Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Last Photo of 2020

Sometimes I miss blogging...
At first I wondered why, since hardly anyone ever read my blog.
But then I realize that though it is nice to have followers, and readers, and comments... I just miss it because it is an extra place to express myself.
Even if all I'm sharing is Scrappy Projects.

So I come here today with the thought of resurrecting my blog...
I'll post today and see how it goes...
No promises and no concious intentions

Let's start w/ my latest project for "Use Your Stuff"
The challenge was to use leftover product.

The goal was to get people to use their scraps... but  I went a different direction.

My project includes a 2020 Wood Veneer that I purchased at the beginning of 2020, and was intended for the first page in my Project Life Album, but had misplaced.
Instead I'm using it for the last page in my album.

6x12 Traditional Pocket Page 

All product is Freckled Fawn, of which I have a Monthly Subscription: https://freckledfawn.com/
Here is the link to Use Your Stuff if you want to check out the other projects: https://useyourstuff.blogspot.com/


  1. SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK TO BLOGGING! (Even if it's only this once. But I hope not.) Your page is awesome. I've really missed hearing about Hamlet's adventures. I don't think I ever heard where you got him.

  2. It is so good to see a post from you - and to see a fun layout! Now I want to go see what the last photo of 2020 was that I took!

  3. Yay! for some reason while working from home I don't go onto blogs often, but when I'm in the office, I'm all over them ahaha :D

    Cheers to a new year!


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