Wednesday, March 2, 2016

03/02/16 - Get Messy Week #4

If you've been reading my blog this week you know that I'm late w/ my Monday "Get Messy" post.
A reminder... those posts consists of my sharing my Art Journal pages inspired by the prior week's "Get Messy" prompts because every Monday a new set of prompts is provided.
I have been a busy bee this week as far as posting...
This after stating I would be posting only once a week: Dead Pool Valentines.... ( clickable link)
That always seems to happen... when I make a plan, the opposite occurs...
(I will NOT win the Lottery... Doesn't hurt to try right?! LOL)
So here are my pages:
I created 4 total, but I already shared 1 of them:  You Remind Me... (clickable link)
These 2 were inspired by the "Pixar - Inside Out" Prompt.
 They were both fun to make and I love the colors but my favorite is the "Spirit Animal" one (left hand side).

"cuz that expression is the one I have on my face most of the time (especially at
work) and our thought process is almost identical.
Also, she just so happens to be voiced by one of my favorite actress/comedians
- Mindy Kaling- and is the ONLY REASON I watched "INSIDE OUT"
'Disgust is highly opinionated and extremely honest. She always has the best of
intentions  and refuses to lower her standards' ---> (as written by) Disney Wiki"
(right) Pixar's "Inside Out"-
"Meet the little voices inside your head" ("Inside Out" tagline)
The washi tape and buttons represent each emotion and in the order they fit into my personality.
This next page comes from a different prompt and a prompt from a previous week; Week 3.
We were encouraged to be inspired by the following quote:
"Take pleasure in the rich random patterns in your life" - Hector and the Search for Happiness.
Before I share the page I want to explain it...
For some strange reason when I was reading "patterns" my brain was thinking "routine".
IDK why... it just was... every time!
It wasn't until after I made my page that it dawned on me that the word was "patterns" and not "routine"... but by then it was too late.
No worries though because I still like the page and how the main element of it, the cartoon w/ the orange BG, truly represents my thoughts on "routine".
And technically the prompt was 'to be inspired by' the quote, not create a page based on it exactly!
As I stated the photo with the orange BG is how I feel about routine...
The Pinky and the Brain was just added because of the fact that they had the same "routine" every night which goes w/ my thought process at the time I was making my page.
And then I just added the quote in my own handwriting and a quick additional note about how I feel about routine:
"I have a -Love/Hate- relationship w/ routine"
There you have it.
Another week of Get Messy completed!
Wow 4 weeks already?!? That was quick!


  1. Too funny! I have that same 'routine' thought process! LOL!!! I loveeeeeeee these!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That whole Pixar prompt was a really interesting idea wasn't it? Enjoyed your take on it, so cute and funny.

  3. Super fun! I love how you relate to Disgust. It's definitely amongst my inner voices. :)

  4. An art journal is a great way to keep the creativity going :D


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