Monday, September 26, 2016

09/26/16 - "You Had Me At..."

I actually created a layout.
I should re-phrase that...I actually created a layout I like!
Only the second layout I have created in the past 2 months; the first that I've liked.
I created my layout for the following 2 September challenges:
-In This Corner
The challenge requires "the use of background paper that has a pre-printed design in one or more corners".
The swirls all over the side, corner, and bottom of the paper I used are pre-printed
*Includes twist of using something old and something new (if adhesive counts)!
All the items on here are old except for the adhesive which I bought 2 weeks ago.
- Food Challenge
(A photo of actual food is not required)
*Includes Twist of Scrapping "your favorite food or favorite type of food"
Mine is "Pumpkin Spice" flavored foods!
Here is the before of the "corner" paper:
Before ...............................
(This has been in my stash since 9/2008)!
"You Had Me At Pumpkin Spice"
"Target find -$12.99
9.18.16 - My new favorite shirt about my favorite food:
Pumpkin Spice Everything!
Yes, I am one of those people.
I love Pumpkin/Pumpkin Spice flavored foods/goodies!
I look forward to Pumpkin/Pumpkin Spice Season every year!
If you want to see how bad my "obsession" is, check out my alternate Instagram Account (you'll have to scroll to see some of the photos I'm referring to):

Also for the following September Challenges:

-Hoarders Challenge
Like I said, everything on here is old. The BG paper is so old I can't even estimate when I bought it!
Everything else has been in my stash for (AT LEAST) a year.
*No Twist

-Sticker Challenge
I used 7:
-6 Alphas
-1 Pumpkin
*No Twist

Monday, September 19, 2016

09/19/16 - MIM #72

I know I've been MIA for a while; I've even missed a couple of Design Team projects!
I've had absolutely no scrappy mojo and w/ Summer being so busy it was difficult to find time to scrap when the ideas weren't readily flowing...(plus my printer wasn't working for a bit ::sigh::).
I can't say for sure I'll be around much as my mojo is still pretty non-existent, for instance I'm not a fan of the page I'm sharing today, but I certainly hope I will be around more than I have been!

As for today, I bring you "Make it Monday" sketch #72 from "The Memory Nest":

"High School - 1st Day"
That's correct: Madi, my baby, is now in High School!
She started her first day w/blue hair and a smile... the blue hair will most definitely fade, but here's hoping that smile doesn't!

If you want to play along you have until the end of the month!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

08/01/16 - MIM #67

Hi and Happy August!
Last month "The Memory Nest" had 4 sketches instead of the usual 2.
The same will happen this month.
Today I bring you "Make it Monday" Sketch #67.
Last day for entries = August 30th 2016.


"Our 15th" 
Journaling: "Our fifteenth anniversary included our traditional trip to Vegas.
We saw "Carrot Top" for the 2nd time, the 1st was for our 11th anniversary, and
ate at a new-to-us restaurant called "Rice and Company". Both were at the Luxor
and both were great! 7.17.16 /Anniversary = 7.16.16"

As you can see I didn't use many triangles on my layout.
I am not a triangle person...circles are my favorite shape and you have seen/will see them a lot on my layouts!
Incorporating the triangles into my layout was difficult for me, but I did include the large one on the bottom right, which doubles as a place to hold our tickets from the show, and I punched some smaller triangles that I added to the opposite corner to balance out the layout.

Fun fact: I bought the triangle punch a couple of years ago and this is the first time I've used it!                                           

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

07/27/16 - "Get Messy - Season of Introspection"

Today I am sharing a few of pages I created for the "Get Messy Season of Introspection".
Before I share them I would like to share some blog links of previous pages I made:
The first 2 pages that I created and shared are here (clickable link): "Getting Messy...Again"
And this page, although not very full of "introspection", was inspired by a prompt from the "Season" so I count it (clickable link): "I Wish"
Okay, on to what I came here to share (photos plus their Instagram captions - the "@" addresses are clickable also if your interested in doing so):
"I Am Groot"
My creation based on @getmessyartjournal Art Prompt No. 2 from Week 1; as suggested by @dansmoncrane....  I can't share the actual prompt but I will say it had something to do with ink blots. We're supposed to be getting all deep and "Introspection"-like, but nah... I see a Disney character, LOL!

I saw the photo in a magazine and had an instant love for it! I ripped it out and glued it into my art journal with no idea what to do with it. A few days later I came across an art journal page on IG created by @mkranthony and her words summed up my feelings perfectly and went so well with the photo! I borrowed some of her journaling and added some of my own to finish my page. Thank you Molly for the inspiration/the final "piece" that helped me to finish this page!
"Rose Colored Glasses"
 (This may be) my last page for the @GetMessyArtJournal "Season of Introspection".
This was inspired not by a specific prompt but by the idea of Introspection in general (despite what I wrote at the bottom of the page; just realized the error); most of my pages for this season were like that! I did not draw the sunglasses; it is a photo from the internet. Since joining "Get Messy" I've discovered I'm more of a "journalist" than an "artist"... but I'm okay with that. I still enjoy the creative process of making "art journal" pages! The "Season of Introspection" is officially over. I'm looking forward to the next "season" as its theme is something I absolutely love! If you're thinking "food?"... you're wrong, but great guess, LOL! You'll find out soon enough! 😉


