Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MIM Sketch #58 (Late Post)

I've been super busy and have just made enough time to squeeze in a bit of scrapping here and there... which explains my absence from commenting on your blog posts (sorry!).
Today I'm really quick-like sharing a layout I created using an old "The Memory Nest - Make it Monday" sketch.
I have confession to make...
The reason I am sharing an "old sketch" is because I missed the deadline date of creating my layout in time for the original blog post to go live!
I have been on 5 Design Teams, "The Memory Nest" included, and I have NEVER missed a deadline!
I felt so bad!
It was just a mix up of dates on my part.
Luckily my "Blog-Boss-Lady", Leslie, is wonderful and understanding and I didn't get "fired"! LOL!
I told her I still wanted to create a layout w/ the sketch because I don't like not completing DT assignments. She told me when I completed my layout, I should not only post it on my blog, but also send it to her to post on "The Memory Nest" blog w/ her layout, that she still needed to complete.
Soooo...if you get a chance, visit the blog to check out her layout as well!
Without further ado here is sketch #58:
And my take:
"Who's That Girl"
Journaling: "Getting Madi's hair done inspired me to do the same so on 3.19.16 the process to get my hair summer ready began. I was nervous, then shocked, then happy! Oh yeah, and I got my nose pierced on St. Patrick's Day (night)!
Hair by Amber @The Glam Box Salon/Piercing by Karloss @Cool Cat Tattoo"

It's hard to see but in the 2nd photo I have a "diamond" stud in my nose.
So to assist you w/ getting the full picture (no pun intended) I have included a close up shot of the "after" photo:
BTW - this isn't the last you'll be seeing of that piercing... just a heads up!
Also included in the following May Challenges:
For the following May Challenges:

>MAY Movie Challenge
(Which I'm hosting)
Movie = "Who's That Girl" - Madonna 1987
No Twist

>May Music Challenge
Category = Song Title
"Who's That Girl" - Madonna 1987
No Twist

> May ~Four Categories Challenge~
Category #1 Stickers
Use at least one non-alphabet/number sticker on a page.
*Includes twist - Flower sticker

>May Sticker Challenge
Used 14 stickers -
- Alpha Stickers for Title =12
-"Hey There"
- Flower sticker
*Includes Twist - Flower Sticker

>HOARDERS Challenge
Used 5 hoarded items:
-The 2 Washi tapes
-The Flower Sticker
-The alpha letters (2 different sets)

>May Scrap With Your Scraps Challenge
The white "Photo Mat/Title Backing/Journaling spot is from my scrap stash

Monday, May 16, 2016

05/16/16 - MIM #60

Good morning!
It's time for another "Make It Monday" sketch from "The Memory Nest".
This is the second sketch of the month:

Sketch #60 - You have until the end of May to submit a layout to be in the running for a prize: 

Journaling: "Hamlet tipping his "ball pit" to get to his treats; too lazy to climb all 
the way in. Eventually he climbed in when he realized his treats were not coming to
him like the balls were! 4.27.16"

(For those who don't know and can't tell,  Hamlet is a mini-potbelly pig.)

This page was created mostly w/ scraps leftover from one of my favorite scrapbook kits: Happy Tails by Bo Bunny.
The title letters and all the PPs, except the BG, are from the kit.
I still have some full pages of paper left but I challenged myself to use only scraps on this layout.
It was a fun extra challenge for myself...
It ended up in a layout that I absolutely LOVE!!!!!!


