Tuesday, September 5, 2017

09/05/17 - "Quiet Time w/ Grampy"

How was your weekend?
I had a nice 3-day weekend and I only work 3 days this week so I'm not feeling too bad on this Monday-Tuesday!
Today I am sharing a layout created w/ a "selfie" my husband took of him and Hamlet (and then sent to me at work...punk! LOL)
"Quiet Time w/ Grampy"

Photo of Hamlet and my husband, AKA Hamlet's "Grampy" taken approximately 2 years ago.
I just love the look on Hamlets face...his eye has an actual 'twinkle' in it! ::swoon::

How this layout came to be:

Inspired by a challenge w/in a challenge over at SB.com.
The Anything Goes Challenge, Weekly Challenge #1 -

Step 1
https://www.blogthings.com/whatcolorisyourmindqu iz/
Take the quiz (it’s very short).
This will be your color palette for your project.

Step 2
Using the color from step one, select one of the emotions in that color in the chart below as your project "theme."

Step 3
Create a MONOCHROME project using your mental color and emotional theme. ~ Monochrome is a single color project, but you can use shades, tints, and variations in hue. Patterned papers are allowed as long as the pattern does not detract from the overall feel of the layout being a single color. For example: a purple paper with tiny yellow stripes would be acceptable as a purple monochrome, while a purple paper with big red flowers would not.

Purple was my color and I chose "quiet" from the list of "purple" words.

I was very disappointed to wind up w/ the color purple as purple is my least favorite color ever!
But a challenge is a challenge, right?!
So I searched and dug out as much purple as I could and came up w/ a layout I actually really love...despite all it's "purpleness"!
But w/ a photo like that how could I not love it! ::swoon again::

Also I was inspired by this layout which I lifted:

All-in-all a very fun challenge!

Thanks for stopping by!
I'll be back later in the week!

Also included in the following SB.com Sept Challenges:
>Scrap Your Pet
*INCLUDES TWIST* of an arrow

4 Used
- Pig
- "LOVE"
- star
- file/journaling tab
*INCLUDES TWIST* of a Word/Phrase sticker

>National ______ Day
This is bad but...
I was inspired by 2 Days: September 2nd, International Bacon Day and September 7th, National Salami Day

>Scrap w/ Your Scraps
2 Scraps used
Used 1 scrap in 3 places
-2 hearts
-1 tag
And another scrap for the arrow

12 Hoarded items
- All the Paper is Hoarded (4)
-Washi (2 different kinds)
-File/Journaling Tab
-buttons (3)
-the "Happy" paper embellishment
-Black Mist


  1. Loveeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and loving that look on Hamlet's face!!!!!

  2. very cute layout...I am not a fan of purple either...I don't know if I could have even found purple in my stash hahaha :)

  3. You did a great job with the purple! What a fun challenge. I took the quiz and found that there were almost always two answers I was torn between. One gave me purple and one gave me green.

    Question: Why is David Grampy to Hamlet? Shouldn't he be Daddy? Or is Hamlet technically Madi's?

    1. I responded but don't know where it went...??
      Oh well, I'll try again.

      Yes, technically Hamlet is Madi's pet. We bought him for her though we spend a lot of time w/ him also! :0)


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