
Top - "Celebrating the Year of the Rooster"
Bottom - "Our 1st year checking out the festivities.
Downtown Riverside"

One of the reasons I didn't like the size of the photo is you have to look really hard at the bottom three photos to really figure out what's going on.
Once you figure it out, the images stand-out more though, which is why I decided to assist the viewer w/ my caption up above: "Dancers, Drummers and Dragons! Oh my!"
All of the patterned papers I used are from a REALLY old 6x6 paper pad I had in my stash.
I won it from some scrappy contest I entered and only used a few pieces of it.
The paper pad is from Kaiser Craft and it is titled "Lush".
Most of the pad and punch outs are "Asian" inspired; in fact one of prints actually includes the word "Asia" on it.
I never had a need for the more Asian-specific patterns... until now!
This is another time when hoarding items comes in handy!
The rooster I printed off of the internet on regular copy paper.
I then hand-cut it out and outlined it w/ a fine-tipped sharpie creating the perfect final embellishment piece!
I decided to journal directly on the notebook's kraft BG paper since I haven't yet tried that... (see?! trying new techniques and growing as a creative individual)... and I love the way it turned out! 
This is one of the last of my 2017 layouts... it's crazy that the year is almost over and that one of my last layouts is from a photo taken at the beginning of this year, LOL!
Dec Challenges:

>>Anything goes Challenge
Daily Challenge 6: Use a camel hump style curve on your project today.
(see top piece next to tag)

6 items
-Tag (cut in half and used in 2 places)
-Green BG PP
-"Chinese" patterned PP pieces (2)
- Patterned circle

22 Stickers
-Alphas (19)
-Self Adhesive Enamel Dots (2)
-Journaling Label (1)
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using red and/or green stickers

- Tag (cut in half and used in 2 places)

Monday, December 18, 2017

12/18/17 - "XO - Hogs -N- Kisses"

Okay, show of hands...
How many of you knew by the title of this blog post that Hamlet would be in it.
(You should all have your hands raised)

Here is my latest Midori Traveler's Notebook Spread
It's a 2-pager; each page is approximately 4.5 x 8.5:

"XO - Hogs and Kisses"

"Have you hugged your pig today? No?! Okay, go do it...I'll wait.
Snuggles w/ Grampy; I love these 2 so much! 11.25.17"

The BG (polka-dot) paper and matching stripe paper came from the same paper pack I used for my "Crepes of Wrath" layout: Crepes of Wrath .
If you recall I stated that paper pack is (at least) approximately 16 years old.

This page was inspired by a Color Palette challenge at
We were to use this palette as inspiration:

I think I got pretty close... I used a bit more pink then I had planned to, but otherwise... I think I nailed it!
And even if I didn't... at least I was able to get another page done!
#96 for 2017
I also want to share the cover(s) to this book which has morphed into a "Pet Themed" journal:
The left hand side item is a "hard"-shell cover I purchased from Happy Planner on Etsy and the right hand side is the decorative cover I created directly on the front of the notebook.
I think I have just as much fun creating the covers as I do creating the actual pages!
If I can find a more "pet related" cover I will purchase it and switch it out with this one, but for now..."cameras" will work!
BTW - When I say this notebook has morphed into pet themed, this is one of 4 Pet layouts already in the album, one of which I shared on a prior blog post:
I am really enjoying my Traveler's Notebook(s)!
Also for the following December Challenges:

Category # 2 Song Title
I chose "XO" by Beyoncé
 >>Anything goes Challenge
Daily Challenge #14
Use a smile (or crown) on your page.
The piggy sticker is smiling!

9 Stickers
-File Label/Journaling Spot
-Arrow (small next to heart)
-Word/Phrase (3)
-Self Adhesive Pearl

3 Items
- The BG paper and matching stripe paper are older than my 16 year old daughter! (2)


Thursday, December 7, 2017

12/07/17 - "Crepes of Wrath"

"Crepes of Wrath"

Journaling: "08.20.15 -Our Date Night Included a late night snack and our first visit to "Crepes of Wrath" in Downtown Redlands. We tried the S'mores and the Peanut Butter Banana; both were EXCELLENT!"

This page is a mix of old and new:
The BG paper and the polka dotted paper are SUPER old...fairly certain they were bought BEFORE my daughter was born... so almost 16 years old!
The "Sweet" sticker I just received in a order I received last week.
Everything else is somewhere in between, LOL


For the following December challenges:


8 Stickers
-Scalloped Border
-Word/Phrase (6)

6 Items
-Polka Dot PP
-(4 of the) Stickers

1 Scrap
-White PP

Thursday, November 30, 2017

11/30/17 - TBT "Party Animals"

#TBT - taking it back to January 24th, 2017
To Madi's 15th Birthday; when Spotty and Hamlet wanted to get in on the gift opening!

