Friday, October 31, 2014

10/31/14 - Get Messy October Prompt

Hello and Happy Halloween!
Today is an exciting day for my family because my husband just LOVES Halloween and goes all out!
In fact he always takes the day off from work on Halloween to set up all the decorations we use to scare, errrrrr I mean, entertain the trick-or-treaters! 
Cue the scary clowns,  muahahahahahahahaha!
Sadly I am at work... le sigh...
So I decided to write my blog post for the latest "Get Messy" prompt.
I am actually a day late w/ this..
October's prompt is Gratitude.
Here are the specifics:
Journaling Challenge: Gratitude. What are you grateful for? What aspects of your life are you thankful for, that you might be overlooking while being busy?

Art Challenge: Use visual examples for at least three things you’re grateful for. Photos/doodles/magazine cut outs/stickers/anything. SHOW us your gratitude!

Here is my page:
To make this, first I stamped a BG (more on that later in this post).
Then, using my computer,  I typed in bold the thing I am most grateful for in my life: my family. 
Underneath I typed the names of the members of my family.  I included the fur babies because they truly are part of my family, even if they are not human!
And because I love quotes I used another one of my favorites that worked perfectly w/ the theme!
Next I used a stencil to help me draw a heart around the list I made.
I then cut the heart out and outlined it in red and glued it my page.
For the Art Challenge part of the prompt I printed and cut out and glued, collage style, photos of all my family members.
Finally a reference to "Get Messy" and it's October prompt was added to the top.
Okay back to my background...
I wanted to share how I made my background for my layout.
Ever since I used my roller stamp, I have had an interest in stamping (and you will probably be seeing more once I get back into the Art Journal swing of things)!
As you know I like to work on my Art Journal at work to help pass the time.  On the day I made this page, the only stamp I had on me was the before mentioned roller stamp but since I had just used it for my last "Get Messy" page, I did not want to use it again so... I got creative!
I used the bottom of a box of small binder clips as a stamp.
I still had my stamp pad w/ me, so with the box and a scratch piece of paper I did a practice run.
I loved it so much that not only did I not want to stop was fun...I decided to use it as the BG design of my page. I then added some red outlines to each of the visible parts of the stamped rectangles to add some color.
I've already explained the rest of the page to I guess that's it!
Hope you have a good Halloween! 


  1. Happy Halloween!! Great page...very creative use of the box as a stamp!

  2. That is really creative! What a fun page.

  3. Gorgeous! LOVING that background and the heart!!!!

  4. That is so VERY creative! Love it!! I got into stamping really slowly, and I would love to be better at it. I feel like I have way more stamps than I need or will ever use, but then I'm not nearly as bad as many people I know (there's that justification I need, LOL). :)

  5. Love the get messy page! I really like the stamping you did. the red just adds to it! Thanks for playing along! I'm sorry you had to work but you got to blog! :)


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