Tuesday, November 1, 2016

11/01/16 - "This Town"

Okay, so by now you all know I am a huge One Direction fan!
But did you know they broke-up?!
Well, technically not "officially" but they are all off doing their own thing, so even if they haven't "broken up" it doesn't look like they will be making music together any time soon.
As a 1D fan this makes me sad.
I follow them, each of them, except Zayn...cuz he's an ungrateful punk(!),  on Instagram so I see that they all seem to be doing really well moving forward w/ their lives and their own careers.
That makes it a bit easier to handle the break-up...
Then I found out that Niall, my favorite One Direction Member, has already released knew music...this made me happy and super excited!
(BTW, in case you're wondering...I'm 41 years old, LOL!)
I posted the Happy News to my Instagram account...
And since there is a "Music Challenge" at Scrapbook.com I decided to create a layout about my post.
Here it is:
"This Town"
Journaling - copied directly from my Instagram Account:
"When you love a song SO much you make your first ever purchase on
@GooglePlayMusic.  Niall Horan, formerly of 1D, has released his first solo song
and it is absolutely beautiful! I cant stop listening to it and it literally brings tears
to my eyes every... damn... time! If you haven't heard it, you MUST!!!
Of all the 1D "boys" he is the one most deserving of success!
Good luck @niallhoran!

I decided to try a new journaling style and I love the way it turned out!

I took a screenshot of my caption, hash tags and all, from my IG post and printed it on photo paper then adhered the "photo" of my journaling under the photo of Niall; the same photo of Niall I posted on IG.
I love how neat it looks and how I didn't have to re-write/re-type my journaling.
Super quick and easy!
I'll definitely use the technique again!
This was for Category 3 of the Music Challenge: Artist
"Use the name of a band, group or solo artist on your layout...Can be in title or journaling"
*INCLUDES TWIST: paper clips*
I used a self-adhesive chipboard paper clip
Here is Niall singing his new song in case you've never hear it.
I hope you enjoy:
Also included in the following SB.com October Challenges:
I used 4
-the large "This Just In" w/ radio
-self-adhesive paper clip

All the items, except the paperclip, are over a year old
*INCLUDES TWIST of busy BG paper*


  1. Love love love this! LOVING that you used your IG post!!! We got to listen to him all weekend on Sirus as he was guest DJ-ing on one of the stations!

  2. Great way to journal without rewriting it all :) love the "this just in" sticker :D Awesome layout.

  3. Love what you created!! LOVE One Direction (fABULOUS SONGS). I was just thinking that I haven't heard anything new form them. Now I know why!


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