Sunday, April 28, 2019

04/28/19 - "Sharp Objects"

Lately I've been in a major funk.
A major Life funk and a major Scrappy funk.
I'm sure there is a correlation between the 2.
While I try to ride the ebb and flow that is my life I am also trying to find ways to be creative that wont sap my very little energy.

This is one such project.

- click on photo to enlarge -
"Sharp Objects"

A very simple Pocket Page insert that uses minimal product to tell 4 stories:

The Story of us subscribing to HBO Prime and why.
The Story of my having read "Sharp Objects" (last year, which is also in my 2018 Project Life Album).
The Story of my (finally) watching the "Sharp Objects" Limited Series.
The Story of my having the desire to reread the book.

The photo was printed from the Internet and adhered to Bazzill Basics black cardstock. I added a Kelly Purkey phrase sticker and some Jillibean Soup alphas.
The 3x4 "cards" were cut from the same cardstock.
I then took a 3x4 Studio Calico Pocket Page Card and sliced it in half, journaling on each appropriate section (watching/reading) and glued each of them down to one, then the other, 3x4 black "cards"
Finally I added some Tim Holtz Tiny Attached staples, slid the completed "cards" into the 6x8 Becky Higgins/Project Life Pocket Page and called my page 'done'! 
Sure it's no masterpiece but it tells a story, 4 stories actually, and isnt that really what memory keeping is all about?

Friday, April 26, 2019

04/26/19 - "Passes Renewed"

Nothing Fancy...
Just a 12x12 Digital/Traditional Hybrid
Pocket Page Style Layout
Created on the Project Life App and embellished IRL.

Some photos from our first trip to Knotts Berry Farm this year.
Also we renewed our Annual Passes.

This was also the first time we tried their (giant) Boysenberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich; so good!
Seriously my (new) favorite treat at Knotts Berry Farm.
It really is as big as it looks...that is not photo shop or camera trickery!

BTW - David's Charlie Brown Shirt is from Society 6; pretty cool, huh?

Embellishments: Jillibean Soup, Elle's Studio, and Pinkfresh Studio

Sunday, April 21, 2019

04/22/19 - Happy 4th Birthday!

Our Handsome Fat Boy had his 4th Birthday... back in March; March 1st to be exact.
Yup, I'm a bit behind in scrapping it, but here is the layout I created this past Saturday that's all about his Big Day!
A 12x12 Traditional Layout using mostly Elle's Studio, Amy Tangerine, and Simple Stories products.
"Happy 4th Birthday"

In the morning, a quick photo so I could capture the handsome guy on his special day.
I used a clipart emoji from my phone to help decorate the photo.
In the evening, homemade strawberry & white chocolate chip cookies.
David had the day off and baked them while I was at work, so they were nice and fresh for the evening's festivities.
We allowed Hamlet to eat 2 of them...after all, it's not everyday you turn 4!

On this layout I used a couple of Pocket Page Cards to anchor the photos, along w/ a few other scattered embellishments.
I need to find ways to incorporate my Pocket Cards in ways other than just Pocket Pages, since I have so many of them!

The BG paper and "The Sweet Life" cut apart are from Amy Tangerine's "Better Together" collection.
The Emoji and the Party Horn are from Simple Stories.
Everything else is from Elle's Studio.

Monday, April 15, 2019

04/15/19 - "Use Your Stuff" Challenge #355

This week the challenge over at "Use Your Stuff" is  Easter or Spring.

I was inspired by the word "Spring" to finally scrap these photos from "Springfield"
that I took on our family's first visit to Universal Studios in 2016.
I had a couple extra photos to fit on the page so I used a Simple Stories flip pocket (see 2nd photo).
Those flip pockets have been in my stash for over a year and I've just started using them.
TBH, it took me that long just to figure out how to use them, LOL!
I apologize for the glare of the photo protectors but I thought it would show the design better if I left the page in the protector.
I used tabs from a Target Dollar Bin sticker pack to call attention to the flip pocket along w/ the "Flip This" stamp from Kellie Stamps.
I was able to fit 7 photos on this page!
I used alphas from my Nikki Sivils Alpha stash as well as some Elle's Studio, Kelly Purkey, Pinkfresh Studio, and MAMBI embellishments.
Though the layout is fairly simple I really like it!
I think I'm just really loving simple lately, but also it's a good balance of new and old product and that always makes me happy!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

