Sunday, June 11, 2017

06/12/17 - MIM #90

Here we go again!
But this is a good "here we go again"!

MIM Sketch #90

 "Breakfast 6.3.17"
"Love it when my coffee mug color coordinates w/ my breakfast!
Coffee and a (65g) slice of Strawberry Krunch Cake 165 calories.

I'm a foodie!
I love food and trying new foods and talking about food and taking pictures of food and..
well you get the idea!

I'm thinking of buying a Travelers Notebook or something similar to scrap these photos so I don't have tons of 12x12 layouts w/ just 1 photo on them, LOL
But in this case it works!

I have had that BG paper in my stash forever + infinity!
I loved it but never knew what to do w/ it but it just felt perfect for this photo, though I would NEVER have thought of scrapping a food photo w/ it!
But the pre-printed cluster at the bottom left reminded me of the title area of the sketch and it would required no additional work except adding the title so as a "lazy" scrapper, I was sold, LOL

You have until June 30th to join in on the fun!

Also for the following June Challenges:

>Foodie Challenge
>National __________Day
June 23rd - National Pink Day

16 items
-BG paper
-Photo Mat PP
-Alphas (9)
-Words/Phrases (2)
-PL Card: Sweet
-File label/Journaling Spot

13 Stickers
-Alphas (9)
-Word/Phrases (2)
-File label/Journaling Spot
*INCLUDES TWIST* of "create the letters you are missing out of the remaining ones"
I created the "e" and "s" in breakfast from a "3" and a "5"

>Scrap w/ Your Scraps
1 Scrap
-Photo Mat PP


  1. Loveeeeeee this and you are right -- that wood grain background is PERFECT for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW Doreen--this is a beauty-love how you made this wee's sketch your own--cool page !

  3. Love the cluster at the bottom...even better if it was already there :D easy peasy :D

    Awesome layout...breakfast looks yum!

  4. The wood grain is PERFECT for this page! And sign me up for 165 calorie cake. :D

  5. Such a sweet and fun page!! Love how you used the sketch!!


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