Friday, February 3, 2017

02/03/17 - "Apple Pie"

My last blog post inspired me to share another old-but-never-been-shared layout.
The location of the photos is the same place as the location in the last layout, though a different day, which is why I was inspired.
Here it is!
"Oak Glen Apple Pie"
"I do not like pie...
But this pie right here, from Riley's at Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen, is da bomb!
It's apple pie with thick chunks of apple, grown in the orchards on the premises, mixed with lots of cinnamon and baked inside a thick crumbly cookie-like crust... I topped mine with vanilla ice cream for that extra pop of yumminess!! pie... EVER!
BTW - My husband and I got totally "apple wasted" today!
Besides the pie, and hot chocolates (regular for him, vanilla for me) we had:
-Iced Cinnamon Caramel Apple Cider
-an Apple Sauce Raisin cookie
-samples of Hard Apple Cider, and
-a Caramel Apple (w/nuts).
Good thing we shared it all and went on a hike before hand; I hit 12,000 steps by 2pm."
As I did w/ this layout: This Town, I printed my journaling directly from Instagram on photo paper and adhered it as if it was an actual photo.
Love that technique for long journaling!
BTW this photo of me makes me laugh because it reminds me of the "Kermit the Frog, None of my Business" meme. If you're not familiar w/ it here is one version of it:

Image result for kermit the frog none of my business meme

Do you see the resemblance?! LOL!


For the Following December Challenges:

>National _______ Day
I was inspired by December 1st; National Pie Day
*NO TWIST* - None given

>Food Challenge

>Sticker Challenge
I used 9:
-apples (3)
-basket of apples
-kraft banner
-"Autumn Harvest"
*INCLUDES TWIST* - use stickers from at least 3 different sheets
I used stickers from 4 different sheet sets

8 items
-6 (of the 9) stickers
-both PPs
(the circle paper was bought from the Target Dollar Spot YEARS ago! The BG is YEARS old also!)


  1. Hehehehe to the Kermit comparison!! I loveeeeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and the big half circle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. are too funny with Kermit :) Love the perfect background paper! Great layout. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL Kermit! Love your layout and the great colors. I would happily try all of those apple items. Yum!


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