"Party Animals"

"Spotty and Hamlet wanted in on the action!

The BG was already covered in the party banners so it made it really easy for me to create a fun page full of color that felt so party-like!

From Crate Paper/Maggie Holmes: Store

This page makes me smile every time I look at it!


For the following November Challenges:

>>Scrap Your Pet

30 Total
-Alphas (15)
-Word/Phrase (5)
-Hearts (2)
-Animals (2)
-PP Sticker Strips (2)
-Circle/Ring (2)
- Label Journaling Spot
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Blue and White Stickers

23 Items
-BG Paper
-Alphas (15)
-Word/Phrase Stickers (5)
-Circle/Ring (2)

>>Second Chance Challenge
October National ________Day
October 11th - It's My Party Day

>>Scrap w/ Your Scraps
2 Scraps
- the Green Circles PP; both pieces were leftover and already cut like that

Monday, November 27, 2017

11/27/17 - November "Ugly Paper" Challenge

 Good Morning!
Hope you all had  a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Mine was...
Today I'm sharing my "Ugly" Papers and Layout for November 2017
Ugly - November 2017

"In Memoriam"
(the Duck)
"Missing 'Howard', our neighbor's duck. He was a regular visitor to our backyard. He spent more time in our yard than his own. We enjoyed having him around and Hamlet having a 'Farm Animal' friend. But suddenly he stopped coming over and we found out he died. We didn't even know his name...we just called him Howard after the 'Howard the Duck' Movie"

We're not sure exactly when 'Howard' stopped coming around but eventually David and I spoke about it saying that neither of us had seen him in a while.
Though we technically didn't have to take care of him, we thought of him as our own: he drank the water out of our animals' water bowl, he played in our animals' pool, he ate bugs out of our grass and plants, he spent a lot of time sleeping, walking, pooping (yuck), exploring, and just hanging out in our yard and also liked to follow Hamlet around.
IDK if Hamlet ever really thought of 'Howard' as a friend but we did, and we really do miss him!


For those of you who might not think the papers are ugly... I really don't either, but I am not a huge fan of frilly papers, or flowers and glitter and the person who sent me my papers knows this... and she was trying to "get me".
But I actually like the papers and they wound up working well w/ my photos!

I used the butterfly/flowery/glittery PP as the BG and the Rooster PP as accent pieces: 2 circles and 1 torn photo mat
Fun fact: I've really been into tearing lately!
I also used 1 of the pointing hand embellishments I was sent.

The pig and duck stickers are from a cheap sticker book I bought at Michaels; 258 Stickers for $1.
I have already gotten good use out of them:

BTW - this is layout #89 of my 75 Layout Goal for 2017.
Also for the following November Challenges:
>>In This Corner

22 items
-Alphas (18)
-Washi Tape (2)
-PL Cards (2)

26 Stickers
-Alphas (18)
-File labels/Journaling Spots (3)
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Blue and White Sticker; the camera

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

11/15/17 - "Daydream"

Layout #85 of my 75 Layout goal!
Yup... I achieved, and surpassed, my goal!

"Got this guy up at 10, fed him breakfast and now, at 10:30...look at him! #LazyPig 07.01.17"

Midori Travelers Notebook Spread
My first spread in my new Midori Travelers Notebook.
I love the spread and I love my Midori!
It is so much better than the other No-Name Travelers Notebooks I bought... It's also more expensive which proves the saying "You get what you pay for"!
Wish I had bought more of these when they were on sale!
Size = 21cm×11cm  (approximately 8.5 x 4.5 for each single page).
Amazon Link: Midori #14 - Blank Kraft

My Travelers Notebook "story":
Yes, I've finally gotten into the Travelers Notebook craze and ... I LOVE IT!
Though it took me a while even after I bought my first set.
I bought my first set of TNs in July 2017 and didn't start using them until October.
Their small size intimidated me... I've only really worked on a 12x12 sized BG for most of my nearly 20 year Scrapbooking "career".
But I have found so much more freedom w/ the smaller size because I don't need to fill up so much space!
Sometimes I would feel guilty using a 12x12 for just 1 photo... weird, I know.
Plus the actual album is a lot smaller than a 12x12 album and THAT will also take up much less space.
I find the smaller size gives me the freedom to feel okay in scrapping photos and items I might not have felt comfortable w/ before...cuz, again- the guilt, and it allows me to scrap them faster.
Less fuss!
Plus it's a great way to use up scraps; the 2 pieces of PP and the white paper the title is on are all from my scrap bin!

Besides this layout I am currently working on a Fall Themed album.
This was inspired by my (scrappy) friend - Linda!
Hi, Linda! Thank you! ((Kisses))
I will post more about that, including photos of some of my layouts in a future blog post.
If your curious though...
I've already posted some on my IG Account: Mrs_David_Vasquez

BUT I haven't given up 12x12 sized layouts... I just have another option now.

