Saturday, November 21, 2015

11/21/15 - Because "Maroon"

Another layout completed.
This one is for a DT call.
I've been out of the scrappy world for a while but now that I'm back I would like to be part of a Team again.
I have been on 4 Design Teams in the past.
At one time I was on 3 of them all at the same time!
I was busy!
I don't want to take on that much responsibility again but I do miss being on a team. I find them inspirational and motivational and I like that perhaps my interpretations of our challenges inspires and motivates others.
I've been a follower of "The Memory Nest", Leslie Germain, for years and I was delighted to find out she was having a Design Team call for 2016. 
I am submitting this layout as my entry which is based on the sketch that was create for the call:
Journaling (taken from my Instagram post of the photo on the right): "Because it's been
a while since I've worn my hair straight and I like this color on me.
The sketch:
Leslie's blog is great and I know she has a lot of followers and I'm sure that she will have lots of entries so I am not getting my hopes up.
If I don't get a spot, at least I got another layout done!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

11/12/15 -"A Dirty Snout and Clowns"

Hello and Happy Thursday to you!

Just dropping off a couple of layouts I recently created!
I need to prove to you that I'm still scrapbooking after all my 'big talk' about getting my mojo back!!

But I did and I have so I would like to share.
Both layouts were created for Challenges (click on images to enlarge):
"You Look Dapper"
Top journaling strips; "Hey Grammy(*)...Do I have something on my face?"
Bottom journaling(under the title):
"The way Hamlet typically looks after being outside."
(*) Hamlet belongs to Madison, a reward for doing so well in school, so I am his "Grammy" AKA "Grandma".
For the "November Scrap Your Pet" challenge.
No twist (chevrons).


"Are You Scared?"
Journaling: "Halloween 2014: Adam and Jessica joined us in scaring
trick-or-treaters this year.
Left to right: Adam, Joseph, Jessica, Madison, and David"

For the "November Ugly Paper" challenge.
The ugly paper is the B&W BG and the white paper with the different colored sunbursts (large circle behind the group photo and there's a piece poking out of the top of the green BG).

The ugly papers weren't really that difficult to work with since, to me, they weren't ugly at all.
I also used two of the embellishments that were given to me: the brown & white decorative circles at the top left and bottom right of the layout.


Monday, November 9, 2015

11/09/15 - Reading Challenge Update

Hello, hello! 
It's been a while since I've posted an update...
I've been reading but not as much since finding my scrapbooking mojo again!
That, along w/ the fact that I had been on vacation for 10 days put a bit of a damper on my reading time.
But I am happy to report that in this installment of the Reading Challenge I have read 3 more books!
Unfortunately they only count as 1 since I read them for the "A Trilogy" option of the challenge.
"Gemini Series"
I used to read VC Andrews as a teenager.
She was my favorite author.
For those who don't know, she passed away but she has a Ghost Writer.
From what I've read, the reading community has mixed reviews on the "ghost writer" and his ability to write as well as Andrews did.
I don't have any problem w/ his work.
This series was good... just as creepy as some of her stuff that I read and love(d) in the past.
TBH if she was still alive and writing I think that there would mixed reviews on her latest books since it's difficult to come up w/ new/fresh ideas after years of writing.
The only complaint I have about this series is the conclusion to the 3rd book was a bit rushed and it didn't really tie up all the loose ends of the whole story.
I had questions when I was done...
I don't like when books leave you hanging!
But I'm not going to base the whole series on one book.
In fact, reading this series is making me eager to return to her/his books!
Total Books Read: 21/50

Monday, October 19, 2015

10/19/15 - Poolside and Candles

Hi all!
Stopping by to share my latest layouts!
Seems once I started scrapbooking my mojo came back!
 "My Kind of Monday"
" .Starbucks  .Bloody Mary  .Lying poolside at Ceasars Palace in Vegas 
.Quality time w/ my honey
   = a wonderful 14th anniversary and...  My Kind of Monday "               

For the "October Round Robin"Challenge:
There are teams of 4 people, one person for each week, similar to a relay race. The person assigned for week 1 in each group will start their team off with a layout depending on what the specs and twist will be. Then the following week, everyone assigned to week 2 will lift off their week 1 team member and so on.
I was 3rd in line.
MarciLB started the round w/ this layout: Fishing 
JustLyn was 2nd and she created this (lifting Marci): Beach Bliss
Then I lifted from Lyn.
There are 4 people in each group so the next/last person lifts me.
".Green tea Frappuccino ."Jurassic World" . Archery Session .Olive Garden .Homemade Caramel cheesecake .Harry Potter book set . Target GC = Happy Birthday!"

My son's 20th Birthday
He's a low-key kinda guy so nothing wild....
just a few of his favorite things.
(I already did a layout about his archery session: "Archery")
For the "October Ugly Paper" challenge.
Each person joins and gets the name of another person in the challenge to send 2 ugly papers and an embellishment to use for their project.
You have to use the papers but using the embellishment is optional; I didn't use the one that was sent to me.
The "uglies" are the BG paper and the grey/white/yellow plaid paper.
Not really ugly at all (ugly is subjective) and they went well w/ my son's birthday photos.

I just realized I forgot to add the date so I will go back and do so. I also spelled Frappuccino wrong on the layout - ugh! Oh well too late now!

