Friday, November 30, 2012

11/30/12 - The Misting Mishap

As a scrapbooker I enjoy using the same basic techniques that I have grown accustomed to.
I have reached a comfort level that to me is not yet boring.
I like the familiar as it tends to make my scrapping go faster and I think I do a pretty good job of using those "comfortable techniques" in different ways as to not make all my layouts look the same.

But every once in a while I like changing it up a bit.
And just recently I did that.
I joined a challenge over at called the "Let's Share" challenge.
The basic premise was: you create a layout and share why you love it. One reason could be that you tried a new technique. Nothing too difficult...
Well, not until I get involved, LOL!
I decided this was the time for me to try a new technique.
I tried misting for the first time!
This is something I've seen alot lately and I just love the way it looks!
So I dug out a bottle of mist (is that even the proper term for it?) that I've had for over 2 years and never used.
I was scared at first as I started misting my page...
shaky hands, reluctant trigger finger...
Finally the first spray came out.
Not to bad.
Then another.
Still okay.
In fact I was enjoying it.
I thought to myself "shoot this isn't so hard!"
I finished misting and then once it dried went to work on the other elements of my page.

I adhered my picture mats, my pics, my hand made scallops, my title & date spots as well as the actual title and a few brads. When I felt like I was finished I thought, "it looks good, but most of my misting is covered needs more". (Famous last words?)

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking... how could I even think about misting on my layout after everything was already adhered?! Believe me I thought the exact same thing! I even told myself "if you mess up, you could not only ruin the layout, but the pictures!" 
But did I listen??? Nah!!! I was a pro now! I could totally do this...I just had to be careful.
And I was... very careful... so careful in fact that I didn't push down hard enough on the nozzle and so instead of the spray coming out it just kinda built up inside.  A few more careful pumps and still nothing...well except for more mist building up... 
Finally I went for it...pressing hard on the nozzle, and this time something came out.
A whole LOT of something!
I got a big glob of mist in a big messy pool up in the top right hand corner.
It was not pretty!
Worse, I got a whole lot of mist on my pics, mostly the right hand pic.
I was devasted! I ran out of my scrap room screaming "No, no, nooooooooo!!!"
My husband, who was playing Wii at the time just looked at me w/ a "What's your problem?" look.

After taking a few deep breaths and successfully fighting back tears, I went back into the room to survey the damage.
For the most part I could save the layout.
I just needed a large embellie to place over the glob.
But my pic was ruined!
Luckily I knew I would be scrapping these pics and so I had ordered two copies: one to scrap and one to keep.
But I wasn't ready to mess w/ the layout again, so I hid it away to deal w/ it when I was able to look at it w/ fresh, less traumatic eyes.

The next day I took it out.
I adhered my new pic (I decided the other one didn't look too bad so I just left it) and covered up the glob w/ a giant scallop that matched my other, little scallops.  Lastly I added some adhseive "button" embellies to make it look like the design was intentional.

In the end, this is what I had:

Despite my mishap, I can't say it was a totally horrible experience.
In fact when I look back on it, I can now laugh.

I will try misting again.
After all, I have now learned what NOT to do!


  1. Great job! Glad you were able to come back to it and make something you loved :)

  2. Misting on a layout with photos already adhered?! That might be a first! But I LOVE your finished layout - great job fixing it. :)

    1. I now, I know! I was almost going to leave that part out because i was emabrrassed of my foolishness. But I decided I needed to tell the whole story...

  3. I LOVE misting!!!! If you stand still long enough around me, I might mist ya!!!!! Wait until you start making your own misters!!!! It is addicting! I just ordered 8 packages of misters from Stampin' Up. That is 2 per package!!!!! I am ready to create some color!!!!
    Oh and I wondered if 8 was enough!!!! LOL!!!!

  4. I have done that girl...and I feel your pain!! YIKES! LOVING how you fixed it though! :)

  5. I tell on myself all the time, love it! :) And your LO is adorable!

  6. So glad I poped over to read about the mishap. I would have never guessed by the sweet and short post you did for use it Tuesday

  7. LOL. Yep... I think that it looks AWESOME... I'm glad you messed it up! =P

  8. I think every "mister" has had a similar experience. Mine was that the red mist ended up on the tan carpet! Needless to say it did not come out! That's what runners were made for, right?

    Thanks for sharing your story in such a fun way. I like your writing style and your page came out lovely.

    Claggy from


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