Wednesday, January 31, 2018

01/31/18 - "Seriously Cozy" and Monthly Re-cap

One of my scrappy goals this year is to try really hard to keep up w/ my scrap-worthy photos!
This is why I am branching out into different styles/sizes/types of documenting.
I have plans to write a blog posts explaining all that...eventually.
For today though I am sharing:
- my most recent completed project; #23 for the month/year.
- a re-cap of my month in general.
(Another goal I have this year is wanting to do a re-cap at the end of every month.)
First the layout:

12x12 Layout
"Seriously Cozy"
"Friday Morning: hanging out w/ Hamlet in between running errands...
Afternoon: Repeat, but this time Panini decides to join us. 1.12.2018"

Question: Why do cats look pissed off even when they are doing what they want?!
For those who are new to my blog, just a heads up, I LOVE animals and my animals are pretty much the world to me; they are (just barely) under my kids and husband, LOL, so I spend a lot of time cuddling w/ them.
I actually have 3, the other is a dog,  but it's very difficult to get them all together at the same time!
This particular day I was able to get a photo of 2 of my babies together...and although I think ALL my pet photos are scrap-worthy...this was even more-so!
A lot of the products on my layout came from the "The Scrap Room" January Kit(s):
And my (favorite) Simple Stories "Emoji" Kit.
Now for my monthly re-cap:
Number of projects created = 23
12x12 Layouts = 6
4.5x8.5 Traveler's Notebooks Layouts = 6
Mini-Album (Dec Daily) Pages = 4
Pocket Pages = 6
OLW Pages = 1
4 of the above projects were done for a challenge I decided to join for the first time this year: the Counterfeit Challenge Blog... now that I know what I'm doing, I'm hoping to accomplish more for this challenge next month!
BTW - Some of these I haven't yet shared, but I will.
Also, non-scrap related: I read 3 books.
My goal is 25 for the year; last year I read 23.
I'd say it was a productive month!
Tomorrow is the first day of February and I am looking forward to a new month of scrappiness!
Hope January was a good (and productive) month for you!
>>Sticker Challenge
15 Stickers


  1. Very nice! Smile, Panini!

    I love the idea of the monthly recap. You're going to finish the year with ridiculously impressive numbers if you keep going at this rate. Keep it up!

  2. Holy cow that is an awesome amount of layouts...I only did one :/ You are a rock star of scrapbooking :D

    Love the layouts!

  3. This is AWESOME! I loveeeeeeee those photos!!!! And loving the recap too!!!!!


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