Tuesday, April 25, 2017

04/25/17 - March "Ugly Paper" Challenge

Hi, it's "Ugly Paper" time again!
As I mentioned in a prior post, I recently lost my mojo...though I think it may be back now ::crosses fingers::.
Because of my loss of mojo I did not get my "March Ugly Paper" Challenge layout done in March.
I was able to complete it in April though and I am sharing it w/ you today.
First a reminder of the rules (you can skip this part if you already know them):
1. After signing up, the host gives your name and address to another participant
2. The other participant sends you 2 "ugly" papers and at least one ugly embellishment
3. You MUST use both papers; the embellishment(s) is optional
4. You are allowed to use other items as well, as long as the 2 "ugly" papers are included in the layout
5. You are allowed to alter the papers and, if used, the embellishment(s) but they must still be recognizable
 March "Uglies" 
"A Run Through Redlands" 
Journaling -

"After a 3+ yr break from running, Drs Orders, David ran a 5k and ranked
250th out of 1,243 participants! Unfortunately I was in the car trying to stay warm
and didn't get back in time to take a photo of him crossing the Finish Line; DOH!

"Overall Ranking: 250th out of 1,243
Male 35-39: 10th of 30
All Male: 172nd out of 542
Average Pace: 9:21
Race Completed in: 28:57.71"

(All the "stats" info is in the photo collage at the bottom as well but it's difficult to read)

The ugly papers are the BG paper and the Red Shaped paper at the bottom which I used half of in order to make a pocket to hold my husband's Runner's Bib.
I also used the "ugly" embellishment which is the "pumpkin" that I am pretending is an "orange" to fit the theme of my layout!


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I used shaped paper to make a pocket for my husbands "Runner's Bib"

Because of the PL card

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  1. You are a MASTER at this challenge. Every time I see your entry, I'm amazed. The pumpkin actually reads 'orange' on the page.

  2. That paper is PERFECT for these photos!! This is just FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cannot believe how perfect those "ugly" papers were for your layout. Great job to your husband!

    I could totally see an orange too :)


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