Sunday, October 1, 2017

10/02/17 - MIM #97

Today I am bringing you sketch #97 from the Memory Nest.
If you're thinking it's been a while since I shared one of these, you're correct!
IDK what happened w/ me... but I totally missed the deadline's for both of the September sketches, DOH!

Anyway, October is a whole new month, so here we go...

I used a flipped version of the sketch for my layout.

 "His Good Side"
"This little guy is big enough to get his front hooves up on our couch now.

Basically the story is...
I was sitting on the couch watching TV, I was probably eating, and Hamlet jumped up and placed his hooves on the couch in front of me!
It was quite a shock as he had never done that before!
Of course I grabbed my phone and took a photo of him.
When I posted the photo to my Instagram account, one of my friends made the comment, "Hahaha! He's like 'make sure you get my good side'!" and I decided that if I ever scrap this photo I would use something similar to that as my title.

BTW - he has never learned to actually jump on the couch despite us repeatedly trying to get him to do so!
Looks like he peaked in 2015, LOL!


  1. HA!!! That is funny! I loveeeeeeee this! LOVING the smileys!!!!!

  2. Cute story but a wonderful page with this sketch!

  3. Hilarious! We were shocked the first time Trouble jumped up on the couch and he's a rabbit! I can only imagine how surprised I would have been to have a pig jump up next to me. LOL!


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