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Monday, July 6, 2015

07/05/15 - "2015 Reading Challenge" Update

Since reading is my life right now, well during my free time anyway, I am back to update you on my progress.
As always I will share the list that is "The Reading Challenge":
 And like I did during my last update, here's a reminder of the books I already read: 
  • A book with more than 500 pages:  "Allegiant"
  • A book that became a movie:  "The Silver Linings Playbook"
  • A book published this year: "Before I Go"
  • A book with a number in the title:  "Three Wishes"
  • A funny Book:  "Seriously...I'm Kidding" 
  • A book by a female Author:  "Girls in Trouble"
  • A book of short stories:  "Four" 
  • A popular author's first book: "Still Alice" 
  • A book based on a true story: "Wild" 
  • A memoir:  "Yes, Please"
  • A book that is set in high school: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"
  • A book by an Author you never read before: "The Fault In Our Stars
  • Unbearable lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain - Bonus Book/Category I Made up: "a book you've already read but liked enough to read again" 

  • And now for my updates:
  • A book by an author you love that you haven't read yet: "Paper Towns"
  • A book with a one-word title: "Triangles"
  • A book set in a different country: "Reinventing Rose"  - (Australia)
  • A book you started but never finished: "The Host"

  • I want to say a little bit about this last book... it was written by Stephenie Meyer the author who wrote the "Twilight"series... I LOVED the "Twilight" Series (Hey! Don't judge! LOL). I bought "The Host" when it first came out, in 2008, and could not get into it! To be honest, I just didn't understand it! It has a sci-fi vibe and I am not into sci-fi. So I shoved it under my bed never to see the light of day again (or so I thought). Then I watched the movie in 2013 and although the movie wasn't all that great, it gave me more of an understanding of what was going on. So when this challenge category came up, I decided to give the book another chance. I'm glad I did! Although I wouldn't place on my list of "Best Books I've Ever Read" I did enjoy reading it.  The only problem I had is it was LONG (60 chapters, 619 pages)! I felt like, despite that I enjoyed reading it,  I'd never be finished w/ it!

    This brings my total: 17 out of 51  (actually it should be 53 because one of the categories is a trilogy)

    BTW I was 'chatting' w/ a fellow blogger who is also taking on this challenge and we both agreed that some of these categories are boring so we probably wont get to them all.   
    Maybe if I had started sooner I would have made myself do it, but seeing as I started the challenge late in the year, and am therefore already behind, I plan on working on the categories that interest me first and IF I have time go back to the others.
    After all this is suppose to be a fun challenge, right?
    RIGHT! And it definitely is!

    Wednesday, July 1, 2015

    07/01/15 - Blog Changes

    I don't blog very much any more.
    I guess I got burned out...
    Or maybe it's because the reason I created my blog, my scrapbooking, doesn't exist any more...
    I haven't given up, I just haven't made time for it.
    Making time to do the things you love is important, but right now the things I love include reading and watching Netflix, LOL!
    (Of course, this is besides my husband, children, and fur-babies)
    Which isn't to say I don't love art any more.
    As a matter-of-fact I've been itching to get back into it, but w/ The Reading Challenge taking up all my free time I haven't actually gotten around to being creative.
    It's not a bad thing though, I mean, not really...
    I am enjoying The Reading Challenge! Especially since I know others who are doing it and since there is a hash tag of it on IG that I can check out whenever I want to look for inspiration or just share in the camaraderie.
    That brings me to this post...
    I made a few changes to my blog that may or may not help make blogging more of a desire now.
         For one I changed the name:
    It used to be  "A Day in Doreena's Life" but then I realized, ummmm... yeah, I hardly blog about "days" in my life! So, for now at least, I have changed the name to "Doreena's Place". Not very original and I don't exactly like it because it's "boring" (to me)... but until I think of something better, it will do!
        Another change, my blog description:
    Although I am still "loving life and living it to the fullest" I wanted to include something more geared to what people would be reading about on my blog. I changed it to "art, books, and randomness". Most of my posts in the past have been art related and since I've been posting a lot more about books, and plan to continue to do so, I thought it was more fitting and more precise. Especially for those who do "Google" searches for things they want to read about. The "randomness" part is just because I don't want to lock myself into only art and books!

