Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/25/14 - "When Life Gives You Lemons..." Scrapbooking Edition

Hi all!
Just wanted to stop by and share this layout I made...
and tell you why it makes me think of the quote "When life gives you lemons make lemonade".
First the layout..excuse the bad cell phone picture (click on image to enlarge) -
"Date Night: Jo Koy"
Journaling" "Jo Koy is my favorite comedian! His show at the Ontario Improv
wasn't only the first time we ever saw him live, it was also our first time there!"

Here's the story:

My "marquee" photo came out perfectly when I originally printed it, but then I got clumsy, as I tend to do (A LOT), and got adhesive all over it, UGH!!!! @#*#$ 
Yeah I could not save the photo w/out causing more damage to it, so I threw it away and reprinted it. When I reprinted it part of the photo came out a weird color (there is not supposed to be turquoise in the photo at all)...WTHeck?! So I tried to print it again and this time it came out pretty much ALL turquoise. Again I say...WTHeck?!
So after wasting 3 pieces of photo paper and lots of ink, I finally just embraced the weird imperfecion and made it part of my layout.  Lucky for me the turquoise the photo printer decided to print matched the turquoise top I was wearing, LOL!
As you can see I also used both 'flawed' photos and tried to do a cool layered effect, further making use of the offending items!
Finally I finished my page and then I realized that the photo of Jo Koy that I printed off of the internet has the wrong dates on it!  It doesn't have the date(s) of when we actually went to see him, but the dates of his shows, in the same location, the following weekend...
I had forgotten he did shows 2 weekends in a row and instead of looking for the advertisement w/ the correct dates, I just say that it was the correct location and printed it.

I tried not to beat myself up over it, and just move on, again thinking of that quote.
In the end, despite it's flaws I actually like the layout!
Also when I posted it on it got a great response and was favorited...
So I guess my lemons wound up making some darn good lemonade! LOL!
Now to figure out what the heck is wrong w/ my printer... :0/

Have you ever experienced something like this?
Please share!


  1. That sucks about your printer, but the effect is pretty cool! Love the layout :)

  2. But I think it still turned out pretty amazing! LOVING it!!!!!!!

  3. Looks fabulous! I never would have guessed the turquoise wasn't intentional. I've never seen a printer randomly do that.

  4. LOL, I think it looks great, and probably wouldn't have known. I tell on myself doing things all the time - usually it's when I've read and reread journaling many times and still end up with a typo. And I don't realize it until I'm loading a close-up on my blog page and it's already been in my album for awhile (and of course I don't have any more of the same paper to reprint). So yeah, I feel your pain! :)


Thanks for all your comments!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!