Friday, February 2, 2018

02/02/18 - "Book of Me" -AKA- Another New Project

It's not Thursday, but I'm going to Throw It Back for a moment.
Back to my first layout of 2018
Created on January 1st, 2018!
Dimensions = 5x8
"Congrats to Me - 2017 Reading Challenge"
"Surpassed my 2017 Reading goal of 12 books by 10!
This documents me completing my 2017 Reading Challenge!
This is also my first layout/page in my "Book of Me" Journal.
I was gifted a Jot Journal from a friend as part of a Christmas Gift.
I've never heard of a Jot Journal before but it is similar to a Travelers Notebook/Midori Travelers Notebook.
This particular journal has pages that are approximately 5x8.
I decided to turn this journal into a "Book of Me"
I plan on just scrapping random photos/stories about me...not necessarily in chronological order.
Here are 2 more layouts I've created:

"In case your wondering...
Nope, "Not Today"...or any other day actually.
My new T-Shirt from Hot Topic.
You put a cat and/or a sarcastic saying on it and I'll buy it, LOL"
- July 30th 2017

"Cat Backpack"
"Bought this cute backpack. TBH, I did have a, "I'm 41 yrs old I shouldn't be carrying a cat backpack" moment but my daughter convinced me that if I like it, I should buy it. So buy it I did! Bonus: It has ears!"

Cat washi tape is from Target - I just HAD to have it!

Here's a photo of both pages together so you can get a better idea of the size of the book/project.

So far I am having lots of fun w/ this and it's a great way to use up the "1-photo" photos I take of myself and/or things/events that tell pieces of MY story. I also love it because it's an easy way to use up scraps and the smaller size page allows for faster scrapping while still allowing room for creativity!
I already have another layout in mind...
If only I was home to scrap it...
Soon, and when I do, I'll definitely be sharing!


  1. what a fun book and size to scrapbook! Great Layouts :)

  2. Hehehehe ... I love sarcastic shirts too! I loveeeeeeeee these pages!! That backpack is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh- I love this! Great pages and such a fun way to tell your story.

  4. This sounds like fun! Looking forward to see how you fill it up!


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