Thursday, November 30, 2017

11/30/17 - TBT "Party Animals"

#TBT - taking it back to January 24th, 2017
To Madi's 15th Birthday; when Spotty and Hamlet wanted to get in on the gift opening!

"Party Animals"

"Spotty and Hamlet wanted in on the action!

The BG was already covered in the party banners so it made it really easy for me to create a fun page full of color that felt so party-like!

From Crate Paper/Maggie Holmes: Store

This page makes me smile every time I look at it!


For the following November Challenges:

>>Scrap Your Pet

30 Total
-Alphas (15)
-Word/Phrase (5)
-Hearts (2)
-Animals (2)
-PP Sticker Strips (2)
-Circle/Ring (2)
- Label Journaling Spot
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Blue and White Stickers

23 Items
-BG Paper
-Alphas (15)
-Word/Phrase Stickers (5)
-Circle/Ring (2)

>>Second Chance Challenge
October National ________Day
October 11th - It's My Party Day

>>Scrap w/ Your Scraps
2 Scraps
- the Green Circles PP; both pieces were leftover and already cut like that


  1. 30 - wow! I had to count the stickers. You do such an amazing job with challenges. If I tried to add 30 stickers to something, I can't imagine how bad it would look!

  2. Love that background. Great layout :D

  3. This is sooooooooo fun! LOVING that background paper and the little animal stickers!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How festive this is with the party banner background!


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