Wednesday, May 23, 2018

05/23/18 - PL Week 17

Digital Project Life Pages
done through the Project Life App
Did I mention I was doing Project Life?
If not, know you know! :0)
As I navigate this journey of my first year of Project Life I have found some things about it I don't like:

1) it can be time consuming, which means it's easy to fall behind
(And as you know I do not have a lot of free time these days!)

2) I have difficulty with the journaling aspect of it.
Seems like there is a lack of journaling space when telling all the different stories of all the different photos of the week.

That's where the PL App comes in handy:
1) can do it on my phone, any time, any where.
+ I don't have to worry about having my supplies on hand

2) W/ their new feature of "Freeform Text" I can journal directly on my photos!
I know what you're probably thinking... it doesn't allow me to use my own handwriting.
And I agree w/ the importance of using my own handwriting, but... I have used my own handwriting on PLENTY of other layouts, in fact it's my main way of journaling, so I think it's okay if there are a few layouts/projects I don't use it on.

BTW - another testament to it's quickness and convenience... I finished these but still have Week's #15 and #16, which I'm doing in Traditional Format, sitting unfinished on my scrappy table, LOL

It will never completely replace traditional but, I like that it helps me catch up/keep going and I like the look of digital mixed in w/ traditional.
Week 17 -PG 1
 Week 17 -PG 2
I just realized other than 1 Random Pocket Page,
I have not shared any of my PL pages here...
though I have done so on Instagram.
You know what that means...
Expect some TBT  (Throw Back Thursday) posts!
Just a heads up as I get more used the Project Life, I can tell you right now some of my older pages I'm not as happy with...
But it's a learning process!


  1. These are great! LOVING the pig in a blanket journaling!!!!!!!!

  2. Gotta love the pocket pages sometimes :D Great layouts...the apps seems helpful. I have it, but never use it

  3. Great pages! I cannot tell you how much I want a week filled with Oreos, shaved ice, cupcakes, pancakes, and It's-Its. Strawberry Twinkies, meh.


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