Monday, November 27, 2017

11/27/17 - November "Ugly Paper" Challenge

 Good Morning!
Hope you all had  a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Mine was...
Today I'm sharing my "Ugly" Papers and Layout for November 2017
Ugly - November 2017

"In Memoriam"
(the Duck)
"Missing 'Howard', our neighbor's duck. He was a regular visitor to our backyard. He spent more time in our yard than his own. We enjoyed having him around and Hamlet having a 'Farm Animal' friend. But suddenly he stopped coming over and we found out he died. We didn't even know his name...we just called him Howard after the 'Howard the Duck' Movie"

We're not sure exactly when 'Howard' stopped coming around but eventually David and I spoke about it saying that neither of us had seen him in a while.
Though we technically didn't have to take care of him, we thought of him as our own: he drank the water out of our animals' water bowl, he played in our animals' pool, he ate bugs out of our grass and plants, he spent a lot of time sleeping, walking, pooping (yuck), exploring, and just hanging out in our yard and also liked to follow Hamlet around.
IDK if Hamlet ever really thought of 'Howard' as a friend but we did, and we really do miss him!


For those of you who might not think the papers are ugly... I really don't either, but I am not a huge fan of frilly papers, or flowers and glitter and the person who sent me my papers knows this... and she was trying to "get me".
But I actually like the papers and they wound up working well w/ my photos!

I used the butterfly/flowery/glittery PP as the BG and the Rooster PP as accent pieces: 2 circles and 1 torn photo mat
Fun fact: I've really been into tearing lately!
I also used 1 of the pointing hand embellishments I was sent.

The pig and duck stickers are from a cheap sticker book I bought at Michaels; 258 Stickers for $1.
I have already gotten good use out of them:

BTW - this is layout #89 of my 75 Layout Goal for 2017.
Also for the following November Challenges:
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22 items
-Alphas (18)
-Washi Tape (2)
-PL Cards (2)

26 Stickers
-Alphas (18)
-File labels/Journaling Spots (3)
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Blue and White Sticker; the camera


  1. You did a great job with those papers! I love that you always seem to have a story and photos ready to fit any theme.

  2. You always amaze me with what you do with the ugly paper challenge! I think the biggest challenge for me would be using the two of them together! You did a great job!

  3. Poor Howard :( I loveeeeeeeeee this! LOVING how you meshed these papers together!!!!!!!!!!!


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