Also included in the following Challenges:

>"NSD The Paws Have It (Pet-Themed) Challenge"

>"May Scrap With Your Scraps Challenge" - I used 3 scraps:
-The black polka-dotted paper
-The blue diamond paper
-The yellow paper

> "May HOARDERS Challenge" - 7 items:
Everything on this page, except the file tab sticker, is over a year-and-a-half old

>"May Sticker Challenge" - I used 10
-Alphas = 8
-The turquoise file tab
-The utensil banner


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

05/04/16 - April "Gallery Inspiration" Challenge

My layout for the April "Gallery Inspiration" Challenge over at
This was the inspiration layout chosen for me:
 "My Little Girl" Link: My Little Girl
 And my layout:
"What  Are You Gonna Do About it?"
"Panini knows she's not allowed on the table, but took advantage of the fact that my usually clean table is a bit cluttered right now and hid amongst the "mess".
Look at that face.... even after I found her she still gave me that defiant "what are you
gonna do about it?" look.  Not gonna lie, I did absolutely nothing, LOL!
The original layout is beautiful and I love all the inking and colors and layers!
So that's the features I chose as the inspiration for my layout.
However, I'm not very good at inking so I did minimal.
Unfortunately I don't like the way it came out: the yellow dried to an ugly shade (as far as inking is concerned) and the stencil shape shows up to much... I didn't want viewers to be able to tell I used a rectangle shaped stencil...but oh well... nothing I can do about it now!
The layering was fun, as I enjoy layering and frequently use it on my layouts.
But I had a little bit of trouble this time around...
I'm pretty sure it's because I waited until the deadline day to create my layout; talk about pressure, LOL!
I really wanted to use MORE layers to better mimic the original, but time didn't permit.
Overall I'm pleased.
My favorite part, besides the photo?  That "devil cat"! :0)

Also included in the following April Challenges:

>"Scrap Your Pet" -Includes twist of "journaling; at least one sentence.

>"Use Your Scraps" - I used 3 scraps:
-The black
-The yellow and white (under the photo)
-The large orange circle

> "Hoarders" - 4 items:
-The "Moments in Time" 6x6 card under the photo
-The "devil cat" card
-The "Meow" sticker
-The orange cat sticker

>"Use Your Stickers" - 4 sticker used:
-The cork arrow
-The pink heart
-The "Meow"
-The orange cat

Monday, May 2, 2016

05/02/16 - MIM #59

Good morning!
It's time for another "Make It Monday" sketch from "The Memory Nest".
Sketch #59 - You have until the end of May to submit a layout to be in the running for a prize:

Such a fun sketch and it got me to use my Hexagon punch that I was SO excited to buy, a few years ago, but have only used twice (funny how that happens):

"It's It"
Journaling: "During our last trip to San Francisco I tried 2 new (to me) flavors of "It's-It"s:
Cappuccino and Pumpkin and I also had my fave: Mint!

My husband and I recently spent a 4-day weekend in San Francisco.
Besides the beautiful scenery, weather, and lots of alone time, I REALLY enjoyed eating some It's-Its!
I wound up having 3 while we were out there, including 2 new (to me) flavors.
There are 6 flavor options total: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint, Cappuccino, and Pumpkin
I've now had all of them except the Strawberry.
You can find It's-It's out here where I live, but they're difficult to find and they usually only have 2 flavor choices: vanilla and mint.
So when going to San Francisco there's always a bit of excitement knowing that they will be readily available just about anywhere and that there will be more flavor options.
We had the Cappuccino-flavor for dinner on Saturday night (the day we got there), the Pumpkin-flavor for Breakfast on Sunday morning, and the Mint-flavor for Dessert on Monday night...
Yup ice-cream for dinner and breakfast; that's when you know you're on vacation, LOL!
BTW - in case you don't know what an It's-It is, here's a brief explanation:

In 1928, a celebrated San Francisco tradition began.  George Whitney placed a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream between two freshly baked large old-fashioned oatmeal cookies, and then dipped the sandwich into fine dark chocolate.  The delicious combination of savory sweetness was declared by all to be “IT!”  That how the IT’S-IT Ice Cream Sandwich was born and got its unforgettable name, being sold in droves exclusively in San Francisco’s own legendary Playland-at-the-Beach for over four decades.
Here's the link to their website if you would like to read more:

A couple of "fun" facts - I hate oatmeal cookies but in an It's-It I find them to be delicious!
Also cookies are my favorite dessert ever, with brownies being a very close second, ice-cream is low on that list...
My husband and I were discussing how whenever we eat an It's -It, it is always PERFECT:
The ice cream is never too hard and the cookies are never soggy!
It's the perfect blend of soft and crunchy and sweet!

