Wednesday, July 20, 2016

07/20/16 - "I Wish" (An Art Journal Page)

I realize I'm behind on sharing my art journal pages again...
It's so hard to keep up w/ my creative side when I have to work 10 hours every day.
(I'm kidding/not kidding)
If I had more free time I would be so much more creative and/or at least be able to keep up w/ sharing my creations!

I need to create a blog post w/ all my most recent art journal pages.
Until I do that I at least want to share what I created today:

"I Wish"

It's nothing fancy...
Just 2 of my favorite things:
1. Art Journaling (via magazine cut-outs) and
2. Song Lyrics

In this case 2 songs w/ the same title: "I Wish"
Skee-Lo's 1995 version and Cher Lloyd's 2013 version.

May seem random but my thought process went like this:
  Saw photos of "skee-ball" > thought of "Skee-Lo" > thought of his song "I Wish" > thought of Cheryl Lloyd's version of "I Wish"> created art journal page

Art journaling doesn't need to be complicated...
Neither does the creative process.
Sometimes my most favorite pages are the fast and simple ones!

And for some added fun here are the videos for the 2 songs referenced in this page:


Cher Lloyd:

Curious to know if your familiar w/ either (or both songs)?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I know both songs and i loveeeeeeeee your page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fun page. I don't think I've heard the 2nd song, but now the first one is stuck in my head :D

  3. Nope- never heard either song before. I love that skee-ball brought you to this. Funny how our brains work!


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