Tuesday, October 24, 2017

10/24/17 - "Bow Wow WOW..."

Happy Tuesday!
How have you all been?
It feels like, other than DT work, I haven't been here in a while.
I have been scrapping and posting my layouts on Instagram though.
I like posting there because I have more of an audience.
The only part I don't like, I feel like I need to limit my captions/descriptions.
Anyway, if you want to see my layouts on a more frequent basis check out my account:
On to today's layout:
"Bow Wow WOW What a Gentleman"
"Look at Spotty; such a gentleman w/ his paws crossed!

IDK why but Spotty always seems to lay w/ his paws crossed and we find it funny and sweet so I had to document it.

This is layout #73 of my 75 layout goal for 2017...
Almost there!
It also is layout #4 created for the Music Challenge over at SB.com.
This is a monthly challenge and every month is the same concept:
There are 4 categories and they each have their own twist.
This is the first time ever, despite participating in this challenge for YEARS, that I was able to complete all 4 categories along w/ the twists!
So, YAY me!

This category was #4 - Song (chosen by the host).
The song was "I Want Candy" by the Bow Wow Wows and we could use any part of the song: title, lyrics, artist name.. on our layout,
I went w/ the artist name and I included the twist of purple w/ the buttons (the top one is dark purple so it may look black but they are both purple).


Also Included in the following SB.com Challenges:

>In This Corner
- The BG paper already had the bow ties printed along the side

Everything except the "WOW" Alpha stickers
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using hoarded stickers

-Alphas (23)
-Word/Phrase (4)

1 - the large Black and White striped PP


  1. I'm glad you post here when you do! It's frustrating to feel like your blog doesn't have much of an audience, but I'm sure there are lurkers who just aren't commenting. Great LO! I'd actually forgotten you have a dog since Hamlet and Panini steal the show.

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeee this! LOVING that title and the 'gentleman' tag!!! This is fabulous!!!!!!!


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