Monday, February 29, 2016

02/29/16 - "Such a Good Boy"

Good Monday Morning to you!
I had a busy weekend!
Part of that busy weekend was creating (yay)!
I created 3 layouts and put the finishing touches on 1 of  the 4 art journal pages I made last week.
I shared that page w/ you yesterday: You Remind Me.
Normally on Monday I would either share a MIM sketch from "The Memory Nest" or share w/ you the art journal pages I made from last week's "Get Messy" prompts...
But since I was so busy this weekend I didn't get a chance to photograph all my art journal pages or write up a blog post.
I did photograph and write blog posts for all 3 of my layouts though... (told ya I was busy)!
So I am changing things up a bit this week and sharing those first!
(I hope to have my art pages ready to share later in the week).
Just a heads up...
I can only share 2 of the 3 layouts this week, because the 3rd layout is for next Monday's MIM reveal.
So here we go...
I created this for the "February Scrap Your Pet" challenge over at
And I LOVE it!
The BG paper is a really old piece from my stash; from a "Fall Stack" back when I used to buy those big paper packs.
I don't buy them anymore because I never wind up using them all.
A lot of times they have papers I would never use and/or I get bored w/ it and want to move on to some new papers.
But I never threw it away... and I'm glad for that because I do find that some of the papers wind up being perfect for a current this one...
and the layout I will be sharing next Monday (see my MIM comment above)!

"Such a Good Boy"
Journaling: "Photo wise this guy gets neglected more than I'd care to admit...
But we love him just as much as the others! This ones for you, Spotty!

( Link: Such a Good Boy)
IDK how old Spotty is... he came to us when my daughter was approximately 3 years old (she's 14 now). He became a part of our lives because my husband's grandmother's house burned down and she had to move into an apartment and couldn't take her dog.
It wound up being a good thing for Spotty because he wasn't... um... well taken care of at his original home (I don't want to elaborate). To give you an idea though, he didn't even have a name! My daughter named him... as I said, she was 3 at the time, so that's why he has a name that doesn't exactly fit him, LOL
It was supposed to be temporary but when we saw how happy he was w/ us and learned how "not happy" he was before, we didn't allow him to go back.
He has been one of our babies ever since.
He is a good dog but never outgrew his hyper-ness, even in his "older" age.
But as good as he is and  we are to him, I do admit I have a tendency to forget him when taking photos.
W/ the novelty of being the only cat (Panini), being an old, fluffy, fur ball (Ivanna) and being... well A PIG (Hamlet)... I'm always snapping photos of all the others...
And then there's Spotty...
I came to this realization one day while looking through my IG feed and felt so bad! So I have remedied that and have started taking more photos of him.
Better late than never!
And I think that these photos are absolutely adorable (I caught him in a rare, quiet moment)!


  1. Love it! He definitely is neglected when it comes to photos - I don't think I even realized you had him! It's a great layout. Very glad he had his moment in the sun.

    1. Gee,thanks Cindy(adding to the guilt)!
      LOL JK ;0)

  2. Sorry ... I have to agree with Cindy ... LOL!! I didn't even know you had a doggy!! LOL!! He is ADORABLE and loving the lo you made of him!!!!!!!!! Our Dandy is somewhere between 12-14 years old (he was a stray we adopted him from the Humane Society) ... so we aren't sure of his age, but he also has his SPUNK even though he is a 'senior' :)

  3. What an adorable dog. Love the colors and the journaling touches. A great and fun page!

  4. ah so sweet that you guys kept him. I am too familiar with being a "foster" dog parent...In 2010, we were supposed to keep my brother's dog until he found a place to live...We have had Lucy and spoiled her to no end since :D...5 years and counting. My brother realized she would be happier with us--haha :)

    Great layout! I'm sure he is spoiled just as much as the rest of your animals even if you don't take photos of him as much :D


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