Thursday, February 4, 2021

Reading 2020/2021

The layout I'm sharing today does not include the last photo taken in 2020, that can be seen here: Last Photo of 2020, but it is the last layout in my 2020 Project Life Album.
- Note: I'm not done w/ PL 2020 just yet, I still have to go in and fill in some of the holes in the earlier months.

The story behind the story: Though usually an avid reader, I didn't get much reading done in 2020.

While most people were reading more due to the lockdown I was reading less. Mostly because as someone who was still working full-time and still had mostly all the same responsibilities I've always had, but w/ the increased workload due to working in HR and the fact that we are the source of information and the Unit responsible for tracking COVID cases for our Workplace (of 700 employees) I was actually very busy and very tired in 2020! 

So after that long winded explanation, in conclusion, I only read 1 book and 6 "essays" in 2020.

This layout documents that and my Reading Goals for 2021.
Wish me luck!

6x12 Traditional Pocket Page Layout:

Elle's Studio and Studio Calico


  1. Wow - what a bummer that your job became so much more busy. That stinks. I read easily double what I normally do during 2020. It's great that you documented what you did read. I never have and I'm not sure why.

  2. I "read" less as well, but only because I didn't have a commute to listen to books. Hopefully you have time this year to unwind and read.


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