Monday, March 27, 2023

03/27/23 Planning with Urban Journal Season Ink

My printer was having issues and I fixed it but during the interim I was not scrapping and lost my mojo
::le sigh::
But I've still been playing in my planners so I decided to share with you my 
Current Week's Before-the-Pen spreads in both of my planners using kits from 
I'm obsessed with her art; it is eclectic and beautiful! 
Also, I love that her title and brand logos, on each of her sticker sheets, are also stickers:


All the stickers are hers, except the "splash" sticker and the pink circles.
The splash sticker is from
Shameless Stationary.

Planners: The Happy Planner Mini and a #FauxbonichiWeeks I purchsed off of Amazon. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

03/20/23 - UYS Challenge: Animals

At "Use Your Stuff" UYS the current challenge is Animals!

You know the challenge was super easy for me!

I created a layout of a funny meme (left) and my cat Truffle (right) looking a lot
like the meme, LOL!

12x12 Traditional Page Layout

I have scrapped this photo of Truffle before but when I saw this meme I just had to scrap the 2 together, LOL

I was asked about the hierarchy in our house, now that we have Truffle: Panini is most defintely still in charge, hahaha!

It's Queen Panini, then Truffle than Hamlet, cuz if you don't know.... Pigs just DGAF! 🤣
Of course when it comes to meal time, its the other way around. You don't make a hungry pig wait for meals if you don't want furniture flipped over, haha! True Story!


*Note to Self, add these stickers to my shopping list!*

Saturday, March 4, 2023

03/04/23 - Panini, the Lovely OG

I'm already flaking out on my Blog, ugh!
I was really hoping I wouldn't do that this year...

Because of my delay, my sharing schedule is screwed up!

I need to work on posting my Project Life Pages.

Until then, here are two absolutely adorable layouts of Panini:

"Oh, So Lovely"

"Panini is the OG"

This was when Truffle first came home and I took a couple of photos of Panini as I told her not to worry because she is the OG (Original Gangster)

Friday, January 20, 2023

01/20/23 - Recent Projects - Episode 1


A couple of projects I've worked on recently -

2023 Project Life Week 00
The cover page to my 2023 Project Life Album
This will be the 6th year I've done Project Life:

A 12x12 Traditional Paper Layout of Truffle, my new Kitty!
I adopted him from the shelter in November; he was 7 months old:

And though I didn't just create this layout, I wanted to share it because it is just too cute!
Truffle and Hamlet, or as I like to refer to them: Timon and Pumba! LOL
6x8 Traditional/Digital Hybrid page:

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Jan 2023 + BTB Planner Challenge

It's been sooooo long
Las year's Blogging was an Epic Fail
But It's all good...
Let's see how 2023 goes!

I still scrapbook but I also have become obsessed with the Planner World.
This will be Year 2 of "serious" planning.
Which is why, for my first post of the year, I am sharing a Planner Challenge I'm playing along with:

I know me and I know I will not complete every prompt, but I'm going to complete as many as I can.

Day 1 = Planner Selfie

Day 2 = Planners

1) A generic Bullet Journal I purchased from Walgreens for $9.99. This will be my second year using one of these
2) A Fauxbonichi, a faux Hobonichi, Weeks. I want to try the Hobonichi brand of this planner, but wanted to try the cheaper generic version first to see if I like the size and style


Sunday, March 13, 2022

03/13/22 - 2022 Project Life Weeks: 02 and 03

Project Life
Weeks 02 and 03

Both 12x12 Digital/Traditional Hybrid layouts created on the project life app and embellished IRL.

Inserts for Week #03 include the 6x8 photo of Hamlet in my previous post and this 6x8, also digital and embellished IRL:

A couple of shows I enjoyed that I wanted to document.
Stamps from and @kellie.stamps
Star sticker from @pineberrypaper

I'm a subscriber to 2 sticker clubs.
Since I'm currently doing digital layouts I am no longer in need of physical scrapbooking items, like Project Life cards or scrapbooking paper(s), but stickers come in handy and they can be used for so many other projects as well, such as my Planner and Bujo. Plus sticker mail is awesome!

Products from:
  • Bee Do and Company
  • Doodlebug 
  • Echo Park
  • Four Bears Sticker Club
  • Kellie Stamps
  • Paper Person Shop
  • Pineberry Paper 
  • Shine Sticker Studio

Monday, March 7, 2022

03/07/22 - UYS Challenge #443 "Masculine"

Good Morning,

Today I am sharing a layout  created for the "Use Your Suff" Blog.

"This time we are all about the guys!  Our theme for the next 2 weeks is MASCULINE!  We want to see all those male oriented projects..."

Here is my layout.

My "masculine" Hamlet, sleeping in his blue, white and pink blankie, LOL!
Who says guys can't rock pink!
Not sure exactly how this particular blanket became "Hamlet's Blanket" but it did and it will forever be!
The Snoopy Blanket is mine.

A simple 6x8 layout created in the PL App, including the journaling, and embellished IRL w/ items from Elle's Studio, Freckled Fawn, and Studio Calico.

An insert that goes w/ my Project Life Week 03 layout that I will be sharing soon!

03/27/23 Planning with Urban Journal Season Ink

My printer was having issues and I fixed it but during the interim I was not scrapping and lost my mojo ::le sigh:: But I've still been ...