Tuesday, February 20, 2018

02/20/18 - "Sweet 'N Low" / -Feb '18 CKC-

Sometimes I feel like I scrap the weirdest things... but I realize that these "weird things" are parts of the story of my life.
Here's an example; my latest BOM layout.
5 x 8 Travelers Journal/Jot Journal Page
Using nothing but my February Counterfeit Kit Blog Challenge kit.
Which includes a stamp I bought a few years ago and never used; the half doily stamp.
"Sweet 'N Low"
"Most people find money in their pocket...I find Sweet 'N Low.
-first photo of Feb 2018

I use a lot of Sweet N Low so whenever I go somewhere where it's offered, I usually pocket a few packets, which is why I usually, randomly, find a few in my pocket.
Make sure to tell YOUR story... no matter how "weird"!


  1. I love that you scrap the "weird" things - like you said - it's all part of our story! This is such a pretty page and I love that doily stamp!

  2. I love that you scrap the everyday life things!!! I always have paper towels in my jacket pockets, long story! LOL!!!

  3. great "random" story to tell...it is the sum of all the little things that make you you :D

  4. Weird, but awesome that you're scrapping it!

  5. I think it's great that you scrap little details - they all add up to the story of your life!


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