This year seems to be the year of trying new things for me:
-Pocket Pages
bought some stuff including a 6 month subscription to a pocket page kit - more to come on that
-Digital Project Life
-Travelers Notebooks...
I am even starting to dabble in mixed media but I have a lot of practice before I can share..
Misting is about all I can handle right now - barely, LOL!
I'm enjoying trying new scrappy techniques; my creative hunger really needed me to branch out!

I even have a standard Composition notebook that I have started adding bits and pieces of my life to, including just regular ole' lists and doodles, with plans to add some informal layouts...
This was inspired by Amy Tangerine whose You Tube videos I have been binge-watching!!
You Tube Channel link: Amy Tangerine
Oh, that's another thing, I used to hate watching videos but watching scrap-process videos is also a new (addiction/thing) for me!

I'm SUPER excited to have different places to put my creative energy!

For the following November Challenges:

>> Round Robin
I am player #2 in our 4 player team, following Pat AKA GentlewoodFarms

>>Music Challenge
Category - Song
I chose "Daydream" by The Loving Spoonful

5 Scraps -
-PPs (2) polka dot and striped
-White Paper the title is on
-Tags (2) it was a PP of Tags that I cut up to use as actual tags and these are a couple of the leftovers

12 Stickers -
-PP sticker strips ::NOT Washi:: (2)
-Word/Phrases (4)
-Hearts (3)
-File Label/Journaling Spot
*NCLUDES TWIST* of Blue and White stickers - The PP sticker strips

9 Items -
-PPs (2) polka dot and striped
-White Paper the title is on
-Tags (2) it was a PP of Tags that I cut up to use as actual tags and these are a couple of the leftovers
-Buttons (2)
-Project Life Card

>>National ______ Day
November 16th
-Button Day
Used 2 buttons on my layout

Sunday, November 12, 2017

11/13/17 - MIM Sketch #100

Happy Monday!
Today's post is bittersweet because today I'm sharing with you Make It Monday sketch #100!
100 is quite a milestone...
But, it also is the last sketch from The Memory least for a while.
The Memory Nest is taking a break.
It's sad but needed. 
I will miss Leslie and her sketches, but hopefully it won't be for too long.

Here it is MIM sketch #100:

"Find Someone Who Loves You As Much As Panini Luvs This Pillow"
"Panini loves our new living room pillow!
It's a Body Pillow so she's using it correctly...
$11.99 at Costco.
Top photos taken: 09/28/17
Bottom taken: 09/29/17"

The top 2 photos I took.  The bottom photo David took, the next day, and sent it to me at work.
Panini really loves that pillow! I don't blame her, it is really comfortable.
We bought 2 of them; the second one is in our room.

I had a lot of fun using my Project Life and Simple Stories cards on this.
I've had them for a few years now.
I'm trying to use my stuff more. I'm always afraid to "use up" my stuff... but why buy it just to have it stay in in the packaging? That's not what it's for!
Also I realized theres always more "stuff" I want to buy so might as well make room,  right?

You have until November 30th to play along with Sketch #99 and #100.
Please join us!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

11/08/17 - October "Ugly Paper" Challenge

It's "UGLY PAPER" time!
I hope you all still like these posts?
If not, too bad... it's my blog and Imma do what I want!


Here are my "October Uglies" and what I did w/ them:

"In The Jungle"
"Okay so it's not really the's our neighbor's side yard. Same thing though, right?
Panini -> 10.20.12"

I used the "ugly" green "foliage" PP, cut into a large circle, to frame the photo and I also used it to punch a heart shape that I placed in the top corner.
The Red, White, and Blue striped PP was used to help anchor my journaling card and cut into an arrow to point to the photo of Panini.
I also used one of the "ugly" embellishments; the striped scalloped border.
The photo is so old, 5 years old, and I have been wanting to scrap it since I took it but never got around to it... and now I'm glad I never did because I think the "foliage" paper I was sent was made for it!

Also for the following October challenges:
> Music
This is for category #2 - Song Lyrics
I chose "In the Jungle..." from "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by the Tokens
*INCLUDES TWIST* of a tree (in the photo)

19 used
-Alphas (11)
-Jungle Animals (3)
-Grass (3)

>Anything Goes Challenge

October 1st
Use a word with exactly three vowels on your project today.
- "Neighbor", in my journaling, has exactly 3 vowels

October 3rd
Use 3 of something on your project today.
- I used 3 animal stickers

October 4th
Use a smile somewhere on your page today.
- All 3 of my animals are smiling

Sunday, November 5, 2017

11/06/17 - MIM #99

Stopping by real quick-like to share the latest Make it Monday sketch from
MIM# 99
"This Is Awesome"

"Today 02 Nov 2017
I was featured on the Awesome Ladies Project IG Account.
It's a Thursday 3 Post; take a selfie and list 3 Right Now facts.
1. This is me: messy hair, messed up/non-existent make-up, wrinkled clothes, tired face…basically a “not-so-perfect” selfie… cuz life isn't always perfect and that's okay!
2. Wearing my favorite shirt! The only reason it's my favorite is because my “You Had Me At Pumpkin Spice” shirt can only be worn a couple months out of the year! LOL
3. I'm sooo Obsessed w/ Niall Horan's new cd, “Flicker”… buy it, buy it!"