    Minor changes but I'm hoping they help me get back into my love of blogging!
    This may continue to change over time as I try to find my niche.
    Oh, and if you have any suggestions for the title of my blog, I want to hear them!!! I would like to keep my name it though, if possible, but I'm open to anything!

    BTW - I have an upcoming post regarding my progress on The Reading Challenge...
    I just need to finish the 2 books I am currently reading before I do so!

    Thursday, June 4, 2015

    06/04/15 - Good Reads

    Really quick post!

    Just wanted to advise you, those who asked and/or care, that I have signed up for "Good Reads".
    I was on it before but saw no real need so I canceled, but...
    maybe it's because I didn't have any "friends" on there since I didn't know anyone else w/ a "Good Reads" account.
    Also I signed up because I discovered they had a "2015 Reading Challenge" function which allows you to log your books and advises you what percentage you're at, and how far you are behind/ahead in the challenge; the nerd in me likes stuff like that, LOL!

    If you're interested in adding me my user name is: Doreen Vasquez...
    So original, I know...LOL!

    Hope to see you there!

    BTW -  I FINALLY finished "Wild" and I am currently reading "Paper Towns" and will start reading "The Host" soon.... as soon as I can find it under my bed, where I stashed it! ;0P

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015

    05/27/15 - 2015 Reading Challenge Update

    Just checking in and updating my "2015 Reading Challenge" log.
    Here's a reminder of what the challenge looks like:

     Here's a reminder of list of  what I've already blogged about reading: 
  • A book with more than 500 pages:  "Allegiant"
  • A book that became a movie:  "The Silver Linings Playbook"
  • A book with a number in the title:  "Three Wishes"
  • A funny Book:  "Seriously...I'm Kidding" 
  • A book by a female Author:  "Girls in Trouble"
  • A popular author's first book: "Still Alice" 
  • A memoir:  "Yes, Please"
  • A book that is set in high school: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"
  • A book by an Author you never read before: "The Fault In Our Stars"

  • And here is my updated info:

    • A book based on a true story: "Wild" (currently struggling to read)
    • A book published this year: "Before I Go"
    • A book of short stories: "Four" - I read this earlier in the year but I didn't even realize that it qualified for this category! Thanks to a fellow blogger/friend who is also doing this challenge and used the same book for this category, I now know and can check another off my list!
    • "Unbearable Lightness - A Story of Loss and Gain"  - This technically fits in the "true story" category but since I have already read it before, I think using it for any of the categories of the challenge would be cheating.  BUT...I did read it (again) so I want it to count in my total number of books read in 2015 therefore I am making up a category ---- "a book you've already read but liked enough to read again"  I could actually do this with a lot of books but I can only use each category, even my made up category, once.
    So instead of having read 50 books by the time this challenge is completed, IF I complete it, I will have read 51 books.

    Total books for 2015 (as of today) = 13

    BTW - In case you can't tell, the names of the books are actually links to the books information on Amazon. I did this in the event that you may want to learn more about the book.

    Wednesday, April 15, 2015

    04/15/15 - Reading Challenge

    Well, hello there!
    It's been a while, hasn't it?!

    I've been happy but busy.
    Too much to detail...but if you are a follower of my Instagram, you know what I've been up to.
    (If not and in case you want to be, my IG name is Mrs_David_Vasquez.)

    I HAVE NOT done any scrapbooking since my last post.
    I HAVE been a little bit creative recently...
    I will share more about that in another post (maybe...LOL I haven't written a blog post in a while; don't want to pressure myself)

    Today I will share w/ a you one of the hobbies that has been keeping me busy so far in 2015:

    I have loved to read since I was a kid and have tried very hard to keep up w/ it all my life.
    Sometimes it was easier than other times but it never was a hobby that completely disappeared.

    It was one of my goals to read more this year.
    To help me w/ that goal I have been inspired by this list: "2015 Reading Challenge"

    Which I found through this blog: "Lauren Likes".
    Scroll down to item #7 on her list and you will find the link to the above "challenge" as well as a few other reading challenges. 
    I picked the one I did because it has the feel of a scavenger hunt.
    Scavenger Hunt = Fun!

