Friday, October 31, 2014

11/01/14 - CPC Crossover Challenge

Happy November!
I'm here today sharing the latest challenge over at  "Child's Play Challenges".
Our current challenge is a joint venture w/ the "Pixels and Paper" Challenge Blog".
"Pixels and Paper" challenged us to use this photo as inspiration:
And "Child's Play Challenges" threw in a recipe of items to use as well:
something older than 1 year
3 patterned papers
Sounds fun, right?!
Here's what I came up with (click on image to enlarge):
"Cute Christmas Cat"
And here is a breakdown of how I used the inspiration photo and  the recipe:
  • Photo Inspiration: the Christmas themed Jack-in-the-Box toy
  • Gold: Washi tape, gold heart brad, large bling swirl 
  • Animal: Photo of our cat
  • Something older than 1 yr: the 2 Christmas Colored PPs (10 years old, which also happened to be scraps) and the black and tan square behind the title tag (3 years old)
  • 3 patterned papers: 3 Used
  • Bling: Heart brad and large gold swirl

I have to story to share about my layout:
First know...I hate gold! The color, the jewelry, and I most definitely would not use it in my scrapbooking!
So when I saw I had to use gold on my layout I panicked!
I didn't have anything gold in my stash as far as I knew.
Just in case though, I did a search. As I suspected, I found nothing. 
Luckily my fellow CPC DT teammate and leader, Devra, sent me some items to use: the washi tape and brad were amongst those items.
When I finished my layout, and right before I uploaded it, I  decided to clean the scrappy mess off of my desk.  As I was putting my stuff away I came across the giant bling swirl.
Two questions popped in my mind:
1. How in the world did I not see this giant thing before?!
2. Why did I have this? 
I know where it came a box of scrappy items I won from a blog contest.
But why had I kept it? I would never use it!
Until now! LOL
Yup! Not only did I use it, but in the end it was the perfect piece to finish off my layout!
Funny how that happens!
Now it's your turn.
Whether you love gold or hate's time to show us what you can do w/ it!
Don't forget to include the other items of the challenge and upload your layout before the end of November.


  1. Great job with the challenge! That's a lot of requirements to put on one page and you did it beautifully. I didn't know you hate gold. That's almost as weird as hating whales.

  2. I am with you ... I am NOT a gold fan! LOL! I loveeeeeeeee this!! I love love love love the bling and that "JOY" paper!!!!

  3. Wow!! I am always amazed at how well you do in challenges! I would look at a list of requirements and not even know where to start. You need to do a post sometime on your whole process, for dorks like me who can't figure it all out, LOL!!! :) No matter what the challenge is, you always make it look like YOU, not something that wasn't your style all along. I hope that makes sense. And I'm with you on the gold - not a fan at all!! :)

  4. So much detail! Love the layout and that gold swirl is perfect! I was not a gold fan a couple years ago... it must be a fad! No I can't get enough!

  5. I love how you were inspired by the Jack-in-the-Box is perfect!! always love your interpretations!


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