You have until November 30th to submit your layout.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

10/24/17 - "Bow Wow WOW..."

Happy Tuesday!
How have you all been?
It feels like, other than DT work, I haven't been here in a while.
I have been scrapping and posting my layouts on Instagram though.
I like posting there because I have more of an audience.
The only part I don't like, I feel like I need to limit my captions/descriptions.
Anyway, if you want to see my layouts on a more frequent basis check out my account:
On to today's layout:
"Bow Wow WOW What a Gentleman"
"Look at Spotty; such a gentleman w/ his paws crossed!

IDK why but Spotty always seems to lay w/ his paws crossed and we find it funny and sweet so I had to document it.

This is layout #73 of my 75 layout goal for 2017...
Almost there!
It also is layout #4 created for the Music Challenge over at
This is a monthly challenge and every month is the same concept:
There are 4 categories and they each have their own twist.
This is the first time ever, despite participating in this challenge for YEARS, that I was able to complete all 4 categories along w/ the twists!
So, YAY me!

This category was #4 - Song (chosen by the host).
The song was "I Want Candy" by the Bow Wow Wows and we could use any part of the song: title, lyrics, artist name.. on our layout,
I went w/ the artist name and I included the twist of purple w/ the buttons (the top one is dark purple so it may look black but they are both purple).


Also Included in the following Challenges:

>In This Corner
- The BG paper already had the bow ties printed along the side

Everything except the "WOW" Alpha stickers
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using hoarded stickers

-Alphas (23)
-Word/Phrase (4)

1 - the large Black and White striped PP

Sunday, October 15, 2017

10/16/17 - MIM #98

Happy Monday to you!
Today I am sharing Make It Monday Sketch #98 from "The Memory Nest" blog.
MIM Sketch #98

"A Place For His Head"
"While watching "Wonder Woman" at our friends' house, their dog Zeus decided to lay his head on David and fall asleep."

(09.03.17 <<< Oops,  Need to add the date!)

Too cute, amirite?!
So of course I had to get a photo of it!

I love this layout and how quickly it came together! It was one of those that once I got the colors and PP selected, all the other pieces just kinda fell into place!

The title came from a Challenge; the Music Challenge.
One of the categories is to choose a song title and use it on your layout. I used "A Place For My Head by Linkin Park, but changed "My" to "His".
Also the twist was orange, which was perfect because I was planning on using orange anyway!

Well, that's all from me today!
Hope you'll join us and play along w/ this, or our October 2nd, sketch!
You have until October 31st to enter your layout.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

10/04/17 - "My Brown Eyed Girl"

This layout makes me happy!
But it also makes me sad!
The happiness comes from that adorable face w/ the little cheesy smile!
Also that BG paper w/ the colorful flowers that just pop!
"My Brown Eyed Girl"

The sadness comes from the fact that little 4 year old is not 4 years old anymore; she is now 15!
And the fact that she is at a stage where she hates taking photos...and is not fond of much, in general!
Teenagers, ugh!  Actually, more specifically, Teenage GIRLS, ugh!
My son wasn't like that... ever!

Speaking of my son, who turned 22 in June...
he moved out last month.
So I am halfway to being an Empty Nester.

Gosh why can't they just stay little?!

Created for the September Musical Inspiration Challenge
The person who signs up after you picks your song.
The song chose for me was:
"Brown Eyed Girl"
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using the color from your song on your layout.

Also for the October National ________Day , which I am hosting.
Inspired by October 6th, World Smile Day.

Most products used are from the The Scraproom July 2017 Monthly Kit:


Sunday, October 1, 2017

10/02/17 - MIM #97

Today I am bringing you sketch #97 from the Memory Nest.
If you're thinking it's been a while since I shared one of these, you're correct!
IDK what happened w/ me... but I totally missed the deadline's for both of the September sketches, DOH!

Anyway, October is a whole new month, so here we go...

I used a flipped version of the sketch for my layout.

 "His Good Side"
"This little guy is big enough to get his front hooves up on our couch now.