    So far I have:
    • A book with more than 500 pages:  "Allegiant"
    • A book that became a movie:  "Silver Linings Playbook"
    • A book with a number in the title:  "Three Wishes" (Currently Reading)
    • A funny Book:  "Seriously...I'm Kidding"  (Currently Reading)
    • A book by a female Author:  "Girls in Trouble"
    • A popular author's first book: "Still Alice" 
    • A memoir:  "Yes, Please"
    • A book that is set in high school: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"
    • A book by an Author you never read before: "The Fault in Our Stars"
    Total books: 9

    Through this challenge I have read some very good books and discovered some new authors...
    A couple of those authors, whose other books I am very eager to read: John Green ( author of The Fault In Our Stars) and  Lisa Genova (author of Still Alice), and an author I am curious to try again: Liane Moriarty (author of Three Wishes*).
    *I'm actually having a little bit of trouble getting though this book but I have read a lot of reviews that state this book is actually her worst. Based on that information, I will finish this one and give another of her more acclaimed books a try.

    Hopefully I will be able to complete the challenge, IDK though, some of those categories are difficult, but if not I will have at least have had fun trying!

    Sunday, January 18, 2015

    01/18/15 - "Pippin"

    I finally did a layout!
    17 days into the New Year and I managed to be creative!
    'Yay me'!
    And...I think I like it! Actually I know I like it!
    Double 'Yay me'!
    Layout of when my husband and I went to see the musical "Pippin" in Vegas. Journaling comes from what I wrote when I posted the photos on Instagram, complete w/ hashtags (click on image to enlarge):
    "No need to go to Broadway to watch a great Broadway Show! 11.30.14
    #Pippin #PippinTheMusical #Vegas #TheSmithCenterForPerformingArts"
    BTW - Alternate blog post titles were:
    "1st Layout of 2015"
    "Negative Space and Hashtags"
    "Hashtags Are Journaling Too"
    and my favorite:
    "Pippin, Not to be Confused w/ Pimpin"

    Wednesday, January 7, 2015

    01/07/15 - Happy 2015

    Hi and Happy New Year!
    I haven't blogged since 12/19/14...
    And I haven't felt the urge to, but thought if I didn't write something soon, I may never do so again!
    Currently I'm feeling bogged down by the whole "New Year, New Me" concept that comes at the start of each year.
    Everyone is making resolutions.
    I can't...
    I just can't...
    I just can't even!
    My daughter illustrating the way I feel in her first photo of the new year taken at the stroke of midnight on 1/1/15,  LOL... not planned BTW

    Seriously though...
    everyone is sharing their resolutions and/or their scrappy plans for the year:
    One Little Word, Project Life, Finishing their December Daily, etc...
    and I can't even THINK of that stuff w/out feeling drained.
    In fact even just reading other people's plans is exhausting me!
    There are some crazy ambitious people out there!
    My layout goal last year was 100.
    I then changed it to 50.
    Final count was 49 (so close!)
    Although I also discovered art journaling and completed 30 pages in my art journal so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad.
    This year I am not trying to achieve any number.
    I am not trying to finish any projects.
    I need to know that I can 'just do' (or 'not do') and still be content.
    To be honest, I was starting to feel stifled by my "plans":
    I felt like when I planned to create it killed the creative juices and resulted in projects that didn't make me happy.
    Also, the pressure to have a number of projects at the end of the year took away some of the fun.
    It became more about the numbers and not about being creative.
    This year needs to be simple and fluid.
    Additionally, I learned a lot about myself as a person last year.
    I discovered what truly makes me happy:
    My husband and kids (and fur babies) and taking care of them and our home.
    I realized that "My Happy Place" lies w/ them.
    Making them happy made (makes) ME happy.
    Often times that meant I didn't have time to be crafty...and that was perfectly fine w/ me!
    I became a better wife and mother last year and that alone made 2014 a success!
    So my focus this year will be more of the same.
    Does this mean I am giving up my scrapping or my blog?
    I will still be here because I could never truly give it up...being creative just runs too deep.
    I will just be here less and not on any type of schedule.
    I will still visit my "bloggy" friends from time to time as well, but just not as much as I did last year.
    So if you don't hear from me for a while, don't worry!
    I'm good.
    Life is good!
    And just in case it's a while before I stop by again...
    I hope that you have an amazing 2015!
    BTW if I was FORCED to have a resolution for this year it would be this: