Tuesday, April 28, 2020

04/29/20 - 2019 Project Life Week 45 + Binge Watched

Continuing my Project Life 2019; here is Week 45.
I'm really enjoying this stroll down Memory Lane; it's reviving my love for Project life, and Pocket Pages in general!

12x12 Traditional Pocket page.

During Week 45:
- We packed up Halloween and officially said "goodbye" to October
- Lunched at one of our favorite places to eat: Plant Power a delicious Vegan fast food restaurant
- I ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, though the Christmas Cups had already been released
- Went out for dinner and drinks w/ our friends to one of our favorite spots and I ordered my usual (hence the journaling)
- Took a photo of Hamlet peeing for my insta-stories, LOL

I'm also sharing a 6x8 Pocket Page Insert I created for Project Life 2020:

I wanted to document a couple of favorite shows I binged watched this year:
"Barry" is on HBO (Seasons 1-2) and "The Good Place" is on Netflix (Seasons 1-3)
I'll probably use the flipside for more shows.

The layout is fairly simple, which is the style I'm leaning towards right now.

Friday, April 24, 2020

04/24/20 - 2019 Project Life Week 44

Did I mention I still need to finish my 2019 Project Life?
Maybe once or twice, right?
Well, here is Week 44.

12x12 Traditional Pocket Page

This week was my birthday week!
- My husband baked me some yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte cupcakes complete w/ Espresso flavored whipped cream and Pumpkin Spice Truffle pieces sprinkled on top
- Zombie Skittles, yuck! Skittles that had a mixture of yummy flavors mixed w/ seriously-rotten tasting flavors and there was no way to tell until you ate them!
- Panini being her typical beautiful self
- Spotty (RIP) sleeping in a funny position
- "World Vegan Day"
- A funny "awkward moment" meme that I can relate to
- A Soy Taco Burger from Baker's Drive Thru

- Citrus Twist
- Echo Park
- Elle's Studio
- Jillibean Soup
- Kellie Stamps
- Kelly Purkey
- Photo Play Paper
- Simple Stories
- Studio Calico

Monday, April 20, 2020

04/20/20 - "Use Your Stuff Challenge" #396

Over at the Use Your Stuff blog there is a Mood Board challenge:
To me, the Mood Board has an Easter-y vibe so that's what inspired my take on the challenge:

12x12 Traditional Paper Layout

"Easter 2020"

"Easter 2020: My co-workers and I were sending funny "Easter 2020" memes; these are a few of my favorites!"

I'll say it again, my 2020 Project Life Album is going to be interesting, LOL

FUN FACT: that Disney BG paper is at least 20 years old! I bought it back when I first started scrapping. It's from Paper Pizazz... IDK if they are even in business any more!
The green PP is probably nearly as old!

- Elle's Studio
- Freckled Fawn
- Simple Stories
- Studio Calico

Saturday, April 18, 2020

04/18/20 - COVID Style

12x12 Traditional Pocket Page layout.

I LOVE this layout!
It came out exactly how I envisioned it... you know that can be a rarity!

Documenting the masks my husband made me.
These had all been posted on Instagram, which explains the journaling style.

"COVID Style Basics"

1) Like my mask? Pretty cute, huh? My husband made it; he's so handy! Face masks are now mandatory in the County I live in, the County I work, and my workplace. The choice of pattern was not conscious... it was just a cheap pattern for which to practice his skills. He's going to make me something cuter. But for now, 'Arrrr, me mateys!' LOL"

2) "Because I have small ears the elastic on my mask was hurting me. David fixed the problem; much better!"

3)"This little piggy went to the market"...
And THESE little piggies are keeping me stay safe from the Corona Virus! Also made by my hubby."

4)"IDK guys, what do you think? Too much? LOL
Sorry about all the mask spam, but I finally figured out I make a pretty damn great model...
as long as most of my face is covered, bahaha!
Okay, this is the last one; promise!"

No doubt, my 2020 album is going to be interesting to look through!

- Elle's Studio
- Kelly Purkey
- Studio Calico

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

04/14/20 - HBD Hamlet

On March 1st (2020), National Pig Day, Hamlet turned 5 years old!
Here's the layout to commemorate the event!

12x12 Traditional Paper

"Happy 5th, Hamlet!"

 "Happy National Pig Day and 5th Birthday to our Hamlet! At 5 yrs old, pigs are considered fully grown. Awww no more baby! He definitely wasn't sad about it cuz...cake! Red Velvet, his mama's choice. He licked the plate clean!"

(remember, I'm not his mama...my daughter is. I would NEVER choose red velvet, LOL)

I'm really bad w/ dates so I'm so glad that Hamlet was coincidentally born on National Pig Day...both events help me remember the other!

