Friday, January 31, 2020

Project Life Week #36 (and 33)

Let's keep this 2019 Project Life Train going, whoot-whoot!
Here we have Week #36
Yes, I went backwards for a minute. If you recall I just shared Weeks 38 and 39

Sometimes it just depends on how easily I can get a photo of my layout as to when I share it.
But I don't like going all over the place like that because it confuses me!
So I will try better to be more organized in 2020.

Week 36 is a 2 pager - one 12x12 Traditional Pocket Page
and one 12x12 Traditional layout

A couple of things to mention prior:

1) Jabba, my daughter's Albino Pacman Frog is no longer w/ us; he passed earlier this month
RIP Jabba

2) after nearly 2 years of doing Project Life, this is the first time I made a mistake as far as the photos being from the wrong week!
The photo of Hamlet's new house was taken during the week that covers 08/18/19 - 08/24/19. I didn't realize the mistake until after this page was finished and I created its companion page.
You will see the correct date on the second page.
Oh well, I was only technically off by a little over a week and the page looks so good that I didn't want to take the photos out and figure out what to fit in there instead so.... there they stay!

Week 36

This Week's photos:
>A funny "Netflix while Scrapbooking" Meme
>Why I don't eat Bacon (or technically ANY meat)
>I was tagged in a Pumpkin Spice post on Instagram
>My first Pumpkin Smoothie of the 2019 Fall Season
>Pig Week in Texas! An event run by my friends at Central Texas Pig Rescue; wish I had been able to attend.
>Hamlet's new digs
"David builds Hamlet a cute little log cabin out of Joseph's childhood bed. Also, check out that curb appeal
- Nice!"

"Hog Heaven" 
Journaling: " A wider view of Hamlet's new house"

And because I just realized I forgot to share w/ you the layout that talks about Jabba coming into our lives, here it is:

Week 33
See why I need to stay organized?!

This Week's photos:
>Jabba joins our family
>Funny IG Post
>Talked with a Retirement Specialist
>Yet another funny IG Post
>A freezing-my-a$$-off Office Selfie
> Hamlet's Big Yawn

I am still planning on doing Project Life in 2020 but not exactly sure how.
I'll be posting soon w/ more info.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

01/25/20 - "Hello (Hamlet)" a Kraft+ Challenge

12x12 Traditional Layout

I have never scrapped any photos of Hamlet's first days w/ us... and I have plenty!
These photos were taken on May 31st, a week after we adopted him.
After realizing I forgot it, I've already gone back to my layout and added the date in the top journaling spot.
Hamlet was approximately 13 weeks old in these photos.
Look how tiny he was!

He will be 5 years old in March.

"Hello (Hamlet)"

Journaling: "And the adventure begins...
Welcome Hamlet!"

This was inspired by the latest challenge over at the Kraft + blog.
Though I misread the challenge.
The challenge was supposed to be inspired by cars. I thought we were just supposed to be inspired by the mood board they presented:

But looking at it now I should have realized there were a lot of photos of cars, LOL

Anyway, I was inspired by the kraft, of course, and by the "and so the adventure begins", using most of the phrase for my journaling and adding some black and white alphas and a b&w word sticker.

Oh well!
When I make mistakes like this I always tell myself, "at least I completed another layout!"

I was also inspired by this sketch I saw at

And finally...
Fun Fact I only used 1 piece of PP for this layout: the green PP is the back of the "Hello" PP.

Friday, January 24, 2020

01/24/20 - Project Life 2019 Weeks 38 and 39

Project Life 2019 / Weeks 38 & 39
I'll catch up eventually, right?!

This is a 6x12 Pocket Page insert.
Week 38 is on the front side, Week 39 is on the back side.
The colors of both go well together, though it doesn't matter since they won't be seen next to each other in the album.
But pretty cool, right? And completely coincidental!

- Click on image to enlarge (and read journaling):

Week 38
- Started a generic, BUJO (Bullet Journal)
- David baked some yummy cupcakes
- An IG post I relate to, about zoos and how it fits into my love of animals
- A comical Trader Joes Pumpkin Spice Meme (also copied from IG)

Week 39
- David made us a delicious vegetarian dinner:
roasted cauliflower "buffalo wings", sautéed mushrooms, and green bean fries
- Yet another IG post that spoke to me
- A photo of my car radio playing "A Nightmare on My Street" by Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff
FYI: When I was younger, that song gave me nightmares!
- I bought another cute painting for our Guest Room
This is  joining the other one I bought for our bathroom, that was rejected by my daughter, so it got moved to the guest room, LOL

Mostly all Elle's Studio products here, w/ some Kelly Purkey mixed in.
- Becky Higgins
- Sharpie
- Scotch (Pink ATG Adhesive Gun)

Thursday, January 9, 2020

01/09/20 - "You & Me"

Still chugging along getting those 2019 layouts done!
I have a renewed love for this hobby, perhaps because I have more free time.
Though truthfully the reason why I have more time is because I'm no longer having to care for Spotty,
Bittersweet for sure.