Basically the story is...
I was sitting on the couch watching TV, I was probably eating, and Hamlet jumped up and placed his hooves on the couch in front of me!
It was quite a shock as he had never done that before!
Of course I grabbed my phone and took a photo of him.
When I posted the photo to my Instagram account, one of my friends made the comment, "Hahaha! He's like 'make sure you get my good side'!" and I decided that if I ever scrap this photo I would use something similar to that as my title.

BTW - he has never learned to actually jump on the couch despite us repeatedly trying to get him to do so!
Looks like he peaked in 2015, LOL!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

09/23/17 - September "Ugly Paper" Challenge

It's "Ugly Paper"Time"!
Here are my "September Uglies" and what I did w/ them.
Just a heads up the orange paper, which I used for my BG, is very thin and came to me a bit mangled and then I apparently made it worse during the creative process...
But it doesn't look as bad behind the protective covering of the album page protector.
With that in mind, this is what I came up w/:
"You Had US at Pumpkin Spice"
I used both papers and tore apart the embellishment to use just a few pieces of it: layered square/heart/button/wire combo on the top right.
This layout really had no "rhyme or reason" it was just me having fun w/ two photos that I love that kinda went together.
Proving there are 'no rules' to scrapbooking or story telling!

If you recall this is the second time I scrapped this shirt...
I really love it!

I bought it at Target last year.
This year they have the same exact shirt just w/ a different saying:
"Pumpkin Spice Everything"
Though I want it, it's too similar to this one for me to spend the money on.

Also included in the following Challenges:

Round Robin
I was #3 in my group of 4.
Though I didn't copy anyone's layout exactly I did use elements from each proceeding layout.

National __________ Day
Inspired by
9/22 - Autumn Equinox - Fall begins

In this Corner
The Orange BG paper already had the Cornucopia design on it, I just covered some of it w/ Pumpkins.

15 stickers used
-Alphas (10)
-Arrows (2)
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Word/Phrase Sticker

21 hoarded items used
-Pumpkins (4)
-Alphas (12)
-Circle Cutter

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

09/20/17 - September Inspiration Challenge

For the (September) Inspiration Challenge
The challenge requires the person who signs up after you to pick your inspiration.
That's always scary since they may pick something completely out of your comfort zone...
Which is what happened her!
Here is what was chosen for me:
-Inspiration Layout-
Though it's beautiful I am just not good w/ using flowers as embellishments, especially lots of flowers, though I do it from time to (rare) time.
 Here is my version:

"Expectations VS Reality"

"What you think you look like taking a photo together -VS- What you really look like".

W/ this layout I had a bit of fun w/ that famous meme "What you think you look like... -VS- What you really look like".

David and I had taken many photos together on our 16th Anniversary night out, including the goofy one on the right.
When tying to figure out how to scrap that particular photo, the meme popped in my mind and I went w/ it. Of course I had to pair it w/ the perfect "contrast" photo which I also had from that night.

If you don't know what I am referring to here are a few more examples:

Image result for how I think I look running vs how i actually lookImage result for how I think I look running vs how i actually look

Image result for how I think I look running vs how i actually look

In the end I was 100%  happy w/ the photos and the idea I used and about 90% happy w/ the overall layout!
BTW - I didn't even realize I used the exact/almost exact polka dot paper on my layout as is in the original layout.  That was purely coincidence as I tend to have tunnel vision w/ these type of things.

Also included in the following September Challenges:

2> Hoarders
14 Hoarded items
-Flowers were all cut from 1 hoarded piece of PP
-Hearts were all cut from 1 hoarded piece of PP
-Black paper
-Buttons (6)
-PL Card
-File/Journaling Labels (2)
-Heart Punch
-Flower Punch

-Hearts (5)
-File/Journaling Labels (2)
- xoxo
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Word/Phrase Sticker

-Red paper used for hearts
-Black paper

Thursday, September 14, 2017

09/14/17 - Digital Project Life

Today I bring you some digital layouts.
These were created w/ the Project Life App.
These layouts represent three things I've never done and one thing I've rarely done, so rare you may as well say "never" also: 
Never Done:
-Paid for an app
This app was $2.99
-Created a Digital Layout
-Created a Project Life "style" Layout
Rarely Done:
-Created a 2-page Layout
I am not a digital layout type of person always enjoying the process and look of "paper" layouts.
So before I share the layouts I want to explain why I decided to try the PL App.
I'm known for taking lots of photos in general and in some cases taking an over abundance of photos.
Sometimes I do this because the event warrants it.
Sometimes I do it just because I want multiple tries at capturing the perfect photos.
What happens in either case is I wind up w/ a lot of photos from 1 event.
Generally I can narrow them down to a few photos I really want, sometimes I want them all...
Whether I narrow them down or not, there are times when I have lots of photos I still want in my albums.
This overwhelms me and causes me to just "sit" on my photos.
Sit, and sit, and sit...
So I decided to see if the PL app would simplify the process and help me get those photos in to my albums!
Here are the layouts:

"Wahlburgers Vegas"  
Page 1
(6 photos)

"Wahlburgers Vegas"  
Page 2
( 7 Photos )
 "15th Anniversary Highlights"
(9 Photos)

Though they are digital, they are still Project Life style layouts which makes them very simple.
Just like you would place photos and Journaling/Picture cards into Pockets in a Project Life Sheet Protector, the same was done here...but digitally.