I used a lot of stamps on here: 5 total
4 of them are Birthday Stamps from Kellie Stamps:
 - Birthday Boy
 - You're How Old?!
 - the 2 balloons on the "On This Day" Card (upper right)
 - Oh Yeah, Cake Time


Here's a link to her shop if you want to check it out; her stuff is SO good!!
Kellie Stamps

Other items are from:
- Echo Park
- Elle's Studio
- Freckled Fawn

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

04/07/20 - "Use Your Stuff Challenge" #395

The current challenge at "Use Your Stuff" is Easter.
Since both my kids are grown, we don't celebrate Easter anymore,  but this (6x12) Carrot Cake pocket page layout is pretty Easter-y...especially with the cute googly-eyed bunny sticker:
This is my intro page for March (I'm skipping February for now).
You may think that it's weird that the highlight of March was carrot cake... and though it was pretty darn delicious, the highlight was more the fact that David was finally able to find eggs in the store!
With this whole Corona Virus, hoarder mentality so many people have, it's been difficult to find the staples: milk, bread, eggs, TOILET PAPER!
Luckily we already had all those things, except the eggs. David was upset because he figured if he is stuck at home, he should spend his free time doing one of his favorite hobbies: baking!
But he couldn't do that w/out all the supplies... so there you have it, the reason why a carrot cake was a "Highlight From This Month"!

The March cork piece is from Studio Calico
The "homemade" stamp, circle die-cuts, and 3x4 Pocket Cards are from Elle's Studio
The "(eat your veggies)" stamp is from Kelly Purkey

Saturday, April 4, 2020

04/04/20 - My Project Life Plans for 2020

I'm doing Project Life a little differently this year; instead of doing it "weekly" I'm trying "monthly".
I'm not sure if it will work or if I'll like it but after 2 years of doing it "weekly" I decided to change it up.

More specifically I'm documenting Project Life like this:
- Monthly Intro Page w/ a few random photos from the month
- 12x12 Traditional pages of my favorite photos
- The rest of the month's photos will go into pocket page layouts, not necessarily in date order.

To give you a better idea what I'm talking about I'm going to show you all of January.
But first let me show you the new pages I finished:

1) January Intro Page + Flipside

- My New Years Resolution: Pet more Dogs
-A photo of a miniature colored pencil drawing of my Spotty that an IG friend drew for me
-I had to buy a new keyboard and I bought one from Amazon, but didn't realize it didn't have a separate number pad (just the numbers across the top), oops!
- My 7 year Starbucks Gold Star Anniversary
- Tried the new Twix Cookies & Creme

2) January Leftover photos Front

- My OLW is "Optimism"
- Vegan Tacos from my work's Farmer's Market 
- A Vegan Post I felt compelled to save
- Toasted Coconut Cheerios
- $6 Press on Nails... that lasted a month (score!)

3) January Leftover photos Back

- First Lazy Dog visit of the year
- A funny Corona Virus / Introvert Meme
- First visit to a new Donut place
- Trying a new Starbucks drink
- Kobe and Gigi Bryant die (RIP)
- The rabbit I see every time I go to Del Taco

This page includes a Flip Pocket for journaling about the donut:

The rest of January includes these already shared layouts:

So that's January.
Again IDK if I will like this method of Project Life but it is something a bit different and I like that it allows me to focus first on 12x12 layouts and then still play w/ pocket pages.

FYI - that cork board "January" has been in my stash for about 3 years...It's from Studio Calico.
I plan on using all the ones I have (January - September) in my album this year
If you know anyone who has October - December, and they wouldn't mind parting with them, steer them my way!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

04/01/20 - Furbabies

Just a few pet layouts for your viewing pleasure.

All 12x12 traditional paper layouts:

"Pretty Kitty"
Journaling: "A rare moment when Panini wanted to cuddle"

I'm not a flower person but wanted to use that scalloped piece of PP that has been in my stash forever so...boom, there it is! LOL

"Dinner Interrupted"
Journaling: "Seriously guys, can't you just let me eat my dinner in peace?! Hamlet is in his Mommy's room or else he'd be right there w/ them!"

Panini and Spotty (RIP) trying to get some of my dinner.

"Isn't She Lovely"
Journaling: "My babies w/ my baby. Random photos w/ Ivanna"

Just some random photos of my malti-poo, Ivanna (RIP), with my kids.
Ivanna died nearly 4 years ago. 

A scrap lift of this layout:

All my layouts have lots of old stash mixed in w/ a bit of newish stash.
I'm having fun creating w/ my old stuff!

03/27/23 Planning with Urban Journal Season Ink

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