Wednesday, May 18, 2016

05/18/16 - MIM #58 (Late Post)

I've been super busy and have just made enough time to squeeze in a bit of scrapping here and there... which explains my absence from commenting on your blog posts (sorry!).
Today I'm really quick-like sharing a layout I created using an old "The Memory Nest - Make it Monday" sketch.
I have confession to make...
The reason I am sharing an "old sketch" is because I missed the deadline date of creating my layout in time for the original blog post to go live!
I have been on 5 Design Teams, "The Memory Nest" included, and I have NEVER missed a deadline!
I felt so bad!
It was just a mix up of dates on my part.
Luckily my "Blog-Boss-Lady", Leslie, is wonderful and understanding and I didn't get "fired"! LOL!
I told her I still wanted to create a layout w/ the sketch because I don't like not completing DT assignments. She told me when I completed my layout, I should not only post it on my blog, but also send it to her to post on "The Memory Nest" blog w/ her layout, that she still needed to complete.
Soooo...if you get a chance, visit the blog to check out her layout as well!
Without further ado here is sketch #58:
And my take:
"Who's That Girl"
Journaling: "Getting Madi's hair done inspired me to do the same so on 3.19.16 the process to get my hair summer ready began. I was nervous, then shocked, then happy! Oh yeah, and I got my nose pierced on St. Patrick's Day (night)!
Hair by Amber @The Glam Box Salon/Piercing by Karloss @Cool Cat Tattoo"

It's hard to see but in the 2nd photo I have a "diamond" stud in my nose.
So to assist you w/ getting the full picture (no pun intended) I have included a close up shot of the "after" photo:
BTW - this isn't the last you'll be seeing of that piercing... just a heads up!
Also included in the following May Challenges:
For the following May Challenges:

>MAY Movie Challenge
(Which I'm hosting)
Movie = "Who's That Girl" - Madonna 1987
No Twist

>May Music Challenge
Category = Song Title
"Who's That Girl" - Madonna 1987
No Twist

> May ~Four Categories Challenge~
Category #1 Stickers
Use at least one non-alphabet/number sticker on a page.
*Includes twist - Flower sticker

>May Sticker Challenge
Used 14 stickers -
- Alpha Stickers for Title =12
-"Hey There"
- Flower sticker
*Includes Twist - Flower Sticker

>HOARDERS Challenge
Used 5 hoarded items:
-The 2 Washi tapes
-The Flower Sticker
-The alpha letters (2 different sets)

>May Scrap With Your Scraps Challenge
The white "Photo Mat/Title Backing/Journaling spot is from my scrap stash


  1. Loveeeeeee this! And loving the new hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Life is busy!!! I hate not being able to visit blogs. And of course I would not fire you!! Things happen!! I LOVE the way your page came out. Such fun papers and fabulous pictures of you!! LOVE the nose ring!!! :)

  3. Beautiful before and after! Great LO. As for missing the deadline, I understand busy far too well! Glad you completed the layout anyway.

  4. Such a pretty layout Doreen! I was soo excited to see your hair colored AND you got your nose pierced?! How awesome!
    I was late on my DT project this month. Stuff happens. It's not the greatest feeling but is great when our people are understanding.


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