Sure I could create my own "grid like" layouts, and I still will occasionally, but this is less time consuming and less use of materials, plus I'm guaranteed neatness and straightness, LOL

What do I think of the app?

I think it's Super Easy and convenient!
I mean as long as I have the photos on my phone I can create a layout anywhere.

Fast shipping!
My order got to me sooner than they said it would! Though general turn around time is 7-10 business Days.

Great Quality!
My pages came on strong sturdy Kodak paper and the images were crisp and clear w/ no color alterations.
If you order a size 12x12 they are a true 12x12 and slide easily into a 12x12 Sheet Protector!
Also, my pages were packaged in a way that there was NO WAY they would have got bent!
In fact I had a little trouble getting them out, LOL

You don't have to order 12x12 pages, they have various sizes if you decide you want to go a smaller so you can still adhere to a page and add your own "flair"
Sizes and prices are as follows:

12x12 = $1.99
8x8 = $0.99
6x8 = $0.29
4x5 = $0.29

There is a flat shipping rate of $5.00
This is great if you're ordering a lot pages, not so great if you're just ordering 1 or 2; I find that you would need to order at least 3 to make it worth it.

My total for the three 12x12 pages = $10.97
That includes shipping.
$3.66 a page.
As far as I'm concerned that's a bargain for getting your memories into your albums!

I will continue to do traditional scrapping because that is where my true scrappy love lies but I'm definitely using this app again!
I already feel that w/ the time I saved, the quality of the product, and the fact that I was able to get a good amount of photos out of my phone and into my albums, that I have already gotten my money's worth!
Total photos out of my phone and into my Scrapbook Album(s) = 22

FYI - there are many other options w/ this app as well but I just wanted to touch on what I thought was most important.
For more info you can visit the Project Life App site at this link:
Digital Project life App

---->> Edited to Add :
After writing this post I created these 2 layouts but I haven't yet ordered them.
Ordering will occur soon, however just wanted to share other styles and say that this is another  12 photos out of my phone that will soon be going into my album:

 (7 Photos)
I had to narrow down my photo choices here also but it seemed easier w/ digital scrapping... IDK why, LOL
I think part of it is it was because I didn't stress about figuring out which pictures were "photo paper" and "ink" worthy since I wasn't printing them myself... know what I mean?

(5 Photos)

Total Photos "scrapped": 34

Thanks for stopping by and reading this long post!
I'd love to know if you've ever tried or would like to tray the Project life App.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

09/12/17 - "The Circus"

Today I bring you layout #55 of my 75 Layout Goal for 2017
"The Circus"
"Last Night we enjoyed the circus...1903 style!
David, Madison and Me
Pantages Theater 2.19.17"

For the Following September Challenges:

1> Music Challenge
Category #2 Song Title
I chose "Circus" by Britney Spears

2> National ___________ Day
Sept 22nd - National Elephant Appreciation Day
Though they were fake, there were elephants in the show.
I know it sounds weird, "fake elephants", but they way they did it... it was a work of art and they seemed really real. My eyes actually watered at one point during the show when the baby elephant got his feelings hurt... LOL

We were not allowed to take photos while the show was in progress so I wasn't able to get a photo of the cute "fake elephants" but here is a photo from the internet:

Come to think of it, I guess I could have a printed a photo from the internet to include in my layout, duh...LOL
Hmmmm.... maybe there will be a page dedicated to "the Elephants of 1903" in my scrappy future!


Also included in the following Challenges:

3> Scraps
1 Scrap
-Red paper I made the large BG banner out of

4> Hoarders
3 items
-Star strip
-Red paper I made the large BG banner out of
-File/journaling tab

5> Sticker
13 Used
-Alphas (9)
-Star Strip
-Colorful "circle"
-File/journaling tab
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Word/Phrase sticker

Saturday, September 9, 2017

09/09/17 - "Comic Con Selfies"

My latest and greatest!
Okay maybe not my greatest but I am loving it!

"Comic Con Selfies"

"Selfies while waiting in line to enter Comic Con 2017

I have a lot more photos from this day and I plan on doing a PL style layout to make it easier to scrap the multitude, but I wanted to scrap these photos separately because 1) My daughter is going through some major "teenage social anxiety" that makes her not want to leave the house much 2) She very rarely, like never, lets us take her picture so these photos mean a lot to me and I felt like they deserved their own page.
I may use a couple of them again in my PL layout, which is a rarity for me, to scrap the same photo more than once, but in this case the situation warrants it!

