Wednesday, October 4, 2017

10/04/17 - "My Brown Eyed Girl"

This layout makes me happy!
But it also makes me sad!
The happiness comes from that adorable face w/ the little cheesy smile!
Also that BG paper w/ the colorful flowers that just pop!
"My Brown Eyed Girl"

The sadness comes from the fact that little 4 year old is not 4 years old anymore; she is now 15!
And the fact that she is at a stage where she hates taking photos...and is not fond of much, in general!
Teenagers, ugh!  Actually, more specifically, Teenage GIRLS, ugh!
My son wasn't like that... ever!

Speaking of my son, who turned 22 in June...
he moved out last month.
So I am halfway to being an Empty Nester.

Gosh why can't they just stay little?!

Created for the September Musical Inspiration Challenge
The person who signs up after you picks your song.
The song chose for me was:
"Brown Eyed Girl"
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using the color from your song on your layout.

Also for the October National ________Day , which I am hosting.
Inspired by October 6th, World Smile Day.

Most products used are from the The Scraproom July 2017 Monthly Kit:



  1. This is such a sweet layout! yeah, I don't know why they have to grow up :( haha

  2. Yeah ... I hate that growing up part :( I loveeeeeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and that sweet photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What an adorable little 4-year old she was! Hopefully she'll come around eventually and not mind having her picture taken. I love the bold papers and accents you used on this LO!


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