Wednesday, November 8, 2017

11/08/17 - October "Ugly Paper" Challenge

It's "UGLY PAPER" time!
I hope you all still like these posts?
If not, too bad... it's my blog and Imma do what I want!


Here are my "October Uglies" and what I did w/ them:

"In The Jungle"
"Okay so it's not really the's our neighbor's side yard. Same thing though, right?
Panini -> 10.20.12"

I used the "ugly" green "foliage" PP, cut into a large circle, to frame the photo and I also used it to punch a heart shape that I placed in the top corner.
The Red, White, and Blue striped PP was used to help anchor my journaling card and cut into an arrow to point to the photo of Panini.
I also used one of the "ugly" embellishments; the striped scalloped border.
The photo is so old, 5 years old, and I have been wanting to scrap it since I took it but never got around to it... and now I'm glad I never did because I think the "foliage" paper I was sent was made for it!

Also for the following October challenges:
> Music
This is for category #2 - Song Lyrics
I chose "In the Jungle..." from "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by the Tokens
*INCLUDES TWIST* of a tree (in the photo)

19 used
-Alphas (11)
-Jungle Animals (3)
-Grass (3)

>Anything Goes Challenge

October 1st
Use a word with exactly three vowels on your project today.
- "Neighbor", in my journaling, has exactly 3 vowels

October 3rd
Use 3 of something on your project today.
- I used 3 animal stickers

October 4th
Use a smile somewhere on your page today.
- All 3 of my animals are smiling


  1. I do still like the Ugly Paper posts! And for once, I'd say that your papers aren't actually inherently ugly like they usually are. They just aren't coordinated. Yet you did a great job making them work together.

  2. I still love these posts too!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee what you did with these!!!!!!!!!!!1


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