Friday, August 29, 2014

08/29/14 - Art Journaling

Hey there!
I just wanted to stop in and say "hi"
and show you what I've been up to.
As you know, I have had a lot less time to scrapbook...
Not a bad thing since my time has been taken up by other enjoyable activities, namely spending more quality time w/ David and the kids and taking care of them and our lives.
However, I admit I was missing the whole creative outlet that scrapping provided me.
The thing about scrapbooking is, as much fun as it is, it also requires a lot of work. Think about it, you have to think of at least a basic plan for the page, maybe even sketch it out, and dig through all your supplies and pull out what you need, and after making the page, however long that takes, you have to clean it all up.
Luckily I have a room mainly devoted to my scrap hobby so I don't HAVE to clean it up after, but I personally hate messes so I always do.
So what is a person to do when they want to be creative w/out all the work?
Art Journaling!
Yup I did it, I jumped on the art journaling bandwagon.
I know what you're thinking: "Oh okay, yeah another project she will never complete". I know because I thought it too, because let's face it I am "the Queen of Unfinished Projects"!
But that's the beauty in this...It's not a "project", it doesn't have any kind of deadline whats-so-ever! I just do it when the mood strikes and I have time. Sure my time is limited, but because it doesn't require a lot of prep or supplies, I can actually fit it in to my free time! Yay!
If you don't mind, I'd like to show you what I've done so far. 
And, if you do mind, well too bad... this is MY blog! Hahahahahahahaha!
(Click on images to enlarge)
Pg1 - "Simple Intro Page"
Pg2 - "About Me"
Pg 3 - "Groot"
(scanned a bit blurry)
(If I can get my hands on some additional colored sharpies I may go back and color him in)
 Pg 4 - "Belle"
Madison says she looks like a rabbit w/ it's ears down
I can't argue w/ that, LOL!

(I need to add the date)
Pg 5 -"Starbucks"
If you recall I tried the whole Smash Book thing.
I wanted to like it, I really, really did... but I found the fact that the pages were patterened limited my choices when it came to creating a page. I don't scrap in chronological order but I need any finished "books" I have to be in order and a lot of times the next patterned page in the book did not fit w/ anything that I had that would date-wise fit chronologically in the book! That set my OCD into high gear! Ughhh! I'm having anxiety just thinking about it, LOL! 
The other thing I didn't like about it was it felt way too much like scrapbooking! I was already scrapbooking... I didn't need to do it again somewhere else!
So I gave it up! 

I then came across Art Journaling on IG and I was immediately intriqued!
Blank pages and the ability to create what I wanted when I wanted without a deadline?!?
Sign me up please! 
I'm not sure all I'm going to include...
I'm definitely going to be doing my favorite things: writing and drawing (something I did a lot as a child and as a teenager), and I may do a little bit of scrapbooking, but on a much smaller scale...
but I am also hoping to expand and try new techniques.

I am really excited and loving it so far!
I received my art journal on Thursday 8/21 and a little over a week later I have already filled up 5 pages.
I don't know if I will be able to keep up the creative momentum but, whether this takes me a month or 10 years to complete, it will be something I know I can "finish" and that I will enjoy while I'm doing it!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

08/23/14 - "Doing What They Do Best"

Hi there!
A really quick post to share a layout I created for the latest challenge over at {Pin}spirational Challenges.
Their inspiration piece is this super adorbs photo!
Awwwwww....just melts your heart right?
I love fur-babies!!!
And that cat totally looks like my kitty...errrr, I daughter's kitty!
Here is what I was inspired to create (click on picture to enlarge)!
"What They Do Best"
Yup, sleeping is what Panini and Ivanna do best!
Close second is eating, LOL!
Love them!

