Tuesday, March 1, 2016

03/01/16 - February "Gallery Inspiration" Challenge

I mentioned in my previous blog post, Such a Good Boy,  that I created 3 layouts this past weekend.
I also mentioned I would be sharing 2 of the 3 this week.
This is the 2nd one I wanted to share.
I created a layout for the February "Gallery Inspiration" Challenge over at Scrapbook.com.
The challenge is that the inspiration piece is selected by the person who signs up after you.
This was the inspiration layout chosen for me:
(Remember... not my creation)
Although beautiful it is definitely NOT my style!
As you will see from my lift I incorporated a few elements: scattered sequins, folded corner, stamping in the bottom right... but my layout is simpler and has a way different feel.
But I WAS inspired by the layout and I really love the outcome!

"Yum (Bourbon Hot Chocolate)"
Journaling: "Drinks with friends at "The District" in Downtown Redlands.
Tried my first Bourbon Hot Chocolate.
It was yummy!"
I find it funny that even though I was inspired by something out of my comfort zone, I wound up creating something that is still my style!
Regardless, without the inspiration piece there are things I wouldn't have thought to add to this layout, so "my style" or not the challenge was good for me!
Although I initially I had a tough time w/ it and barely got it finished in time (1 day to spare!) I wound up enjoying the challenge AND loving my layout so I have signed up for the March edition!
Can't wait to see what layout I have to lift!


  1. Loveeeeee your take on it!!! LOVING the colors and the cork bits!! Great lift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome layout. I always love your interpretations. :)

  3. Awesome! Yours is absolutely your style, but the inspiration is totally there. Those can be the toughest layout challenges, but the results are always super cool.


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