Tuesday, February 16, 2016

02/16/16 - "DeadPool Valentines" and Week2 of Get Messy

A round-up of everything crafty I did this past week that does not have to do w/ Design Team commitments.
I'm thinking this may be the way I share my pages going forward...
We'll see...
Seriously though I don' have time to constantly be writing blog posts for every layout/art journal page I create but I still want to interact and share w/ my Bloggy Peeps so until I figure out something better (or maybe this IS the best way) I'm going to try to limit my blog posts to once week, besides my DT posts.
This may mean that my blog posts will be longer, but... if you comment you only have to comment once a week instead of every time I post, so this is a "win" for you, my follower, as well!
Sunday 02/07/16 - Sunday 02/14/16
"Deadpool Valentines"
Journaling: "Valentine's 2016
David and I don't usually celebrate Valentines but this year we did w/ a
movie, "Deadpool", lunch at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, and
limited edition Chocolate Molten Starbucks drinks"
Not a great photo since:
1. I couldn't scan it because of the bulky embellishments  (the black on the sides is not part of the layout)
2. I took a photo w/ my cell phone camera, in low light, because it's currently 9 PM...
But you get the idea!

For 2 January Challenges:
1. Hoarded items
Everything on here, except the BG paper and the 2 gold hearts, is a hoarded item at least 3 years or older
2. SB.com hosted challenge: February Color Challenge
All the colors from the color palette are represented on here, plus some
Art Journaling:
Monday is the day that the new art/journal prompts go live over at "Get Messy"...
We don't have to do them.
If we do, we don't have to do them all, or in order...in other words there are no rules; the prompts are just there to inspire.
These pages were created last week:
>The page on the left was inspired by a prompt.
>The page on the right was inspired by the Season - #SeasonofHappy
  <------This IS a real Hashtag if you want to click on it...
 Journaling (Left):
"To Be Happy I Need These:
Family --------> Husband, Kids, & Furbabies
Hobbies --------> art journaling, scrapbooking, & reading
Coffee --------> Homemade and Starbucks
Sleep --------> nightly & naps
Fitness --------> calorie counting & steps
.Get Messy journal prompt Week2"
Journaling (right):
"Happy Un Birthday
Why can't our everyday be as happy as our birthdays are supposed to be?"
That's it for this week!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love that background paper on the layout! Sounds like a fun day. Great job on your messy journal :D

  2. Love love love these pages! The Deadpool one is soooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE this page!!! Fabulous colors!!!! Thanks for sharing your art journal. And I hear you about posting. It is so hard to post everyday. And I even find it hard to visit blogs everyday. But I am trying to be more consistent. #Need-To-Find-A-More-Efficient-Way ;) My OLW was going to be consistent or efficient. I never really chose one. Oops!!

  4. I prefer one project per post, as it makes it easier to comment even if it is more frequent. But I think I'm in the minority! I love that hand project. What a fun way to visually show what you need to be happy.

    1. Hmmmm...really? Okay, well I'll take that into consideration as I try to find what works.


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