Monday, August 11, 2014

08/11/14 - "Me and My Luv"

Hello and Happy Monday to you!
How goes it?!
This past weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday; his birthday being on Saturday!
We had a fun, busy weekend but I was able to squeeze in a bit of scrapping!
Before I share my layout w/ you I want to share where I received my inspiration.
Over at "Pixels and Paper" they have this colorful picture:
The picture reminded my of a colorful piece of PP that I had in my stash so I dug it out. Also the paper has word bubbles on it and the shape of those word bubbles reminded me of the roundness of the sheep!
After picking out the paper I had to decide what picture(s) to scrap.
That's where my next inspiration came in; from "Pinspirational Challenges":
So thanks to the 2 inspiration pieces I came up w/ this!
"Me and My Luv - 5.11.2014"
Journaling: "At the pool. Excalibur - Vegas 5.11.14"
Pictures of David and me at our "Home Away From Home": Vegas!
Not only is the color of the BG paper perfect for the pictures...but I threw in a "playing card" card from my Project Life kit to help tie in the Vegas theme.
I also doodled around the word bubbles that I felt pertain to the day and us in general (you know how much I love doodling!):
"Kindred Spirit/So Alike",
"Best Day",
"Besties/So True!",  and
"Let's Have Some Fun/Yay!"
And just a little fun tidbit... the washi tape on this layout comes from this:
I received it for last year for Christmas but I just barely opened it!  I'm not sure why because I love Washi Tape and I love this dispenser!
Honestly I think it comes from my not wanting to open new things because then they are no longer "new" LOL! I have scrapbooking kits that are unopen for the same reason.
That's a bit OCD isn't it?
Anyway, it's open and I look forward to using it more in the future! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

08/05/14 - 1st Day

Hi there!
Well, yesterday was Madison's 1st day of school.
She is now in the 7th grade.
I say this every year, and every year I mean it...she is growing up way too fast!
Part of me is so happy to see her growing and thriving and becoming her own person and another part is like "stop it, slow the heck down!" LOL!
She is my baby so watching her grow is a little harder on me than watching my son grow, although that was pretty hard too!  Also, she's a girl and I think it's human nature to feel more protective of our daughters than our sons. I think for the most part we tend to feel the need to let our boys grow into men and to push them to leave the nest...whereas our daughters need to be held on to and protected just a little bit longer.
Well, maybe that's just me...
It was weird though not having a first day of school picture of Joseph this year, after 12 years of taking one!
I wasn't there to take Madison to school since I had to leave for work before she had to leave for school, so David took her picture. He sent it to me and the first things I thought were: "Wow, she looks so grown up and pretty!" and "I can't wait to scrap it!" Hahahahahahaha!
The problem is I did have to wait since I was at work.
But when I got home, while my husband was busy watching wrestling, I decided to see if I could come up w/ something.  My mojo has been coming and going so as excited as I was to scrap the picture, I wasn't sure I could come up w/ anything...or anything I actually liked!
But I did! And here it is!
"1st Day of  7th Grade"
I used a lot of old product on here...some of it over 5 years old!
What I am most excited about was that I used some of an old "Grade School" paper pack (BG PP and photo mat paper)! The reason I am excited is I have more than half of that pack leftover and I thought since both my kids were no longer in grade school, I would never use it again.  But I made it work for this layout! And I love the black title letter stickers... not only are they cute, but I only paid $1 for the pack! When letters are cheap like that, it makes me not feel so bad when I have leftovers, which I always do!
She had a successful day of school and I had a successful session of scrapping, so all in all, yesterday was a good day! Not bad for a Monday! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

07/29/14 - Just Checking In

Hi, all!
Just checking in since it's been about 2 weeks since I blogged.
In that time I have only had a chance to make 1 layout; here it is:
This is a "just because" layout, although it did fit in the "July Hoarders" challenge over at since the flowered BG paper is 2 years old and the frame is 1 year old. 
"Smile for the Camera"
Journaling: "Even though she chose not to bowl, Madi had fun and was full of smiles!
I even caught one on camera...W/ her being a tween this is a rarity these days.
My daughter has been going through a 'phase' for the past year and has been acting really moody and not wanting to participate much in family activities and take pictures. There was a few months where she was always 'hiding' in her room and even avoiding and being mean to her dad, who is normally her best buddy! We were starting to get concerned! Luckily, at least for now, it seems the worst is over and she is gradually allowing us back in but it appears to come and go.  The picture on this layout is one of those rare moments. All I can say is raising a daughter is a tough job! And we still have at least 5 more years of it!

