Monday, January 4, 2016

01/04/16 - Happy New (Year/ Sketch!)

Good Morning and Happy New Year to you!!!
Wow... another new year!
I don't even want to think about it...
It makes me sad to think about how quickly time has passed/is passing.
(That's a sign of old age, isn't it? Or, as I prefer to call it, maturity.)

So instead I will think about/write about something that doesn't make me sad:
The first challenge of the year over at The Memory Nest!
This is also the first layout I've created as a Design Team Member of The Memory Nest and I just love the way my layout turned out..
Here is the sketch:
 And the layout that was inspired by it:
Journaling: "Last night and this morning. Starting to see a pattern w/ these two, LOL
11.26.15 and 11.27.15"

Those are photos of my 15+ year old malti-poo, Ivanna, and my daughter's 9 month old pot-belly mini-pig, Hamlet, doing what they seem to just love to do... SLEEP!
I found it funny that I caught them sleeping together one night and then the next morning I caught them again.
I mean, they do sleep a lot but it just made me laugh that it was so back-to-back like that: them sleeping, AND sleeping together!
Hamlet is a bit difficult to see in the first of the pains of having a "black" pig is getting a good photo of him when the lighting isn't optimal!

Hopefully you can tell how my layout follows the sketch.
If not let me explain.... For the 3 scattered "blocks" I used 3 identical Project Life cards and made that the background to anchor my photo. I then took a different but coordinating Project Life card to use for my journaling and included the sideways "banner" to mimic the end of the arrow that's in the sketch. I moved my title over a bit to the left but also included arrows under it to once again mimic the arrow in the sketch. Oh, and the "cloud" in the sketch reminded me of a "dream bubble" and that's what inspired me to scrap these photos in the first place!
And, if you're wondering, "yes" that is paw print patterned washi tape! A must when you have fur-babies! I love it!

My layout is an example of how you can follow a sketch and yet still make it your own.
I had a lot of fun w/ this layout and sketch!

I hope this inspires you to get a layout completed...
If it does, please remember to link it over at The Memory Nest so that we can "Ooooh and Aaaahhh" over it and to be in the running for a prize!


  1. Great layout Doreen! I might have to try that sketch! Happy New Year to you.

  2. So excited to be working with you! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Me too! Just wish we could actually interact more...the whole team.

  3. Looks great! Would you have used the paw print washi if just the pig were on the layout? (Just wondering, since I wouldn't use it for the rabbit even though it's super cute. I'm too literal!) Love the title work and your signature outlining.

    1. LOL! I don't know... probably not. I guess I have to hope someone creates a hoof print washi tape, and soon!
      Wait, don't rabbits have paws?!

    2. Rabbits do have paws, but they don't have the "paw print" like dogs and cats do. We have two bunnies. I don't even know if they have pads on the bottom of their paws! That being said, I do still use paw print things when scrapbooking all of our animals, because when you think of paw prints, you think of furries!

    3. Thanks Kelly! I was really curious!

  4. I'd write on all my pages if my writing was as cool as yours!!! Nice page Doreen!

  5. This page is freaking awesome! I just can't get enough of Hamlet when I see him on your Instagram.

  6. So cute, Doreen! Really love your use of those journaling cards and your sketch work, and those puppy prints are too fun, not to mention those darling pics! Precious!


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