Saturday, April 18, 2020

04/18/20 - COVID Style

12x12 Traditional Pocket Page layout.

I LOVE this layout!
It came out exactly how I envisioned it... you know that can be a rarity!

Documenting the masks my husband made me.
These had all been posted on Instagram, which explains the journaling style.

"COVID Style Basics"

1) Like my mask? Pretty cute, huh? My husband made it; he's so handy! Face masks are now mandatory in the County I live in, the County I work, and my workplace. The choice of pattern was not conscious... it was just a cheap pattern for which to practice his skills. He's going to make me something cuter. But for now, 'Arrrr, me mateys!' LOL"

2) "Because I have small ears the elastic on my mask was hurting me. David fixed the problem; much better!"

3)"This little piggy went to the market"...
And THESE little piggies are keeping me stay safe from the Corona Virus! Also made by my hubby."

4)"IDK guys, what do you think? Too much? LOL
Sorry about all the mask spam, but I finally figured out I make a pretty damn great model...
as long as most of my face is covered, bahaha!
Okay, this is the last one; promise!"

No doubt, my 2020 album is going to be interesting to look through!

- Elle's Studio
- Kelly Purkey
- Studio Calico


  1. I love that you documented this! Awesome layout. And I'm totally jealous of David's skillz. He bakes AND he sews? Lucky you!

  2. ^^^ What she said!!! This is awesome!

  3. Love the masks! I have been buying mine! I love the way you don't get glare on your photos!

    1. I was always getting a glare on my pages when I photographed them but I finally learned how to scan them correctly, after 3 years of doing PL,LOL!
      Oh well, better late than never!

  4. Your husband is pretty handy! Great masks. I bought the kind with tie strings because I hate things on/in my ears. How do you breathe though?

    1. I don't, LOL
      Actually I can't breath in any of the masks so if I'm going to suffocate anyway, might as well look cute doing it, hahaha!


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