Thursday, November 12, 2015

11/12/15 -"A Dirty Snout and Clowns"

Hello and Happy Thursday to you!

Just dropping off a couple of layouts I recently created!
I need to prove to you that I'm still scrapbooking after all my 'big talk' about getting my mojo back!!

But I did and I have so I would like to share.
Both layouts were created for Challenges (click on images to enlarge):
"You Look Dapper"
Top journaling strips; "Hey Grammy(*)...Do I have something on my face?"
Bottom journaling(under the title):
"The way Hamlet typically looks after being outside."
(*) Hamlet belongs to Madison, a reward for doing so well in school, so I am his "Grammy" AKA "Grandma".
For the "November Scrap Your Pet" challenge.
No twist (chevrons).


"Are You Scared?"
Journaling: "Halloween 2014: Adam and Jessica joined us in scaring
trick-or-treaters this year.
Left to right: Adam, Joseph, Jessica, Madison, and David"

For the "November Ugly Paper" challenge.
The ugly paper is the B&W BG and the white paper with the different colored sunbursts (large circle behind the group photo and there's a piece poking out of the top of the green BG).

The ugly papers weren't really that difficult to work with since, to me, they weren't ugly at all.
I also used two of the embellishments that were given to me: the brown & white decorative circles at the top left and bottom right of the layout.



  1. Great layouts! I am in love with Hamlet. He could not be cuter. Those scary clowns... (shudder). And I agree that those aren't ugly papers. You got off easy on that one!

    To get rid of the centering problem, you can highlight the relevant section and push the plain text button (the one with a T and an X). That usually works. If not, switch from Compose to HTML and look for the word center amongst the code. Do a copy/paste of the HTML to somewhere else so that you can revert back if you mess things up, then delete the entire "div" chunk from < to > that contains the word center. Switch back to Compose and then try to preview.

  2. Love love love these!! Hammy is just ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Two fabulous pages!! LOVE how you used Dapper Dan for Hammy!! And the clown page with the colors and fun title is perfect!!!

  4. Those clowns are scary!!!! Great layouts though (despite the scare factor--haha!)

    Thank you for sharing :D Keep that Mojo going :)


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