Speaking of Spotty, here is a recently layout I created that is next up in my Project Life Album.
Scrapping is definitely good therapy; but I miss this face so very much!

12x12 Traditional Layout

Though Spotty has since died, for those who didn't know... we had to put him to sleep on 12/17/19,
I chose to journal on this layout using the same words I used when I posted this photo on Instagram, as this layout is being placed in the correct chronological order in my album.

Journaling: "Selfie w/ Spotty. Not the best, because he wouldn't stay still but… I don't know how much longer I'll have with him."

This was our last selfie together, though I didn't know it at the time.
The layout has the month and day stamped on it, but not the year because it will be in my 2019 album.

Fun Fact: I only used 1 piece of PP on this.
The striped paper is the backside of the dog PP.

Created for the Scrap Lift the Person Before You challenge at
This was the original inspiration (NOT CREATED BY ME):

- Bazzill Basics
- Photo Play Paper 
- Simple Stories
- The wood veneer, enamel dots, camera (stamp spot) sticker, and washi tape are all from Freckled Fawn 
- Sharpie
- Scotch (Pink ATG Gun/Adhesive)

Sunday, January 5, 2020

01/05/20 - "The Future is Kind"

12x12 Traditional Layout for my 2019 Album
I realize I forgot to date it: 09/20/19

I finished this layout last night and I absolutely love it!
I love the colors, the overall design and the spirit of it, though not the story behind it.

"The Future Is Kind"
Journaling: "This shirt I bought in memory of Hannah (Bananah) whose life was cut short due to breeding and neglect...
She lived out the rest of her days safe and loved by the good people of Central Texas Pig Rescue.
RIP beautiful"

As a follower, fan, virtual volunteer, and monthly donator to Central Texas Pig Rescue I have had the privilege of getting to know a lot of their pigs. One who touched the lives of the CTPR Team, and me (through Instagram), was Hannah (nicknamed Hannah Bananah) who was rescued after suffering at the hands of a bad breeder.

Here is her story in the words of CTPR: "The 2nd Annual Pig Liberation Party is officially dedicated to the late Hannah. We started Pig Liberation last year after the Caldwell rescue of 133 pigs who were being bred as pets or food, and were found in disgusting, neglected, disease-ridden conditions. Hannah was our warrior - neurologically damaged from bad breeding and trauma, who regained her ability to walk and run, until a stroke put her in a wheelchair, and renal failure claimed her life. She represents the strength and resilience of pigs everywhere - pigs who learned to trust again despite abuse, pigs who are discarded and devalued for being too small or sick, pigs who deserve to be liberated and loved because of the willful, complex soul behind their eyes."

The shirt was a fundraising campaign, a cartoon version of Hannah sharing her wish for a kinder future.

To read more about CTPR and/or donate visit:

I created this for the Scrap Lift the Person before you challenge; this was the original (NOT CREATED BY ME):

Products (for my layout):
Bazzill Basics 
Webster's Pages 
Photo Play Paper
Elle's Studio 
Tim Holtz
Scotch (Pink ATG)

Thursday, January 2, 2020

01/02/20 - First Layout of 2020 / 2019 PL Week 37

So I guess, let's get this scrappy year started!

12x12 Traditional Page

For the "Last Photo of 2019" Challenge at

On NYE we came home from visiting some friends and I was in bed by 9:16.
Such a Party Animal!
I got this one last shot of Panini and then went to sleep.
The Feline Paralysis definition is a stamp from Kellie Stamps.

This will most likely be the last page in my 2019 Project Life Album.


And because I am still working on finishing up Project Life 2019
Here is Week 37:

6x12 Traditional Pocket Page
Front and Back

This was a tough layout to do, considering we just laid Spotty to rest.
(I know you feel me, Julie!)

The Front Side:
September 8th, the day Spotty's legs gave out on him... again.
IDK if you remember the story but, he had been diagnosed w/ Spinal Arthritis back in April 2018, when his legs initially gave out on him. He was unable to walk on his own from April until November (2018), he used a wheel chair or we had to physically assist him, and then a "miracle" occurred and he got his leg function back around the end of November.
He was slow but he was walking again, and it was wonderful!
But unfortunately September of last year (2019) he lost it again, and along w/ it, his bladder and bowel control, and he seemed to be a lot more tired, not wanting/being able to use his wheel chair and he was in a lot more pain.
::sigh:: I miss him so much!

The Back Side:
- A photo of Spotty sleeping w/ his diaper on; a necessity now/then
- I finished Book 2 of "Esther the Wonder Pig"
- A night out w/ friends, enjoying drinks and appetizers before going to see "IT Part 2"

Wow, 2 different emotions from one post!
Sorry, but thank you for visiting!


- Echo Park
- Kelly Purkey
- Kellie Stamps
- Elles Studio
- Bo Bunny
- Becky Higgins
- My Mind's Eye
- Freckled Fawn
- Sharpie
- Scotch
- Avery

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