Friday, June 28, 2019

06/28/19 - "I Can't Breaf"

Today I am sharing a 6x6 Page insert for my Project Life Week 16.

"Can't Breaf"
*If you look closely, you can see how much he is pushing my stomach in w/ his snout/head!
Hence the title.

I briefly mention the cuddle situation going on here in the actual pocket page, but then refer the reader to this gem, which will be inserted directly next to the pocket page.
Yes, I called it a "gem" because I love this page!
I love the photo, the story, and the overall simple yet fun vibe of the page itself.

Truthfully the page came to be because I realized the horizontal orientation of the photo was not going to work in my pocket page.
I didn't want to re-print it, nor did I want to waste it, so this page was born.

The page is created directly on a We R Memory Keepers paper that came from a 6x6 paper pad.
This pad has been in my stash forever, so I was glad to find a use for one of the papers within it.
The page will be inserted, as-is, in my 2019 Project Life 3 ring binder Album...which is why you see the 2 white holes on the left hand side.
As you know I like to change it up, and this is just another way to do so!

BTW - yes I know how to spell "breathe" but "I can't breaf" is an expression from the comedian George Lopez, and when David and I need to say those words, we use his version instead.
Surprisingly, we say it more often than you'd think, LOL

When I share the finished PL Week 16 spread I will also show you how this fits in.
I'm still working on Week 15 also.
Yeah, sometimes I work on two weeks at once!

Product info:
- We R Memory Keepers
- Elle's Studio
- Pink Fresh Studio

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

06/26/19 - "Use Your Stuff Challenge" #364

Hi there!
Just sharing this TN page I recently created for the current Challenge at "Use Your Stuff".
This week's challenge is stickers.

"These Two"
"I'm pretty good at making my bed everyday, but today these 2 had different plans for me!"

I used 13 Stickers, 8 of them are Alphas, on this Travelers Notebook layout of my dog Ivanna (RIP) and cat Panini. This is them preventing me from making my bed before leaving for work one morning.
I don't remember the date but it was at least 3 years ago because Ivanna passed away on 06/20/16.

FYI - that paw print washi is super old!
And yes, that is an upside down "M" in my title. ::wink::

This Travelers Notebook  is getting very full!
In fact, I'm certain this will be the last spread in the book, despite there being a few empty pages behind it; it's just too difficult to work in now.

That turquoise and white polka dotted PP was not supposed to be part of this spread.
It's the back of the paper from the spread before it.
But like I said the TN is getting full, and it's causing some of the pages to no longer lie they way they should. Though I'm not complaining, I actually like the pop of color that the PP gives my spread.
A mistake that actually worked to my advantage, yay!

I love when that happens!

- Echo Park
- Studio Calico
- Kelly Purkey
- Queen and Co.
- Tim Holtz

Monday, June 17, 2019

06/17/19 - Project Life Week 14

Project Life Week 14 is finished!
I have been LOVING the Simple Stories Flip Pockets and Kellie Stamps "flip this" stamp to help me add extra photos!❤

Week 14 (a)

Week 14 (b)

Thanks to the flip pocket I was able to include 6 photos on this spread and still have a place for my title card and a filler card!
I also used a lot of Kelly Purkey and Elle's Studio goodies on this.

-This week was mostly about the food; both in and out of the house!
We tried the new Vegan Fast Food Restaurant that opened near us: Plant Power. We love(d) it and I'll tell you now, be prepared to see more food photos from this place! ::wink::
Also we tried the Limited Edition Knott's Boysenberry Fro-Yo at Yogurtland; good stuff!
-My husband and I finished Season 3 of "Santa Clarita Diet"
We recently found out the show was canceled so it turns out it was also it's Final Season - Boo!
-Funny IG post alert!
I love using memes and random IG posts in my Project Life.
I feel like what I choose to include speaks as much about me as my real photos do!