For the following Sept Challenges:

1> Monthly Sketch Challenge
This is Sketch #4  of the challenge:

2> Can You Use (Exactly) 4 Photos

3> National _________ Day
Inspired by Sept 25th - National Comic Book Day

5> Hoarders
20 items
Every Single item on here is Hoarded...
I'm so happy I finally had a reason to cut into my zombie paper pack!!
I won it a few years back from a scrappy blog... I don't remember how old it is but I'm thinking it's pretty darn old as I couldn't find it in the shop to link!


Also Entered in the following Challenges:

4> Sticker
16 used
- Alphas (15)
- Cameras in Circle (top left)

6> Scraps
1 scrap
The "Moments Captured" Journaling Box

Thursday, September 7, 2017

09/07/17 - "His 40th"

Happy Thursday/Friday!
I don't work tomorrow so this is my Friday and I couldn't be happier about it... until my next one of course, LOL
Anyway here is my latest layout and I also couldn't be happier about it!
I think it turned out really well and it think it conveys a feeling of celebration and overall happiness!
I hope you like it also!
"His 40th"

I was able to fit a lot of photos and a lot of journaling on this and include a fun BG paper and fun embellishments...
And yes I realize that though it's a page about my husband's birthday, he's not in any of the photos...
What can I say... I love to have my photo taken and he doesn't!
Though technically his hand is in the photo of the mules, LOL

Journaling -

"40th Birthday Shenanigans for my husband.
For 3 mos out of the year, Aug - Oct, I'm only 1 year older than David instead of the normal 2 years, LOL."

Left Hand Side:
"Pizza & Beer at The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe in Downtown Redlands.
We had the Shrimp, Crab, and Avocado was 'to die for'!
Drinks and Peanut Butter Cup Fondue at Rok-N-Fondue
We ordered various flavors of mules and there was a marshmallow casualty... won't say who did it though
::looks innocent:: LOL
Aug 12th 2017
-Greg and Peng joined us"

Bottom Right:
"Actual DOB: 08.09.77"


For the following Challenges:

> In This corner
- scrap a page using a BG paper w/ a pre-printed pattern on at least one corner and/or side
Original Paper:

> AGC -
Daily Challenge #1
Use a Refractory Word: a word that has no rhyme
According to Google "husband" has no rhyming word

Also included in the following Sept challenges:

> INDEFINITE Foodie Challenge

> Second Chance
- Inspired by the August "Birthday Challenge"

> National ____ Day
- Inspired by Sept 5th, Cheese Pizza Day

> Sticker Challenge
10 Stickers
- Alphas (7)
-Words/Phrases (1)
-Heart Shaped Balloon (1)
-Journaling Sticker (bottom Right)
*INCLUDES TWIST* Word/Phrase Sticker

> Hoarders
- 2 items
PL Cards

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

09/05/17 - "Quiet Time w/ Grampy"

How was your weekend?
I had a nice 3-day weekend and I only work 3 days this week so I'm not feeling too bad on this Monday-Tuesday!
Today I am sharing a layout created w/ a "selfie" my husband took of him and Hamlet (and then sent to me at work...punk! LOL)
"Quiet Time w/ Grampy"

Photo of Hamlet and my husband, AKA Hamlet's "Grampy" taken approximately 2 years ago.
I just love the look on Hamlets face...his eye has an actual 'twinkle' in it! ::swoon::

How this layout came to be:

Inspired by a challenge w/in a challenge over at
The Anything Goes Challenge, Weekly Challenge #1 -

Step 1
Take the quiz (it’s very short).
This will be your color palette for your project.

Step 2
Using the color from step one, select one of the emotions in that color in the chart below as your project "theme."

Step 3
Create a MONOCHROME project using your mental color and emotional theme. ~ Monochrome is a single color project, but you can use shades, tints, and variations in hue. Patterned papers are allowed as long as the pattern does not detract from the overall feel of the layout being a single color. For example: a purple paper with tiny yellow stripes would be acceptable as a purple monochrome, while a purple paper with big red flowers would not.

Purple was my color and I chose "quiet" from the list of "purple" words.

I was very disappointed to wind up w/ the color purple as purple is my least favorite color ever!
But a challenge is a challenge, right?!
So I searched and dug out as much purple as I could and came up w/ a layout I actually really love...despite all it's "purpleness"!
But w/ a photo like that how could I not love it! ::swoon again::

Also I was inspired by this layout which I lifted:

All-in-all a very fun challenge!

Thanks for stopping by!
I'll be back later in the week!

