Tuesday, April 28, 2020

04/29/20 - 2019 Project Life Week 45 + Binge Watched

Continuing my Project Life 2019; here is Week 45.
I'm really enjoying this stroll down Memory Lane; it's reviving my love for Project life, and Pocket Pages in general!

12x12 Traditional Pocket page.

During Week 45:
- We packed up Halloween and officially said "goodbye" to October
- Lunched at one of our favorite places to eat: Plant Power a delicious Vegan fast food restaurant
- I ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, though the Christmas Cups had already been released
- Went out for dinner and drinks w/ our friends to one of our favorite spots and I ordered my usual (hence the journaling)
- Took a photo of Hamlet peeing for my insta-stories, LOL

I'm also sharing a 6x8 Pocket Page Insert I created for Project Life 2020:

I wanted to document a couple of favorite shows I binged watched this year:
"Barry" is on HBO (Seasons 1-2) and "The Good Place" is on Netflix (Seasons 1-3)
I'll probably use the flipside for more shows.

The layout is fairly simple, which is the style I'm leaning towards right now.


  1. I'm fairly confident this is the first layout I've ever seen featuring a peeing pig! LOL. I really do love how much everyday stuff you capture in your pocket pages.

  2. LOL!!! I am with Cindy on that one!! HA!! That is so awesome you included Hamlet that way!!! I love these pages!!!!!

  3. Yay to getting things done :) You are almost there!! :D


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