04/13/19 - Happy Lunar New Year

I just want to start off by saying: I really, really like these pages.... a lot!
I don't know why exactly.
Perhaps it's the subject matter
the memories they bring back
that I'm just really into Project Life (style) pages lately
the simple yet still fun feel of them
all of the above

Whatever it is, they make me smile!
Also they were fun to make (both digitally and traditionally).
Both pages are 12x12 Digital/Traditional Hybrid Project Life Pages

Each page was created on the PL App and then embellished IRL w/ stickers, and/or doodling, and/or stamps.
The "pocket/journaling" cards (3 total) are digital downloads from "In a Creative Bubble" - the Lunar New Year Collection. I purchased and then imported them into the Project Life App.
See them here at the "In a Creative Bubble" - Instagram: LNY

We celebrated the 2019 Lunar New Year, the Year of the Pig, with a trip to LA with friends.
The wife is actually Chinese; from China.
It's always extra fun to have her w/ us for these type of events. We've celebrated Lunar New Year in other ways before and, just like w/ this trip, she is able to explain things to us, elaborate on what we are seeing, and also share stories from her childhood growing up in China.

 "Happy Lunar New Year" - Page1 

I love that David was able to get almost a full photo of the long Chinese Dragon in the parade, and that I was able to include it on my page!

"Happy Lunar New Year" - Page 2

I made sure to spell out Bruce Lee on the photo of his statue because even though I know who he is, I figure maybe future generations wouldn't.
Though I teased my husband and said, "Is that Jackie Chan?" LOL
But he knew I was teasing!

The rest of the embellishments are from Elle's Studio, Studio Calico, and Kelly Purkey.

This is also part of Project Life Week #06.
I'll be back another time to show you the rest of that week.


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

04/10/19 - "This Was Scary"

Remember a while back I told you Hamlet was sick?
Here's the layout I created to document it.
It was his first time being sick and our first time dealing w/ it, hence the title.

This is part of my PL Week 6.
This story mainly occurred over 3 days, 02/07, 02/08 and 02/09, and was a big enough story that I felt like it needed its own page AKA not part of a weekly spread.

12x12 Traditional Layout


This layout was actually sitting, mostly finished, for about a month.
I was struggling on how to include so much journaling.
I'm not a huge fan of my handwriting, and the more I write the worse it looks - in my opinion.
Finally I decided to use the Project Life App.
The journaling was created in the Project Life App and ordered as a photo.
It was one-half of a 4x6 photo, w/ a (2x3) photo taking up the other side.
(Hopefully that makes sense).

The BG paper is from Amy Tangerine's "Better Together" Line.
The "Scary" Alphas are from Pink Fresh Studios "A Case of the Blahs" Collection; it's a favorite Font and Collection of mine!
The additional embellishments are Kelly Purkey and Elle's Studio.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

04/07/19 - Project Life Week #10

Just Finished Project Life Week #10
And before I get even more behind in sharing it, I'm going post it!

This week I didn't have many photos.
And one of them I actually stole from my son's Insta Account!
I love that I can do that.
It allows me to still include photos of him in my album even though he is all grown up and moved out.

Since I only had a few photos I decided to create a 6x12 layout (front and back).

Click/Tap on each photo to enlarge.

This is the week Luke Perry died.
So Sad; RIP Luke.
I wanted to capture that because I was a huge "90210" fan, and though I didn't keep up w/ his career afterwards, I still felt sad about his death.
His death was sad in general of course, but I was also sad because I felt like a piece of my youth had died.
I like to capture Pop Culture events along w/ my daily life in my Project Life Album.
Even the sad stuff.
I created the journaling on the Project Life App and printed it on regular paper, tore the bottom of it, and adhered it to a Studio Calico 3x4 Pocket card.
As you can see I wrinkled it a bit sliding it is the pocket, oops!

The bottom photo(s) are funny IG posts about pet names.
You all know I love animals and silly IG posts and memes.
These literally made me LOL so I wanted to include them in my album.
I had a hard time deciding how to incorporate them.
I only had a little bit of room since I was just doing the 6x12 insert, and I thought it might look heartless to include something funny on the same page as something sad, but then I realized...that's how life is: funny and happy moments mixed in w/ the bad and unhappy moments, so I went ahead and included it.
BTW - You'll have to be familiar w/ celebrity names to understand these, rapper names specifically for the right-hand side:


The flip side is another photo of Hamlet napping #SorryNotSorry
He does it a lot and I love his cute face too much not to take photos and include them in my album...even if they all look the same!

