Wednesday, April 11, 2018

04/11/18 - St Pattys / Christmas in January

2 different types of layouts
2 different years
2 different holidays
Both created this month:
12x12 Pocket Page w/ (1) digital PL card printed from the PL App: "So Much Fun"
"California Irish Festival"
(click to enlarge and read journaling)
I've gotten into pocket pages this year and I'm really loving them!
I also am learning new techniques as I get used to the format and I'm finding THAT fun.

I'll definitely be sharing more, even going back to my earlier ones... eventually.

Also - I've gotten into stamping...
Most stamps on this page are from Kelley Purkey.


12x12 Traditional Scrapbook Page
(Yes, the large circle is supposed to fall off the page)

"Whoville Xmas Time Celebration"
- Date 01/24/16

I'm hosting an Amusement Park Challenge and a Christmas Past challenge over at; this satisfies both the challenges.

Thanks for stopping by...
Hope all is well!


  1. Fabulous, both of them! They're as different as can be, yet totally you, and I love them both.

  2. Love love love love these!!! SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh where oh where did you find Whoville? That must have been a lot of fun going through there and seeing it in real life. I love your pocket pages spread. I bet your husband loves seeing all your work. Especially since he gets in most of all your photos when you do something together. You both make such a sweet couple. :)

  4. Both of these layouts are fabulous! You are rockin' the pocket pages and that Whoville page is so cute!


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