BTW I know that it's a normal phase, having gone through it myself as a teenager,  but that doesn't make it less difficult to deal w/. Not to mention, there is history of depression on my side of the family. Something I've personally struggled w/ in the past, up until very recently, but have thankfully survived and thrived through! However, because of it, I feel the need to be a bit more cautious w/ Madi.
So what's going on in my world?
Well here's a few things:

>>> David and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary!
We celebrated it in Vegas, per our tradition. We go to Vegas every year because that's where we got married.  Yup, we eloped to Vegas! Neither of us like to be the center of attention, plus we think weddings are a waste of money, so Vegas it was. We got married on a Monday afternoon, went back to the hotel, changed into street clothes and then enjoyed a buffet and a movie! LOL! That's us, completely laid back!

Funny tidbit, we have been to Vegas 4 different times this year, for 4 different reasons!
We love Vegas!!! We always find something new to experience when we go.
This time it was : "The Eiffel Tower Experience", "Zombie Burlesque" show, "Minus 5 Bar", and "Twin Peaks" restaurant.  We did all that as well as a few favorites: "Sugar Factory", "Senor Frogs" "Carnival Court" and hanging out at the pool.
I'll spare you the tons of pictures, but if you want to check them out click on the "Instagram" button on the top of my sidebar.

>>> Joseph got his first job; a job at McDonald's.
He's been working there since June. He likes it but they don't give him a lot of hours (yet). So in his spare time he volunteers at the Humane Society.
He loves that even more! Now too bad he can't get paid for it! LOL!
Although he has put in his resume in hopes of them having future job openings as they don't have any right now.
That would be awesome sauce if he got hired there because he likes it and it's a job w/ benefits!
I know he's only 19 but I feel he needs to start thinking of that now...even if it takes him a bit of time to actually get there.

>>> Madison starts 7th grade on August 4th.
She just received her schedule yesterday and we discovered she has been enrolled in Honors classes. Let me tell you, she is not happy about!! LOL!
She was in GATE in elementary and did well.
She had some GATE classes her first year in Middle School, last year, and struggled a bit in a couple of  classes. I blame part of that struggle on the teacher though, because in her other GATE classes she did just fine.
She is actually VERY smart but also VERY lazy! So although we feel she can do it, it's the struggle of keeping her on track that David and I worry about.
We are going to see how she does the first quarter and if she's struggling we may request she be removed. But of course it depends on why she is struggling... because she really can't do it or is just not applying herself.
After all we didn't request she be enrolled in those classes; they just did it.
Which leads me to wonder what their criteria is??
Anyway, I have a feeling 7th grade is going to be an interesting school year!

>>> I broke a tooth about 3 months ago. When it first happened it hurt for about a day, then no more.
I decided to just avoid chewing on that side. Sometimes I would mistakenly do so but luckily it only gave me some mild discomfort.
However, gradually what was left of the tooth became weaker and eventually more of it broke off ; when I accidently used that side to chew on a piece of corn dog (yeah, a corn dog! A food that is not at all hard! LOL!) So now I am almost constantly in pain! I have been living on pain medication for a couple of weeks now. And, if you don't already know this about me, I hate taking pills! I have so much trouble swallowing them and once I get them down, they pretty much always make me nauseous.
So you may wonder why I didn't just go to the dentist.
I do have insurance.
1) I hate going to the dentist or the doctor or any other "chore" that just adds more appointments into my already busy life
2) I have spent the last 4 1/2 years living at the Ortho Dept w/ my daughter so I kinda sorta just wanted to avoid going in general, especially since my daughter has her 3 month checkup next month.
::sigh::  Although appts every 3 months for her retainer is better then when she used to have to go in every 6 weeks for the actual braces!
3) It's always so difficult to get an appointment! I usually have to wait a few months to be seen
But I was/am in so much pain I finally called.  I was able to get an appt w/in a week. 
I guess because of the reason for my appt.
My appt is this Friday and I am both dreading and looking forward to it.

>>>I gave myself bangs.
Yes, "I gave myself" as in I cut them myself.
I hate going to the hair dresser! In fact I haven't had a real haircut in over 2 years. And THAT haircut came after 5 years of not having a hair cut!
I have been wanting bangs for a while because I hate how big my forehead is.
The only reason I never did it is because my hair has a natural split down the middle so my bangs would split too which would mean I wouldn't have bangs but instead just short bunches of hair on each side of my face, LOL! But then I did some research and found out that you can train your bangs.
It's very easy to do! And the info came just in time because my husband and I noticed something in pictures that were recently taken of me. I have this light brown patch on my forehead. I have to assume that it is sun damage. And even though it's not very dark, on my light skin it's noticeable.
That coupled w/ my hatred of my giant forehead made me decide to just do it! So I took some scissors and just cut my hair. Yup!  A bit drastic, but I like the way they came out. Plus, I cut them long enough so that I can still pin them back if I want to.