That makes 6 pages created for the season...
Which isn't as much as I would have liked but more than I did last Season (I did zero last season)! 
Despite the lack of quantity of pages created, I still enjoyed the process of creating and the finished product!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

07/26/16 - July "Ugly Paper" Challenge (and MIM #66)

It's "Ugly Paper Time" again!
(A Monthly Challenge)
A reminder of how the challenge works:
1. After signing up, the host gives your name and address to another participant
2. The other participant sends you 2 "ugly" papers and at least one ugly embellishment
3. You MUST use both papers; the embellishment(s) is optional
4. You are allowed to use other items as well, as long as the 2 "ugly" papers are included in the layout
5. You are allowed to alter the papers and, if used, the embellishment(s) but they must still be recognizable
Here are my July "ugly" papers and embellishment:

My layout:
"7.21.16 - Stop, Drop, and Selfie"
Journaling: 7.21.16 - Challenged to "Stop, Drop, and Selfie" on Instagram - B&W Edition.
Included the B&W and colored version here."

The flowers were punched out of the 2 "ugly" papers.
The "ugly" embellishment, which is a fishing rod w/ a fish attached, was cut in half and used as a border: part of it in between the photos and the other part under the right hand photo w/ the journaling strips covering the fish.

I was "afraid" of the papers, and embellishment, when I first got them (YIKES!)...but once I thought of making flowers out of the papers, the layout came together really quick!
I didn't think I would use the embellishment but played around w/ it until I found a way to make it work; cutting it apart and covering some of it up definitely made it easier!


And since I have no smooth segue for this...
I'll just get right to the point:

As I mentioned before ( post ), there are 4 sketches to play w/ this month over at the "The Memory Nest Blog".
The Design Team was divided into 2 teams and each team is responsible for 2 sketches.
I mentioned I would try to complete all 4 sketches but if I couldn't I would at least share the ones I didn't complete w/ you.
Here is Team #2's Second "Make It Monday" sketch for July (which I wasn't responsible for and didn't complete a layout for):
 "MIM Sketch #66"
It's a great sketch and I really wish I had, had time to create something for it.
To see the Design Team creations click here: MIM #66
You have until July 31st to submit your entry.


My layout was also included in the following July Challenges:

18 hoarded items:
-buttons (17)
-flower punch

3 total:
-fishing pole
-journaling strips (2)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

07/20/16 - "I Wish" (An Art Journal Page)

I realize I'm behind on sharing my art journal pages again...
It's so hard to keep up w/ my creative side when I have to work 10 hours every day.
(I'm kidding/not kidding)
If I had more free time I would be so much more creative and/or at least be able to keep up w/ sharing my creations!

I need to create a blog post w/ all my most recent art journal pages.
Until I do that I at least want to share what I created today:

"I Wish"

It's nothing fancy...
Just 2 of my favorite things:
1. Art Journaling (via magazine cut-outs) and
2. Song Lyrics

In this case 2 songs w/ the same title: "I Wish"
Skee-Lo's 1995 version and Cher Lloyd's 2013 version.

May seem random but my thought process went like this:
  Saw photos of "skee-ball" > thought of "Skee-Lo" > thought of his song "I Wish" > thought of Cheryl Lloyd's version of "I Wish"> created art journal page

Art journaling doesn't need to be complicated...
Neither does the creative process.
Sometimes my most favorite pages are the fast and simple ones!

And for some added fun here are the videos for the 2 songs referenced in this page:


Cher Lloyd:

Curious to know if your familiar w/ either (or both songs)?

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 18, 2016

07/18/16 - MIM #65

Sketch #3 of 4 this month at "The Memory Nest" blog.
- "Make it Monday" sketch #65.
You have until July 31st to upload your take on this and/or any of the other 3 sketches this month to win a prize!
 MIM #65
"(Our Christmas Photos) - 2003"
Christmas in July?
Well that IS a "thing"...
But I didn't create this layout w/ that in mind.
I just happen to come across these photos while doing some organizing; it's amazing what you can find when you actually get organized!
I found them comical...
We all look so young and I look so much, um... "thicker" than I am now... LOL
Everything on this layout is super old stash (I'm talking like at least 4 years old!) - except for the journaling block and the 2 yellow and green snowflake stickers and the1 red flower.
Which leads me to share a couple of "interesting" facts about me (as it relates to this post):
-   I'm not a fan of holidays, including (especially) Christmas.
I hardly have any photos of Christmas and detest Christmas scrapbooking papers/kits, because I have no real use for them.
The winter kits aren't much use for me either because we don't live where there is a "real" winter.
- Once Madi started school, and therefore started having yearly (school) photos taken, we stopped getting our photos professionally taken.
David and I figured w/ the school photos and all the photos I take, their wasn't much of a need for the "formal" photos. 
Both those facts make these photos "rare gems"!
BTW - question time:
I included the ages of the kids and had originally included mine and David's ages as well, but then took them off; it just seemed weird to me.
I'm again second-guessing myself w/ that choice.
What would you do in this situation:
would you include the ages of you and your spouse?