A few things I want to mention:
I had to do some computer printed journaling this time around to fit the journaling for our visit to Power Plant.
Luckily/coincidentally (a total coincidence!) I left a lot of space to include it.
"For Date Night we tried out Power Plant Fast Food
A 100% Vegan FF Restaurant recently opened in Down Town Redlands.
We each ordered a different burger to share:
✔the Voodoo Burger
- secret sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, American 'cheese', and grilled onions
✔the Holy Guacamole Burger
- guacamole, jalapeno, chipotle 'aioli', lettuce and tomato
They were both excellent!!
We will definitely be repeat visitors!"

I've been trying to remember to use my "month" circle wood veneer pieces on each layout where the month changes. I don't use a lot of wood embellishments but I bought the pack from Elle's Studio at the beginning of the year to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.
I've remembered for the past 4 months (Jan-April)...only 8 more to go ::crosses fingers::

And finally, I think I'm getting a bit better at taking photos of my pages.
The glare on the Fro-Yo photo is actually the glare from the window in the photo when I took the photo, not from my taking a photo of my page.
That makes me feel a bit more confident about sharing!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

06/13/19 - Food Trend and PL Week #13

Hi,  just sharing a couple of recently created projects:

First a quick(ish) Traveler's Notebook page.
I say "quickish" because I'm truly not a quick scrapper, even on a smaller scale!

"Food Trend"

Who remembers the 2018 Trader Joe's "Everything But The Bagel Seasoning" craze?! 
I have 2 bottles of it myself! 
TBH I only like it on Avocado Toast.

The majority of the products on the layout are from Elle's Studio.
The 'X's are supposed to represent stitching...because what else do you do w/ 'X's?!
I also used a Kelly Purkey Traveler's Notebook PP.

I created a page about this Food Trend for my Food Travelers Notebook. Yup, that's correct...I have a TN dedicated to food! 

This is the cover (bought off Etsy). In case you're wondering those are dairy-free ice creams, vegan pizza, and protein burgers on the cover. ::wink::


Next up, Project Life Week 13:

12x12 Traditional Pocket Page Layout
w/ a 6x12 Pocket Page insert

Finally used some of the Beer Washi Tape I've been hoarding!
Other products from: Elle's Studio, Kelly Purkey, Citrus Twist, and Studio Calico

-Hammy and Me: Same pose different day
-A change from the norm
Bought a Matcha Green Tea Latte, from Starbucks, in place of my second cup of coffee for the day
-Cheese and Soy Chorizo Pizza (so darn good!!!!)
-A Project Life Card that basically sums up my life
-We tried the new Light Beer at Hangar 24; not impressed so we followed-up w/ a couple of yummy sours
-An IG post that made me LOL and is also true about me!
-Got up early, went to the gym, and achieved my 10,000 steps for the day (before 8:30 AM) whoo-hoo!

Thanks for checking out my post!
Let me know if you've tried the Trader Joe's Seasoning and what you thought of it!

Monday, June 10, 2019

06/10/19 - "Use Your Stuff Challenge" #362

It's Monday again!
And a new challenge is up at "Use Your Stuff".
The challenge is "vintage".

I don't know about you but, I always thought "vintage" meant something old(er).
Come to find out "vintage" is all to do w/ wine!
The term vintage that everyone knows is not even a real thing... or at least it wasn't, until it just started being used that way.

Every definition of "vintage" that Alexa (my Amazon Smart Home Device) shared w/ me
had to do w/ wine; and she gave me 11 definitions!
So I was inspired to create a layout of the first time my husband and I went Wine Tasting:

"Wine Tasting Newbies"

This was in February 2015.
This is another instance where I took way too many photos, felt overwhelmed and decided to do nothing w/ them.
The story of this day is much more...
We went wine tasting w/ friends for one of their birthdays (I can't even remember whose!).
We took a party bus and visited 3 different wineries that day.
We had a lot of fun and I still love wine tasting to this day.
But trying to document it all was not working so I took the "smaller story" of it being mine and my husband's first time and scrapped that.
Again, like w/ my son's graduation, I may go back and scrap other photos, but it's not a priority.