Here's a picture:
Oh and BTW I now wear sunblock on my face EVERY DAY.
A little too late but I want to try and avoid anymore damage to my skin.
Those are the highlights right now.
Oh wow, I truly didn't intend to write so much! Yikes!
My apologies!
Well, I guess I'll stop now, LOL!
My hope is next time I check in I will have more scrappy goodness to share!
Until then... take care!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

07/16/13 - CPC: Cootie

I'm back w/ another DT project!
Today's inspiration from "Child's Play Challenges" is the game "Cootie":
I remember playing this game w/ both of my kids when they were younger.  It's one of those games that will continue to be around for generations!
Here's what I did w/ it:

"Witches and Spells" 
Journaling: "Goofing around at Tom's Farms October 13.13"
The green-faced "cootie" reminded me of the green face of the witch in these pictures of my son and daughter posing w/ a Halloween prop.
BTW - if you're wondering about the "shimmery"'s not actually that way.  It's actually just a textured BG but for some reason it became distorted on Blogger.  It doesn't look that way IRL or in my photo gallery at home.
Row-weird!! (that's how David and I sometimes say "weird"...LOL)
Okay, moving on...
Besides the CPC challenge I was also inspired by a sketch from "Colorful Creations" :
So far I still seem to be sticking to the simpler style layouts.
I have mixed feelings about it. I like that I can get layouts done quicker without feeling stressed, therefore allowing me to get more done during my rare moments of spare time, however I sometimes feel like the layouts aren't quite "finished".  But I think eventually I will get used to it.
I'm just glad to be scrapping again!
Not much else to say...
So I leave you w/ a reminder to check out the rest of the projects over at CPC!

Monday, July 7, 2014

07/07/14 - "Very Merry 2013"

Good Monday morning to you!

Whew I am exhausted!
I had a busy weekend!
Besides celebrating "Fourth of July" and taking care of the normal household duties, David and I have been working on our backyard.
We took down our kids old (very large) swing set/play structure about a month ago.
And after covering most of the leftover dirt area w/ sod, we are building a fenced-in garden area complete w/ raised garden beds and a drip system and a tool storage/work table. We are doing everything ourselves a little at a time every weekend.
David is doing most of the work, after all he is the one w/ the muscles (LOL) and the know-how, but I am helping as well. It's a lot of work and w/ the weather being as hot as it's been, it is quite draining! We are almost done though and we are very excited!
I never thought I'd be into gardening but I totally am!
About a month ago we purchased lots of flowers and plants, including 2 rose trees, for our front patio and ever since we brought them home they have been my babies!
Nice to have something else to nurture now that my real babies are pretty much all grown up!
Speaking of is a rare occurrence, a picture of me holding one!
We were at a friend's daughter's B-day party, another part of our busy weekend, and I was holding their new little one.
He was a cute, quiet baby...the kind I like, LOL, so I picked him up!
No idea a picture would be captured. 
The party was a last minute thing and I had no time to get ready, so I am not at all happy w/ the way I look in the picture.
But oh well, I'm not vain enough to hide it...
Besides, the baby and the moment that was captured are both cute enough to make up for it!
Anyway,  the reason for my post today?
I am sharing a layout I recently created.
I am sharing it for no other reason then because I am so excited to have scrapped again, LOL!
I created this for 3 Challenges over at
"Christmas in July" -self-explanatory,
"July Hoarders" - Everything on my layout, except the journaling labels and title number stickers,  is approximately 10 years old (possibly older),
"Scrap Lift the Person Before You" - I scrap lifted this layout by Oleysa: 
"Very Merry 2013"
Journaling: "Christmas 2012 - Sparkle the Elf and Chuckles the Clown didn't get along.
That wasn't the case in 2013.
Sparkle even wanted a picture w/ Chuckles (and some other friends)
but Chuckles was still a bit cautious. 12.6.13"
As you can see mine is nowhere as "fancy" as hers but I'm just glad I was able to get another page done!
I had forgotten how much fun and inspiring the challenges are over at!
After a 4 month break I am enjoying reacquainting myself w/ the site.