Also included in the following Sept Challenges:
>Scrap Your Pet
*INCLUDES TWIST* of an arrow

4 Used
- Pig
- "LOVE"
- star
- file/journaling tab
*INCLUDES TWIST* of a Word/Phrase sticker

>National ______ Day
This is bad but...
I was inspired by 2 Days: September 2nd, International Bacon Day and September 7th, National Salami Day

>Scrap w/ Your Scraps
2 Scraps used
Used 1 scrap in 3 places
-2 hearts
-1 tag
And another scrap for the arrow

12 Hoarded items
- All the Paper is Hoarded (4)
-Washi (2 different kinds)
-File/Journaling Tab
-buttons (3)
-the "Happy" paper embellishment
-Black Mist

Monday, August 28, 2017

08/28/17 - August "Ugly Paper" Challenge

My latest layout was created mainly for the August Ugly Paper Challenge.
First a reminder of the rules (you can skip this part if you already know them):
1. After signing up, the host gives your name and address to another participant
2. The other participant sends you 2 "ugly" papers and at least one ugly embellishment
3. You MUST use both papers; the embellishment(s) is optional
4. You are allowed to use other items as well, as long as the 2 "ugly" papers are included in the layout
5. You are allowed to alter the papers and, if used, the embellishment(s) but they must still be recognizable 
"August Uglies" (and yes that is a FROG!)
Well, here's what I came up w/:
Anniversary 13

" 'Well, that escalated quickly!' *
Senor Frogs, Vegas w/ Ricky and Marivel

*a Will Ferrell, as 'Ron Burgundy', quote from the movie "Anchorman"
I thought the quote was funny and fitting to the photos that start off w/ us all looking "nice and innocent" and wind up w/ us looking like complete "party animals", LOL

BTW - I know I misspelled Vegas and I fixed it IRL after the fact!

As you can see I used everything I was given and I'm quite proud of that!
The BG paper is one of the pieces of paper I was given and the mat for the photos, the speech bubble, and the flower were all cut from the second piece of paper.
And then there's the frog...
When I first saw my papers, the "casino" one was on top and I was like, "Yay, Vegas!" because it's my second home but then when I dug out the embellishment,  I was like, "Ugh, Frog!" because, come on...what could I possibly do w/ a large frog sticker?! Especially in combination w/ a Vegas paper?!
Then inspiration hit: "Oh, yeah, 'Senor Frogs'!"
Good thing we like that place and I have photos...
So in the end it would up being a perfect combo for me and I was finally able to get around to scrapping some of the photos from my 13th wedding anniversary... a month after I celebrated my 16th!
For the following August challenges:

>Ugly Paper
The BG Casino Paper
and the Green Paper that I used to mat the photos and for the speech bubble.
I also cut fussy-cut a flower out of it and used it as an embellishment.
Also used the "ugly" embellishment; the frog
(you can see the originals in the 2nd photo)

>The ABCs of travel - Letter "A" addition
Traveled to Vegas to celebrate our 13th (A)nniversary

22 items
-Alphas (13)
-Black paper
-"Good Times" PL card cut into a circle
-Circle Cutter
-Word Stickers (2)
-Card under the frog
-Wooden camera

-Alphas (13)
-Words/Phrases (2)
-The frog
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Number stickers

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

08/23/17 - "The 4th 2017"

It's just me, trying to keep up w/ my commitment to myself to share some of my completed layouts.
Hope all is well!
"The 4th 2017"

"Fourth of July in our neighborhood means sparkly fireworks both on the ground and in the sky; yes the illegal kind, what do you expect in San Bdno?! Note: the illegal ones are not ours! Also the only day a year I can wear my 4th of July Snoopy T-shirt"

Most items are from one of the 4 kits from the July "The ScrapRoom" kit (see bottom left):

Two Fun Facts about this page:
1) Fourth of July photos are rare as I hardly ever, like mostly never, take photos on the Fourth now that the kids are pretty much grown; I didn't take a whole lot of photos when they were younger either though...because there's only so many photos of kids watching fireworks or playing w/ sparklers you can take before it's becomes "old"
2) Of the photos I did take, and created layouts for, I hardly ever used a traditional Red, White, and Blue color combo
I broke both those rules here... and I'm actually happy about it!
For the following August Challenges:

>July/August Edition of Inspired by a Word
I was inspired by the word "Sparkle" and used it's variation "Sparkly"

>Music Challenge
This is for category #2 - Song Title
I chose "Fourth of July" by Fall Out Boy

>The Wooden Embellishment Challenge
I used a wooden camera

>Sticker Challenge
16 Stickers
-Alphas (10)
-Stripe above my photo (it's not washi)
-Words/Phrases (3)
*INCLUDES TWIST*of Number Sticker

16 items
-Woodstock Sticker
-PL Card
-Wooden Camera
Alphas (10)
-"Looking Up"
-Red Paper

>Scrap w/ Your Scraps
1 Scrap
The red paper