Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/27/12 - "Re-Do"ing Layouts

Do you re-do layouts?
Have you ever?

In the 14 +  years I've been scrapping I have only ever re-done one layout.
For the most part I am happy w/ my layouts and even if I'm not 100% happy, I usually like it enough that I can put it away w/out any second thoughts.
Sometimes, after time has passed,  I actually like the layout more! Almost like it just needed time to "marinate"...LOL!
So one "re-do" in over 14 years is pretty good I think!
Well, recently while I was cleaning and organizing my scrappy stuff and layouts I came across a layout that I didn't like...at all! And I thought maybe I would re-do it, but since that is not usual my style I filed it away and it just became a thought pushed to the back of my mind.
But then, as if the "scrappy gods" were talking to me, I stumbled across a "Do Overs" challenge at Scrapbook.com.  The whole point of the challenge was to pick a layout you created and "re-do" it.
Hmmm.... how did they know???
So back I went to that layout and I pulled it out and set it aside for when I had time.
I wasn't going to stress about it if I didn't.
I signed up for the challenge in the beginnning of November and I attempted here and there to do something w/ it but everytime I would look at the original it would kill my mojo! LOL!
3rd week in,  November still nothing! So I figured I would not be completing this challenge...
Then came Saturday, November 24th.  On that day I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted to do w/ my layout. And so as I sat on the floor of my living room watching TV with my lap board and supplies (not my usual way of scrapping), my creative juices flowed and my layout came to life!
Here is my original (YIKES!):


And my "Do Over":

The original had a lot of unecessary journaling that took up half the page. I scrapped it in 2006 and I think back then I didn't know this thing called "negative space" and felt I had to fill up the layout! Not only is my new layout nicer overall, but I condensed the journaling to tell the main "story" w/ out losing the point.
Believe it or not I actually told the same basic story despite the big difference in journaling!
And yes, I used a lot of old product on here!
The newest items are 2 years old while everything else varies in years from 3 years all the way up to 10 years old!
I am so much happier w/ the new layout!  And although I will not make this the norm.  I won't feel so bad the next time I feel like I should re-do a layout.
I actually already have another in mind! LOL!


  1. I try not to redo layouts. With the three boys and constant picture taking, I am ALWAYS behind on scrapping. Maybe that keeps me from going back?? Love the redo!!!! The orginal wasn't bad either. Just different styles!!! The first was more clean and simple, straight lines. The second was more artistic! We are our on worst critics though!

  2. As always, great layout! Before and after. I've started to redo our first Disney trip and my Halloween --both were made when I first started. Neither are finished being redone :/

  3. Holy crap! What a difference! I like them both, but I LOVE #2. I redo layouts. I also chuck them if I end up hating them (after salvaging the pics, of course).

    And BTW, you can submit anything you want at PTT. It's mostly cards, but not all cards. ;)

  4. I love the re-do! :) I have redone a couple of layouts, once out of necessity (Griffin destroyed an album when he was a puppy, but not too many layouts were beyond repair) and a few I've just added to, or embellished more. I love that we are all so introspective about our own work! :) I look at my early cringe-worthy layouts the same way as I look at my 80s yearbook hair ... it was the style then! LOL

  5. I like them both, actually. The second one looks more modern and more your style, but I like the first just fine. I've only redone 2 layouts. Too many current pics to scrap to go back and redo those already in the album!

  6. Love both of the layouts, but the redo is so dynamic!

  7. I am LOVING your re-do!! The photos look great with the new colors!!!


Thanks for all your comments!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!