Also included is the photo I stole from my son.
On this spread I did something I rarely do:
instead of using 2 different Pocket Cards for the journaling, I just used the back side of the cars used on the front side.
As I said, it's a rarity but sometimes it just works for me so I go w/ it.
But honestly I have so many cards I need to use that I probably shouldn't have, LOL

BTW - Week #09 is almost done.
I'm just waiting on a Project Life App order to finish.
Stay tuned.

Product details:
I used lots of Elle's Studio, Studio Calico, and Kelly Purkey items on here.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

04/04/19 - 2019 Project Life Pages - Weeks #1 and #2

I haven't been posting photos of my Project Life (here*) because I am not very skilled at taking photos of my layouts.
I much prefer to scan my pages but it's a bit more difficult w/ pocket pages and even more difficult (pocket pages or otherwise) to do so when there are bulky embellishments involved.
*I share on Instagram because the smaller scale makes flaws less obvious.

I really wish I had equipment and a dedicated spot to take really great photos, not to mention the time it takes, but I don't!
I realize though that I need to suck it up and just share already, LOL
I mean I'm already on Week #9 (though I'm still technically behind) and I still haven't shared a single page!

With that being said, here is Week #1 and Week #2 -

Week #01

-Welcoming the New Year
-My first photo of the year, which was food...of course, LOL
I tried out Lenny & Larry's new Crunchy Protein cookies
2 thumbs up!
-Pumpkin Pie Halo Top in my Pumpkin Spice Mug
My favorite flavor of Halo Top
-Panini relaxing while we were busy taking down all our Christmas D├ęcor 

-Our first Night Out: Hockey Game and our favorite Restaurant, Lazy Dog (yes, Lazy Dog already! LOL)* 
*Hidden Journaling

Week #02


-(Finally) Tried the Lenny and Larry's Protein Brownies
- A cute piggy tush photo
- A shot of the chaos of my work office
- Got my nails done

- Tried the latest Limited Edition Oreo Flavor

Digital Journaling done on the Project Life App
Other products = Kelly Purkey, Elle's Studio, and Studio Calico

I hope you'll bear w/ me as I get through the sharing of the first few weeks.
Hopefully I can be more consistent going forward.
TBH I love sharing just not the process of sharing... in other words, the taking photos and writing up a blog post (that ::I hope:: appeals to people).

Would it be weird if I just posted pages w/ a brief description and called it a day?

I may need to go that route, at least sometimes!

Monday, April 1, 2019

04/01/19 - "Use Your Stuff" Challenge #353

This Week's "Use Your Stuff Challenge" is to be inspired by the term Fuzzy Wuzzy.

In case you don't know Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.
It is a Nursery Rhyme and this is one of the popular versions of it:

"Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?"

Though that isn't the version I grew up with.

I knew it as:

"Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.
Fuzzy Wuzzy lost his hair.
Then Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy anymore"

Regardless of the difference in the telling, the basic story is the same.
And this is what it inspired me to create:

"Furry Friend" 

Looking at it now,  I guess my TN page leans more towards "furry" than "fuzzy"
but it is about an animal, which is what Fuzzy Wuzzy was!

This is a photo of my dog Ivanna (RIP) and my mom's dog when my mom came by to visit one day (back in Nov 2012; I just realized I forgot to date this page).
For those who don't know  from my previous Blog posts or my Instagram, Ivanna is the white dog.
As you can see from the photo, Ivanna was very curious.
Fluffy was... scared.

This is the first Travelers Notebook I ever started and it's getting full.
I'm having a bit of trouble w/ it because the previous pages are causing it to "buckle and bow".
For that reason, it's just easier now to not put anything on the opposite page, though I realize it does look a bit plain. ::shrugs::
Despite that, I had fun w/ this page and love the final look of it.
Besides just loving the overall look, I really love that I was able to fit a lot of different embellishments in such a small space.
And though it's a minor piece of the design, I really like the look of part of one of the embellishments hanging off the page.
Who says we have to stay in the lines?! ::wink::

I would love it if you came to play w/ us!
But even if you don't create a project, I would love it if you shared w/ me what version of "Fuzzy Wuzzy" you know!

Product details:
The PP, Furry Friend PL Card, and the "XO" alphas and Heart stickers are from the Echo Park "Bark" collection.
The "there was this one time..." sticker is from Kelly Purkey.
The 'row of hearts embellishment' and the double layered green label sticker(s), which is actually one sticker cut in half, are from Elle's Studio.