For this challenge I pulled out some very old stash:
- The patterned paper
- The "I'm w/ Awesome" sticker, which is from the same "Dapper Dan" kit as the PP
- The ink spray
- The stencil
(BG paper is from Martha Stewart, 'wine glass' stamp is from Citrus Twist, and all other product is from Elle's Studio)

I was actually inspired by the challenge #1 over at the "Double Trouble" blog to use that stencil and ink, so I will be submitting this to their challenge!
You may want to check out theirs after checking out ours.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 3, 2019

06/03/19 - "Use Your Stuff Challenge" #361

This week's challenge over at the "Use Your Stuff" blog = Summer!

So many things come to mind when I hear that word.
Mostly though, the end of school.
And my project for this challenge is the "ultimate" end of school: High School Graduation!
Here are photos from my son's High School Graduation back in June 2014:

"Grad - Class of 2014"

I took a lot of photos of the ceremony but all of them came out blurry!
This was back in the days when I still used a real camera.
I remember being so frustrated that day, while also still trying to enjoy the moment, because no matter what settings I used on my camera I could not get a clear photo!

For that reason I took a lot of photos.
And the fact that I took a lot of photos* and the fact that they were pretty much all blurry is why I never scrapped this event (*in general too many photos of one event overwhelms me)!
Well, it's 5 years later and I decided that even though it's blurry I was going to at least scrap the most important photo of the day: Joseph receiving his diploma.
And then I added the photos that Madison, David, and I took w/ him after the ceremony.
There were other people there that day also but I wanted this layout to be mainly about us: our core family.
Maybe someday I'll go back and scrap a few of the other photos, but I'm not going to make it a priority.

I didn't have any graduation themed embellishments.
I didn't even really have any school themed embellishments!
And since I'm trying to use my stash instead of buying more stuff, I decided to just work w/ what I had.
The only "graduation" themed item I have on this layout is the "Graduation Hat" geo tag stamp from the Kelly Purkey "Home Town" stamp set:

And I found a really old school sticker from back when I first started scrapbooking: peep that "reading, writing, arithmetic" book stack sticker.

So yeah, not a whole lot of school themed items here, but that's okay.
I'm fairly certain that the title, celebratory embellishments, plus of course the photos, make it pretty clear what the theme of the layout is!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

06/02/19 - Project Life Weeks #11 and #12

Project Life is going slow... but it's going!
Trying not to rush it this year and truly enjoy the process.
Last time I shared my Project Life I shared Week 10 (remember the death of Luke Perry, ::sigh::)

Today I am sharing w/ you Week's 11 and 12.

Project Life Week 11

12x12 Traditional
Pocket Page Layout w/ Hidden Journaling
(used a Simple Stories 4x4 Flip Pocket)

Hidden Journaling

-Lunch w/ my son and husband after they went to watch Captain Marvel (Veggie Nachos and a Mango Margarita)
-Took a Tuesday off to spend time w/ my husband and our friends at Knotts
-Re-joined the gym
-New Oreos: Carrot Cake and Dark Chocolate
-A photo of our dog Spotty

As I was uploading this I saw I made a mistake when writing my journaling...doh!
Good thing it's hidden, LOL


Project Life Week 12

12x12 Traditional
Pocket Page Layout w/ a 6x12 Insert

The 6x12 Insert

-St. Patrick's Selfie
-Monday Date Night
-New glasses and the story about my new eye-sight situation
-New M&Ms
-Binge Watched a new show
-Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cookie Dough/Cookies
-The "true story" about how pigs were created (okay, not really... but pretty funny!)

I used to be afraid to mix up sizes and photo orientations due to my OCD.But now I'm letting loose a bit on the "rules of scrapbooking", cuz we all know there are "no rules" and allowing myself to change it up; use what works for my photos.
I never would have mixed my horizontal page w/ a vertical page, but now I'm challenging myself to think outside the box and really use my stuff and sometimes doing so causes situations such as this...and I'm really okay w/ it!