Monday, April 4, 2016

04/04/16 - MIM #57

Happy Monday!
I  feel like it's been forever since I shared a MIM sketch from the Memory Nest...
 even though I  it's really only been 3 weeks.
I guess it's because the past 3 weeks have been very busy for me.

Madison was on Spring Break last week.
And one of the most fun things she did, according to her, is the topic of the layout I'm sharing today.

But first, here's the sketch:

And now my layout (w/ a few modifications):

"Batman VS Superman"
Journaling: "Madison is antisocial and hates to leave the house.
But she's also a huge Batman fan and a "Daddy's Girl" so when the new
"Batman (VS Superman)" movie was announced David promised to take her.When the
day came David also invited me and Joseph.
We declined though because we knew how much Madi was looking forward to her
"Movie Date" with her Daddy.  Joseph and I saw it 2 days later"
I loved making this layout! I loved trying to incorporate all the Super Hero colors...
And that blue BG was perfect; it was like it was made for a Superman Layout!
The only aspect of making the layout that I did not enjoy was trying to figure out how to incorporate the journaling.
I loved the clean design of my layout and didn't want to clutter it w/ anything extra, even journaling...  but I also wanted to include the story that went w/ the photos.
I finally decided that "hidden journaling" was the route to go... but where to hide it was my next obstacle.
I started lightly pulling at the different pieces of the layout and was pleased to discover that the top piece of yellow/white PP was not completely glued down.
Normally that would upset me , but in this case it was just what I needed!
I wrote my journaling on a PL card and then safely tucked it away w/ just a bit sticking out to invite the reader to "pull it out to read".

It was the perfect solution and I love how the little bit of the PL card showing fits in so well w/ the other layered pieces!

Also, as a side note I also love these "Days of the Week" stickers from Echo Park.
They came in the Echo Park "My Life" Collection but you can buy them separately and I think I'm going to stock up!

BTW - if you're wondering what I thought of the movie, check this out: Batman VS Superman


  1. I love love love this! LOVING the photos, the colors and how you did the journaling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome page! I love everything about it, but especially their beautiful smiles!

  3. Nice page. I love that your daughter had a movie date with Dad! I like colors and the clean lines. Nice page!

  4. Cute! I love how you can see him taking the selfie in the poster behind them :) Great job on the hidden journaling

  5. Love what you created!! Such a fun page and fabulous paper/color combo!!!


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