Saturday, April 4, 2020

04/04/20 - My Project Life Plans for 2020

I'm doing Project Life a little differently this year; instead of doing it "weekly" I'm trying "monthly".
I'm not sure if it will work or if I'll like it but after 2 years of doing it "weekly" I decided to change it up.

More specifically I'm documenting Project Life like this:
- Monthly Intro Page w/ a few random photos from the month
- 12x12 Traditional pages of my favorite photos
- The rest of the month's photos will go into pocket page layouts, not necessarily in date order.

To give you a better idea what I'm talking about I'm going to show you all of January.
But first let me show you the new pages I finished:

1) January Intro Page + Flipside

- My New Years Resolution: Pet more Dogs
-A photo of a miniature colored pencil drawing of my Spotty that an IG friend drew for me
-I had to buy a new keyboard and I bought one from Amazon, but didn't realize it didn't have a separate number pad (just the numbers across the top), oops!
- My 7 year Starbucks Gold Star Anniversary
- Tried the new Twix Cookies & Creme

2) January Leftover photos Front

- My OLW is "Optimism"
- Vegan Tacos from my work's Farmer's Market 
- A Vegan Post I felt compelled to save
- Toasted Coconut Cheerios
- $6 Press on Nails... that lasted a month (score!)

3) January Leftover photos Back

- First Lazy Dog visit of the year
- A funny Corona Virus / Introvert Meme
- First visit to a new Donut place
- Trying a new Starbucks drink
- Kobe and Gigi Bryant die (RIP)
- The rabbit I see every time I go to Del Taco

This page includes a Flip Pocket for journaling about the donut:

The rest of January includes these already shared layouts:

So that's January.
Again IDK if I will like this method of Project Life but it is something a bit different and I like that it allows me to focus first on 12x12 layouts and then still play w/ pocket pages.

FYI - that cork board "January" has been in my stash for about 3 years...It's from Studio Calico.
I plan on using all the ones I have (January - September) in my album this year
If you know anyone who has October - December, and they wouldn't mind parting with them, steer them my way!


  1. I knew you and I would be cheering for the self isolation! LOL!! I love these pages!! And a great way to do them!!!!

  2. I love all the layouts! The Panini layout is super cute!!


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