Wednesday, January 18, 2017

01/18/17 - "You're An All Star"

Journaling: "1.15.17
Went shopping today...
Bought my first pair of Chucks.

This is significant because:
1. I'm 41 years old
2. I've always been a Vans fan

I went with all white; not sure if that makes me crazy or cool?"
The story behind this purchase:
We went to buy shoes for Madison. David saw some white Converse; a pair of shoes he's been wanting for a while but has been afraid to purchase because of his fear of getting them dirty.
Just for fun I decided to try a pair on.
David and I loved the way they looked on me so much I bought them!

*Got the Converse image off the internet


For the Following January Challenges:

>Music Challenge
Category #1 - Lyrics Challenge
I used the line "You're an All Star" from the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth

16 items
- Alphas (15)
- Project Life card

15 Stickers - all the Alphas

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

01/17/17 - January "Ugly Paper" Challenge ("Alice Through the Looking Glass")

For the January Ugly Paper Challenge.

Reminder of the rules:

1. After signing up, the host gives your name and address to another participant
2. The other participant sends you 2 "ugly" papers and at least one ugly embellishment
3. You MUST use both papers; the embellishment(s) is optional
4. You are allowed to use other items as well, as long as the 2 "ugly" papers are included in the layout
5. You are allowed to alter the papers and, if used, the embellishment(s) but they must still be recognizable

January "Uglies" 
Before I show you what I created I want to mention two things:
1. I'm not a huge fan of flowers on my layouts
2. I hate bulky embellishments
The embellishment I was given is BOTH of those things; flowers and bulky
My layout:
"Alice Through the Looking Glass"
Journaling: "Saturday May 28th, 2016
Had a "date" with Joseph, "Alice", and "The Mad Hatter".
I used both "uglies": the yellow pp as my BG and the green PP as the BG to my journaling card.
I also used part of the ugly embellishment.
I cut the ribbon into two small pieces and removed all but 1 of the flowers off of each of those pieces. I then glued a third flower (only) amongst the cluster I created w/ the embellishment pieces and some flower and butterfly stickers.
The gold in the poster of the photo was what grabbed my attention and made me think it would work well with the gold/yellow PP I was given. Then because it was an "Alice in Wonderland" themed page I thought that flowers would actually work even though I'm not a huge fan of flowers I wound up using quite a few to create a fun cluster!
BTW - I need to mention, that Alice In Wonderland PP and cut out is approximately 18 years old!
It is from Paper Pizazz and it is one of the first "book" of PPs I bought when I first started scrapping.
Also, the flowers and butterflies are over 10 years old.
So of course I had to enter this page in the "Hoarders" challenge!

Also included in the following January Challenges:
>Music Challenge
Category #2 - Song Title
I used the song title "Mad Hatter" by Melanie Martinez

>National _________ Day
January 15th - National Hat Day

>Sticker Challenge
I used 4 stickers
- Flowers (2)
- Butterflies (2)

>Hoarders (as mentioned above)
9 items
-The Alice PP and cutout (2)
...which are approximately 18 years old...
- The Flower and Butterfly Stickers (4)
...which are over 10 years old...
- buttons (2) least 2 years old...
- Project Life Card (1)
...approximately 5 years old...


Sunday, January 15, 2017

01/16/17 - MIM #80 (" Spotty's Patience")

How's your year going so far?
Today I'm sharing a super simple layout inspired by the second/current January "Make It Monday" sketch from the "The Memory Nest" blog.

MIM #80
 "Spotty's Patience"

Journaling: "January 8th, 2017
As a joke, David decided to vacuum Spotty. Spotty actually liked it! In fact he liked
it so much he waited patiently while David cleaned out the vacuum hose so
that he could get another session"

TBH the sketch overwhelmed me a bit; there's just so much "stuff" on it!
Not that I mind a lot of embellishments, it's just that usually when I use a lot of embellishments it's because creating the layout just kinda takes me's not criteria I am trying to meet.
I decided not to worry so much about matching all the little squares/photos/embellishment pieces in the sketch and just do what I normally do, which is to be inspired by the overall design.
IDK why I had thought I needed to detour from my norm?!
Besides the 3 photos which I choose to make up the majority of the layout I also used 2 Project Life cards: 1 as a whole for journaling and the other I cut up to use as an embellishment in 2 separate areas of the layout. I added a few theme related stickers and I was finished!
I didn't include a title because I liked the look of the layout just fine the way it was...and besides, who says you have to have a title on every layout? The photos and journaling certainly explain the story!
Now it's time for you to share a story w/ us!
You have until January 31st to submit a layout using this sketch or sketch #79!

Friday, January 6, 2017

01/06/17 - December "Ugly Paper" Challenge ("Selfie Stick Fun")

For the December Ugly Paper Challenge.

