Tuesday, February 13, 2018

02/14/18 - "When a Dog Loves a Human" / -Feb'18 CKC-

It's Valentines Day...
Love is in the air, so what a perfect day to share this layout about how much our dog Spotty loves my husband David.

This is also another layout using ONLY my February Counterfeit Challenge Blog kit; this makes layout 3 from my kit:

"When a Dog Loves a Human"
"Spotty loves to be around us, but his favorite person is definitely David!
Even if I'm petting and cuddling him, he will leave me to be w/ David. 1.21.18"

Partly inspired by the February Music Challenge over at SB.com/Category #2 - Song Title.
I chose "When a Man Loves a Woman" but made some necessary changes ::wink::

My husband and I don't celebrate Valentines because we celebrate our love all year long (::gag:: I know, LOL)
Hope you have a great day, however you spend it!


  1. This is such a cute layout! Love the title and I love the pop of yellow!

  2. Loveeeeeeee this! And Dandy is the same way with Brian! LOL!!!!

  3. I don't celebrate Valentine's day either :) Our dog is similar...she loves my husband. If I go to watch tv with my husband, she is not happy haha

  4. This is such a great page! Trouble is like that with me, but I don't have photos because no one else thinks to take one.

  5. Wonderful idea for a layout. I adore your colours and embellishments.

  6. Such a sweet layout, like the mix of alphabet stickers.
    Cindy F


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