Thursday, September 14, 2017

09/14/17 - Digital Project Life

Today I bring you some digital layouts.
These were created w/ the Project Life App.
These layouts represent three things I've never done and one thing I've rarely done, so rare you may as well say "never" also: 
Never Done:
-Paid for an app
This app was $2.99
-Created a Digital Layout
-Created a Project Life "style" Layout
Rarely Done:
-Created a 2-page Layout
I am not a digital layout type of person always enjoying the process and look of "paper" layouts.
So before I share the layouts I want to explain why I decided to try the PL App.
I'm known for taking lots of photos in general and in some cases taking an over abundance of photos.
Sometimes I do this because the event warrants it.
Sometimes I do it just because I want multiple tries at capturing the perfect photos.
What happens in either case is I wind up w/ a lot of photos from 1 event.
Generally I can narrow them down to a few photos I really want, sometimes I want them all...
Whether I narrow them down or not, there are times when I have lots of photos I still want in my albums.
This overwhelms me and causes me to just "sit" on my photos.
Sit, and sit, and sit...
So I decided to see if the PL app would simplify the process and help me get those photos in to my albums!
Here are the layouts:

"Wahlburgers Vegas"  
Page 1
(6 photos)

"Wahlburgers Vegas"  
Page 2
( 7 Photos )
 "15th Anniversary Highlights"
(9 Photos)

Though they are digital, they are still Project Life style layouts which makes them very simple.
Just like you would place photos and Journaling/Picture cards into Pockets in a Project Life Sheet Protector, the same was done here...but digitally.

Sure I could create my own "grid like" layouts, and I still will occasionally, but this is less time consuming and less use of materials, plus I'm guaranteed neatness and straightness, LOL

What do I think of the app?

I think it's Super Easy and convenient!
I mean as long as I have the photos on my phone I can create a layout anywhere.

Fast shipping!
My order got to me sooner than they said it would! Though general turn around time is 7-10 business Days.

Great Quality!
My pages came on strong sturdy Kodak paper and the images were crisp and clear w/ no color alterations.
If you order a size 12x12 they are a true 12x12 and slide easily into a 12x12 Sheet Protector!
Also, my pages were packaged in a way that there was NO WAY they would have got bent!
In fact I had a little trouble getting them out, LOL

You don't have to order 12x12 pages, they have various sizes if you decide you want to go a smaller so you can still adhere to a page and add your own "flair"
Sizes and prices are as follows:

12x12 = $1.99
8x8 = $0.99
6x8 = $0.29
4x5 = $0.29

There is a flat shipping rate of $5.00
This is great if you're ordering a lot pages, not so great if you're just ordering 1 or 2; I find that you would need to order at least 3 to make it worth it.

My total for the three 12x12 pages = $10.97
That includes shipping.
$3.66 a page.
As far as I'm concerned that's a bargain for getting your memories into your albums!

I will continue to do traditional scrapping because that is where my true scrappy love lies but I'm definitely using this app again!
I already feel that w/ the time I saved, the quality of the product, and the fact that I was able to get a good amount of photos out of my phone and into my albums, that I have already gotten my money's worth!
Total photos out of my phone and into my Scrapbook Album(s) = 22

FYI - there are many other options w/ this app as well but I just wanted to touch on what I thought was most important.
For more info you can visit the Project Life App site at this link:
Digital Project life App

---->> Edited to Add :
After writing this post I created these 2 layouts but I haven't yet ordered them.
Ordering will occur soon, however just wanted to share other styles and say that this is another  12 photos out of my phone that will soon be going into my album:

 (7 Photos)
I had to narrow down my photo choices here also but it seemed easier w/ digital scrapping... IDK why, LOL
I think part of it is it was because I didn't stress about figuring out which pictures were "photo paper" and "ink" worthy since I wasn't printing them myself... know what I mean?

(5 Photos)

Total Photos "scrapped": 34

Thanks for stopping by and reading this long post!
I'd love to know if you've ever tried or would like to tray the Project life App.


  1. I've never paid for an app, done a PL spread, or done digital scrapbooking either. I just love paper too much! These pages are nice.. but they don't feel like yours without the outlining!!

    1. Hahahahaha! I guess I should get them on a white BG just so I can outline them!

  2. Great digital's! Pricing not bad either!

  3. I loveeeeeeeee these!!! And a great way to use the multi photos!!!!!!! And we must have been in Vegas around the same time, I saw that same exhibit at the Conservatory in Bellagio!!!!!! :)

  4. Awesome!! Yay for getting lots of Photos printed :) I got the app years ago when it was free for a limited time because I am cheap haha. I have bought 1 add-on (the Amy Tangerine Plus One) for the app though. I have never created a layout though :)

    Love all the layouts!!

    1. I'm usually cheap like that also, LOL But I really felt this might be worth paying for and I was right! Make a layout and see if you get hooked, like me... on second thought...maybe you shouldn't...LOLOLOL


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