Monday, November 26, 2012

11/26/12 - Another Use for Your Paper Stash

Good Monday Morning!
How was your weekend?
Mine was great.
I had 4 days off and I spent much of that time relaxing, scrapping, and organizing pics.
I also bought a new couch: a large comfty sectional. Yay!
We've been neeeding new couches for years and Lazy Boy was having a great sale!
25% off plus 36 months no interest.
Since I always pay more than I need to when I make payments on purchases, I will have it paid off before the 36 months is over and have accumulated no interest while doing it!
Double yay!
That's not what this post is about.
This post is actually about my discovering a use for some of the papers I have had in my stash for years and will most likely not use for any projects.
As I said I was organzing my pictures.
I have all my photos organized digitally with a hard copy of each stashed in photo boxes.
I also have copies that I scrap.  So in reality I should have 3 copies of each of the pics I scrap:
>hard copy
>scrapped copy
I say "in reality" because I didn't start this system until recently, like 2 years ago.  So anything before that may or may not have 3 copies. That is something I hope eventually I can go back and take care of as time goes on and I discover what is missing, but I'm not going to stress too much about it.
I have been slacking on my hard copy organizing and decided to fix that last night. I had a batch of photos from Winkflash I had ordered and received but not yet stored.
I store my photos by month/year with little tabs in between to label each section.
Here is a picture of an already full box:

As I was organzing I ran out of the tabs. This is to be expected as I have a lot of pics!  But I was into the project and was afraid if I waited until I could buy more that I may not get back into it for a while.
So my solution?  Make my own!
I dug out a couple of pieces of 12 x12 papers I know I will never use (you can see they are not in the greatest of shape):

I then grabbed the tabs I already had and used them as a template, using a pencil to trace them onto the 12x12 papers:
 As you can see I was able to fit 4 on each paper:

I then used my scissors to cut each one out - large ones for the straight lines and my small Cutter Bees for the curves and angles:

Finally I have this:
Thanks to this, I saved money and used up some more of my stash!
I had some scraps leftover that I may or may not use but even if I don't I still used a majority of the paper and that is better than tossing the whole thing!


  1. Good solution! I'm surprised to hear you keep a hard copy even after a picture has been scrapped. I'd be buried alive if I did that! How many pictures do you typically take in a month?

    1. IDK how many I take in a month. There is no average. Some months I take tons and some none (NONE? Yeah I was shocked at that!)
      The reason I keep a hard copy is because if I ever need a photo for a purpose other than scrapbooking I want to be able to just "grab it".
      If it's on a page I obviously can't do that w/out tearing my page apart and my other solution would be to locate that digital copy and print it and to me, depending on the situation, that may be time consuming.
      Plus when I die, I want my kids/family to be able to pull out a box of pictures and look through them, not have to worry about going thru my hard drive and locating and viewing the pics and if they want to actually keep some, have to print them (what if they don't have paper or ink). IDK it may seem wasteful but I just feel more comfortable having extra copies. It's actually surprising that as many photos as I think I take, I really don't have all that many. Like I said, I only make extra copies of the pics I scrap. otherwise other than the digital copy, I only have one of each pic printed. Does that make any sense?

  2. I organized my photos years ago, but I volunteered to organize my moms...eek--she has boxes and boxes sitting in my living room taunting me :)

    You are awesome though with printing your photos!!! I would go broke if I did that.

  3. Your organization system is fabulous!!! I really love that you made your own dividers. Great recycling!

  4. I have wayyyyyyyyyyy too many in print!! LOL!! I have lately not only been using my paper stash but also my pic stash!!! LOL!!

  5. Love this ... and love your new blog background, so Christmas-y! :) I often use my tab punch to make my own dividers in the same way. It comes in SO handy!! :)

  6. great use of scraps Doreena and how organized you are!


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