Reminder of the rules:

1. After signing up, the host gives your name and address to another participant
2. The other participant sends you 2 "ugly" papers and at least one ugly embellishment
3. You MUST use both papers; the embellishment(s) is optional
4. You are allowed to use other items as well, as long as the 2 "ugly" papers are included in the layout
5. You are allowed to alter the papers and, if used, the embellishment(s) but they must still be recognizable

December "Uglies" 
and my completed layout:
"Selfie Stick Fun"
Journaling: "Joseph and Me trying out my new selfie stick before heading to the
Breast Cancer 5k walk.
I almost didn't get this done because my December was more chaotic then I thought it would be!
I created and uploaded this to the challenge thread on December 30th; December 31st was the due date.
I was happy not only to have it done, but to be done in time to join January's "Ugly Paper" Challenge (you'll see that in a future post)!
The "Ugly Paper" Challenge is one of my favorites!
This layout was also influenced by the December "Music Challenge"
This was for Category #4: Song - The inspiration song was Silent Night.
I used the lyric "Mother and Child" from the song.
I also included the *twist* of a black BG

Also included in the following December Challenges:

>Sticker Challenge
28 Used:
-Alphas (26)
-journaling/file tab
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using stickers off of 3 different sticker sheets.

31 items:
-Alphas (26)
-"Hope" sticker
-journaling/file tab sticker
*INCLUDES TWIST(s)* of using 12 or more hoarded items AND an old tool: I used my hexagon punch

Monday, January 2, 2017

01/02/17 - MIM #79 ("Snapchat/Hog Heaven")

Happy New Year!
Happy 2017!
Happy First Monday of the year!
Happy First "Make It Monday" of the year!
Today MIM Sketch #79 is up live over at the "The Memory Nest" blog:
Here is my layout - 
"Snapchat/Hog Heaven"
Journaling: "December 14th, 2016
Snapchat creates a pig filter!"
As the "grandmother" of a mini-pig I was very excited to discover they made a pig filter.
If you do not have Snapchat then you don't know that sometimes when they create a new filter it's only available for a day...
So not only was I very happy to discover they made a pig filter but I was excited that I found it when it was actually still available!
So of course, I made sure to snap and save some photos for my scrapbook!
As for the sketch, I was shocked to discover I had no large chevron print patterned papers!
I looked through my stash, new and old, and came up empty!
So I decided instead to just copy the basic design concept of the sketch.
I used and old piece of PP that had been sitting in my stash for years and finished the layout off w/ a scattering of stickers that related to the theme.
Overall it was an easy layout to create.
Honestly most of my time was taken looking for a piece of chevron paper, LOL!
Now it's your turn; you have until January 31st, 2017 to play!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

12/31/16 - "I'm Not The Same"

Just a real quick post on this New Years Eve!
If you don't see me in real life or follow me on Instagram, then you don't already know I went blonde.
I decided after many years of wanting to do I to just it!
I started off slow and gradual, but by the time I went to my last appointment I was tired of "slow and gradual" and borrowed a phrase from Nike when talking to my hairdresser...
I told her "Just Do It"!
And she did!
Since this is the last day of 2016, I figure it was a great time to share a glimpse of all the changes my hair went through this year...
So here it is!
"I'm Not The Same"

The title came from a lyric in the song that was chosen for me in the "December Musical Inspiration" challenge.
The song that I was given was "Where Are You Christmas" from the life-action version of the movie "The Grinch".
As you can see I went very non-Christmas w/ my layout!

I also participated in the "Scraplift the Person Before You" challenge and this was the layout I drew inspiration from:

Well there you have it...
My last Blog post of 2016!
And my final scrapbook page count of 2016 = 68!
Not too shabby!
Happy New Year my friends!


Also entered in the following December challenges:

>Sticker Challenge
22 Used:
-Alphas (16)
-"tres tres chic"
-black and white strip
-flower cluster
-"remember this"
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using stickers off of 3 different sticker sheets; I used 4

2 items:
-The plain red paper
-the glasses

>Scrap W/ Your Scraps
1 Used
-The heart PP

Monday, December 19, 2016

12/19/16 MIM #77

I'm late!
I hate to admit it but I screwed up December's Design Team projects!
I got confused and I did the 2nd sketch for the month first instead of the 1st sketch.
This means I wasn't able to post anything for the reveal on 12/02/16.
Last Monday's post, 12/12/16, was for the second sketch of the month, but since I really love the first one also, and even though the reveal has already happened, I decided to create a layout w/ the sketch anyway!
I'm sharing it w/ you today.
First the sketch:
  MIM #77:
I created my layout w/ a flipped version of the sketch so let me share that w/ you so you have a visual: 
And now here's my layout:
"(Christmas) Faves"
Journaling: "Christmas Favorites:
Song: "Last Christmas" by Wham - Movie: "Elf"
December 2016"
The layout was also heavily inspired by the following December Challenges:
>National _____ Day
--- 1 of 3 challenges I'm hosting ---
Inspired by December 18th "Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day"
*NO TWIST* None given
>Music Challenge - Category 3: Artist
I chose Wham
The name "Wham" is in the top photo and I used it in my journaling.
-I used a self-adhesive gold bow embellishment

>Movie Challenge
*INCLUDES TWIST"* of using a Christmas movie
-I used "Elf"
Even though I'm late, the challenge is still up and you have until December 31st to play, so please go check it out: The Memory Nest.
Also including in the following December Challenges:

>Sticker Challenge
Used 12
-Alphas (5)
-Snowflakes (3)
-Self-adhesive bow
-Word stickers (2) - "remember" and "enjoy"
-File Label/Journaling
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using stickers off of 3 different
- I used stickers off of 5 different sheets

>Scrap W/ Your Scraps
I used 1
The green paper peeking out from behind the photos

-BG paper, Snowflakes (4), Alphas (5), Word Stickers (2)
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using 12 Hoarded items