Writing this makes me want one now...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

04/27/16 - April "Round Robin" Challenge

As you know I participate in a lot of challenges over at
One of my favorites is the "Ugly Paper" challenge; I shared April's layout a couple of blog posts prior to this one: April "Ugly" Paper
I have another favorite called the "Round Robin" challenge.
I've also shared a layout from a past challenge on my blog: March "Round Robin" Challenge
Here is a brief explanation of the challenge:
"There are teams of 4 people, one person for each week, similar to a relay race. The person assigned for week 1 in each group will start their team off with a layout depending on what the specs and twist will be. Then the following week, everyone assigned to week 2 will lift off their week 1 team member and so on. It's fun to see how a lift progresses from the first week to the fourth."
I am sharing w/ you my creation for the April Round Robin challenge, but unlike the last time I shared, I am the last person on my team instead of the first.
In order to get an idea of what inspired my layout I will share the proceeding layouts as well.
The first 4 images were NOT created by me:
Starting Inspiration - Twist = Includes Negative Space:
Week #1:
 -Inspired by the colors of the original image-
Week #2:
Week #3:
Mine - Week #4:
"San Francisco  4.16-4.19/2016"
Golden Gate Bridge
China Town
Fisherman's Wharf
Union Square
Pier 39 - Sea Lions
Boudin Bakery
Bay Bridge

Sight Seeing
Food &
Quality Time

Long weekend getaway
San Francisco 4.6-4.19/2016"


As I was writing this post I realized, tt's been such a long time since I've done an actual blog challenge.
I think it's because not only do Challenges keep me busy, but there is more traffic there than on my blog...
Participating in challenges were there is more/frequent interaction inspires me (obviously)!
Included in the following additional April Challenges:

>"Round Robin" - I am #4 (last week) for my team
*Includes twist of negative space

>"Four Categories" Challenge - Category #4 ~ Theme: April Showers
"Rain, baths, lakes, oceans, rivers, pools… Create a LO with at least one photo that has water in it. "
No Twist

>"Sticker" Challenge - I used 6
*Includes twist of using 4 or more stickers from the same package
-"Today" (with bridge)*
- Anchor *
-"Make Memories"
-"Great Times"*
-Polaroid Camera*

> "Hoarder" challenge - film strip washi tape
No Twist

>"Use Your Scraps" - The black paper is from my scrap stash
No Twist  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

04/26/16 - April "Ugly Paper" Challenge

 It's "Ugly Paper Time"!
 (A Monthly Challenge)
A reminder of how the challenge works:
1. After signing up, the host gives your name and address to another participant
2. The other participant sends you 2 "ugly" papers and at least one ugly embellishment
3. You MUST use both papers; the embellishment(s) is optional
4. You are allowed to use other items as well, as long as the 2 "ugly" papers are included in the layout
5. You are allowed to alter the papers and, if used, the embellishment(s) but they must still be recognizable
Here are my April "ugly" papers (and embellishments) and what I created w/ them:  
 "My Monkey Man"

The Monkey Paper (BG) and Blue/Multi-color Paper the photos are on are the ugly papers.
I also used 2 of the stickers from the "ugly" sticker sheet I was sent:
The black and white circle behind the wood button (it was originally a speedometer but I covered it w/ the button to hide that)
The "Non Stop" sticker on the right-hand side.

Funny story about this layout.
The day before I received the papers my husband sent me some "selfies" he took at work.
He was hot and bored which is why he took the "selfies" (and why he's frowning in one of them).

