Tuesday, April 14, 2020

04/14/20 - HBD Hamlet

On March 1st (2020), National Pig Day, Hamlet turned 5 years old!
Here's the layout to commemorate the event!

12x12 Traditional Paper

"Happy 5th, Hamlet!"

 "Happy National Pig Day and 5th Birthday to our Hamlet! At 5 yrs old, pigs are considered fully grown. Awww no more baby! He definitely wasn't sad about it cuz...cake! Red Velvet, his mama's choice. He licked the plate clean!"

(remember, I'm not his mama...my daughter is. I would NEVER choose red velvet, LOL)

I'm really bad w/ dates so I'm so glad that Hamlet was coincidentally born on National Pig Day...both events help me remember the other!

I used a lot of stamps on here: 5 total
4 of them are Birthday Stamps from Kellie Stamps:
 - Birthday Boy
 - You're How Old?!
 - the 2 balloons on the "On This Day" Card (upper right)
 - Oh Yeah, Cake Time


Here's a link to her shop if you want to check it out; her stuff is SO good!!
Kellie Stamps

Other items are from:
- Echo Park
- Elle's Studio
- Freckled Fawn


  1. OK, that is adorable. Happy birthday to Hamlet! Now that he's fully grown, how much does he weigh?

    1. When he was sick last year, the vet estimated him at 125 pounds... and that's that story we're sticking with, LOL! No more than 150 though... so yeah, still a mini-pig. Either way, he weighs more than I do!

  2. Love love love this! Happy belated to Hamlet!!!!!! SO FUN!!!!!

  3. ah such a sweet little piggie! Happy Birthday Hamlet!


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