Tuesday, September 12, 2017

09/12/17 - "The Circus"

Today I bring you layout #55 of my 75 Layout Goal for 2017
"The Circus"
"Last Night we enjoyed the circus...1903 style!
David, Madison and Me
Pantages Theater 2.19.17"

For the Following SB.com September Challenges:

1> Music Challenge
Category #2 Song Title
I chose "Circus" by Britney Spears

2> National ___________ Day
Sept 22nd - National Elephant Appreciation Day
Though they were fake, there were elephants in the show.
I know it sounds weird, "fake elephants", but they way they did it... it was a work of art and they seemed really real. My eyes actually watered at one point during the show when the baby elephant got his feelings hurt... LOL

We were not allowed to take photos while the show was in progress so I wasn't able to get a photo of the cute "fake elephants" but here is a photo from the internet:

Come to think of it, I guess I could have a printed a photo from the internet to include in my layout, duh...LOL
Hmmmm.... maybe there will be a page dedicated to "the Elephants of 1903" in my scrappy future!


Also included in the following SB.com Challenges:

3> Scraps
1 Scrap
-Red paper I made the large BG banner out of

4> Hoarders
3 items
-Star strip
-Red paper I made the large BG banner out of
-File/journaling tab

5> Sticker
13 Used
-Alphas (9)
-Star Strip
-Colorful "circle"
-File/journaling tab
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Word/Phrase sticker


  1. Yea! Two layouts in a row with Madison in them! Great job with the page. I like the idea of scrapping about the elephants. Or, you could just add a small elephant embellishment to this layout. Or both!

    1. This was in Feb, compared to the last one I posted which was in August... so I looks like we get her out of the house every 6 months, LOL! JK Actually we're dragging her to another event next weekend... stay tuned!

  2. Love the ticket paper! Very awesome layout :D

  3. Loveeeeeeee this! LOVING the photos and the tickets!!! And those elephants look awesome!!!


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