Then next day I received my papers and I chuckled to myself.
When my husband got home I told him how the photos he had just sent me the day before were perfect for the papers I received: his monkey face and the blue/graffiti style paint in the BG of his photos were the PERFECT match!
And despite the fact that it really is a very simple layout, I love the way it looks!
As I expected the combo was perfect and throwing in a few "manly" embellishments rounded it out nicely!

Also included in the following April challenges:
>"Sticker" - I used 24
-Letter stickers (17)
-Word stickers (4) *
-(Covered) speedometer
-Heart *
-Pointing hand *
*Includes twist of using 4 stickers from the same package

>"Use Your Scraps" - The black circle is from my scrap stash
>"Hoarders" challenge - All the "Dapper Dan" Products are Hoarded items:


Monday, April 25, 2016

04/25/16 - Beer and Justin Timberlake

Hi there!
It's been a while since I posted...I've been busy but I have managed to sneak in a bit of scrappy time.
Here's a couple of my most recent pages: 
"Butter Beer Fail"
  Journaling: It was Madison & David's first trip to Harry Potter World. It was also their first taste of Butter Beer. I was excited for them to try it because I love it so much! But neither of them cared for it so I wound up drinking all 3 of them! 3.21.2016"

*I'm a bit irritated with this layout because I accidentally wrinkled the edge of the purple paper at the top! Ugh! * 

For those who don't know what Butter Beer is, its a drink that Harry Potter and his friends drank in the movies.
To simplify it, its basically like a Butterscotch Float (like a root beer float but with Butterscotch instead of root beer).
In the movie it had a bit of alcohol so that's where the "beer" part of the name comes from.
In the real world there's no alcohol in it at all...
Which is why my daughter can drink it.
But it looks like beer with its brown coloring and white frothy top. So its funny to see so many people, including lots of children, walking around drinking it.

If you want more detail check out this link:

Below the photo of the 3 of us I included 2 stickers from a Harry Potter scrapbook sticker sheet I recently purchased:
The "Welcome" -and-
The Harry Potter Glasses and Lightning Bolt border
I can't wait to use the rest of my HP items on future layouts, cuz (you know) I have lots more photos to scrap!

"The 20/20 Experiment"
 Journaling:"11.28.14 - Justin Timberlake.
An amazing concert; I was impressed! Thanks to my husband for such a great birthday gift!"
*I have since added the word: Vegas to the layout since I forgot to include it in my original journaling.*
My birthday is actually in October, but I love Justin Timberlake so when David saw he would be playing in Vegas, he bought me the tickets early, in August, as a "late" birthday present.
So for me I got to kinda got to celebrate my birthday 3 times: August, October, and November.
Not bad for someone who doesn't usually celebrate her birthday at all!
It was definitely a present worth waiting for!
As I said in my journaling: Justin put on an amazing show!

I have 3 more layouts to share but I'll share them in their own, separate posts.
"Butter Beer":
For the following April Challenges:

> "Multi-pic" - Must have at least 3 Photos

> "4 Categories" - Category: Color
Color = Purple and Gray
- Also includes twist of wood
The button is wood

>"Sticker" - I used 19 stickers:
The alpha letters (14)
The journaling/filing labels (2)
The heart
The "Welcome"
The Harry Potter Glasses and Lightning Bolt border
No twist

>"Hoarders" - the following items were hoarded items:
The heart sticker
The alpha letters
The 2 purple papers
The journaling/filing labels
No twist
 "The 20/20 Experiment":
For the following April Challenges:

> "Music" Challenge - Category #3 Artist.
Obviously mine is Justin Timberlake
Includes twist of Journaling - At least 2 sentences

> "Four Categories" Challenge - Category #3 Technique/Negative Space
Includes twist of including "a number other than the date"
My title has numbers in it: 20/20

>"Sticker" Challenge - I used 5
Includes twist of using 4 or more stickers from the same package
1. Star sticker (at the bottom right of the JT photo)
2. Blue tab*
3. Orange heart*
4. B&W heart*
5. "Dreams Do Come True"*

> "Hoarder" challenge - The Project Life card (journaling)