Tuesday, April 7, 2020

04/07/20 - "Use Your Stuff Challenge" #395

The current challenge at "Use Your Stuff" is Easter.
Since both my kids are grown, we don't celebrate Easter anymore,  but this (6x12) Carrot Cake pocket page layout is pretty Easter-y...especially with the cute googly-eyed bunny sticker:
This is my intro page for March (I'm skipping February for now).
You may think that it's weird that the highlight of March was carrot cake... and though it was pretty darn delicious, the highlight was more the fact that David was finally able to find eggs in the store!
With this whole Corona Virus, hoarder mentality so many people have, it's been difficult to find the staples: milk, bread, eggs, TOILET PAPER!
Luckily we already had all those things, except the eggs. David was upset because he figured if he is stuck at home, he should spend his free time doing one of his favorite hobbies: baking!
But he couldn't do that w/out all the supplies... so there you have it, the reason why a carrot cake was a "Highlight From This Month"!

The March cork piece is from Studio Calico
The "homemade" stamp, circle die-cuts, and 3x4 Pocket Cards are from Elle's Studio
The "(eat your veggies)" stamp is from Kelly Purkey


  1. Love this! That cake looks YUM!!! And YAY for finding the eggs!!

  2. I'm not one bit surprised that cake would be a highlight of your month, lol! It looks fantastic. I know you have some now, but there are lots of recipes without eggs. Have him try all of the wartime ration cakes. They're delicious.

    1. I have been wanting him to bake w/out eggs cuz of my trying my best to be as Vegan as possible, so that would be great!

  3. ooohhhh I love carrot cake! That looks super yummy!


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