You may have noticed that both layouts have journaling in a list format.
Lately I've been finding it's an easier way to tell the story w/out being too lengthy.
If you're wondering...
yes I'm still reading but not as much.
I need to take advantage of this "creative mojo" while I've got it!
I'll have a "Reading Challenge" update soon though!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

10/14/15 - "Wheels and Pirate Ships"

Hi, all!
As I mentioned in my last post, I have made a commitment to myself to include some creative time in my life at least once a week.
Since the last time I posted I have kept that commitment and having done so, was able to create 2 more layouts:
 "My New Wheels"
Journaling: "After living over 6 years w/out a car payment, the decision to get a new one was tough! Unfortunately my Xterra, bought new in 2004, was starting to give us trouble. That along w/ it being a gas hog and us no longer needing the extra room, since our kids were grown, made us take the plunge. David had a customer who worked at a Nissan Dealership. He gave us a good deal and w/ my excellent credit I was able to get 0% interest w/ a $279.00 payment. 2014 Nissan Sentra. 01/24/15"
Created for the "October Music Inspiration" Challenge over at
Rules -
"The purpose of the challenge is to create a layout using something from a song, whether it is all or part of a title, lyrics or artist name. The fun part is you do not get to chose your own song - the person who signs up after you does!"

The song that was chosen for me was: "Wheels in the Sky" by Journey.
I had never heard of that song and except for 2 of their songs, I am not a fan of Journey, but I had already accepted the challenge so there was no going back!

I tried hard to use the lyrics but was not able to make them translate well to a layout, despite having a couple of loose ideas in my head. Finally it came to me, in the shower of all places (LOL) that I could use the word "wheels" to make a layout about my new car! Once that came to me the rest was easy!

Journaling reads: "Family Movie Date! 10.11.2015. So good! After "Maleficent" I
 was worried this would be a dud too but this one was way better!"
Created for the "October Movie" Challenge over at
Create a layout using a movie as your inspiration.

For those of you who liked "Maleficent", I'm not knocking your tatse, I was just really disappointed in the movie... Maybe because Maleficent is my favorite Disney Villain.
Coincidentally, both layouts have a turquoise BG.

Monday, October 5, 2015

10/05/15 -"Um Guys?"

Happy Monday!!!
I had a very busy weekend... but I made myself find time to scrapbook!
I guess that's just what I'm going to have to do...although before it wasn't JUST about time, it was also about lack of inspiration.
Now that I'm feeling that I may have my "mojo" back, I will make myself "schedule" some creative time each week.
My husband is very supportive of it and had recently (about a month ago) asked me why I "don't scrapbook anymore?" I didn't even realized he noticed!
So w/ his support and my itching to create, I gave myself a 2 hour window to scrap yesterday evening.
It took me most of that 2 hours to figure out what photos I was going to scrap and how (don't you just hate that)!  But eventually it came together (click on image to enlarge):
"Um Guys?"
Journaling reads: "Whenever I look at these photos, especially the 2nd one, I always imagine Panini has something to say to us about us getting a pig. 7.24.15"
For those who do not follow me on Instagram, let me share some background info:
This is our cat Panini and our (daughter's) pet mini-potbelly pig Hamlet.
We got Hamlet in May at 12 weeks old so this photo is after 2 months of him growing.

This is the first time I have ever scrapped Hamlet but plan to do so a lot more in the future! 
I created this for the "October Scrap Your Pet Challenge" over at
I did not include the twist of torn paper.
I didn't mean to exclude the twist, it's just sometimes I forget about it until after I'm finished w/ my layout. Some twists are easy to add in after the fact, some not-so-much.

I also challenged myself: I had the BG paper in my stash for quite a while now (about a year and 1/2) and had no idea what to do w/ it... I finally forced myself to figure it out!
So 2 challenges met and, most importantly, another layout created! Whoo-hoo!

Monday, September 28, 2015

09/28/15 - 1st Layout Since January

I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore so I am pretty sure I am just talking to myself but... JIC... Hello! Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Evening!
Today I am sharing the first scrapbook page I have made since January!
Drum roll please...........

Journaling:"Madi hates taking pictures but on this day, her thirteenth birthday, she let me.
I refer to that moment as: "A Birthday Miracle!"
I created the layout for 2 challenges over at
The "September Movie Challenge": use a movie as your inspiration.
I chose the movie "Thirteen" (came out in 2003.)
-and -
The "September Sticker Challenge": include stickers on your layout.
I used 10 stickers on this layout (not counting the title, which is also stickers).
Twist = use a number sticker.  My "number symbol" counted for the twist.

The Title can be read 2 different ways/has dual meaning: "number" Thirteen or "hashtag" Thirteen.
I'm not gonna lie, even though I enjoyed the process, there was some anxiety mixed in as well.
I am so out of practice that I felt like I couldn't get my groove!
It took 2 days to complete this layout.
I got the basic idea and put everything down and then walked away from it before deciding if it needed anything else. Day 1 was a whole lot of that!
Day 2 was the realization that I liked it pretty much the way it was, adding a few extra little touches and then getting it scanned, cropped, and uploaded.
I did make a few mistakes that I had to cover up, which lead to some of the sticker choices, LOL
Like I said I'm out of practice...
But overall, I am very happy w/ it!
Which then lead me to create another layout which, completely coincidentally, is also about a birthday; this time my son's.
Journaling: "Joseph loves archery, so for his 20th birthday we bought him some
shooting time at a local range. Since I'm uncoordinated and Madison is shy, David
volunteered to shoot w/ him."
A challenge was the inspiration for this layout as well:
The "Boys Will Be Boys" Challenge.
Create a layout about a boy/the boys in your life.
2 layouts in one weekend after almost a year of nothing?!
I'm hoping this means I'm back!
Only time will tell...
But I will say, I'm looking forward to the next time that I can scrap and I joined a couple of challenges on that require an actual commitment once you've signed up...
I'm hoping my new found excitement and the fact that I have made these commitments will allow me to churn out at least a couple more layouts!