Monday, November 9, 2015

11/09/15 - Reading Challenge Update

Hello, hello! 
It's been a while since I've posted an update...
I've been reading but not as much since finding my scrapbooking mojo again!
That, along w/ the fact that I had been on vacation for 10 days put a bit of a damper on my reading time.
But I am happy to report that in this installment of the Reading Challenge I have read 3 more books!
Unfortunately they only count as 1 since I read them for the "A Trilogy" option of the challenge.
"Gemini Series"
I used to read VC Andrews as a teenager.
She was my favorite author.
For those who don't know, she passed away but she has a Ghost Writer.
From what I've read, the reading community has mixed reviews on the "ghost writer" and his ability to write as well as Andrews did.
I don't have any problem w/ his work.
This series was good... just as creepy as some of her stuff that I read and love(d) in the past.
TBH if she was still alive and writing I think that there would mixed reviews on her latest books since it's difficult to come up w/ new/fresh ideas after years of writing.
The only complaint I have about this series is the conclusion to the 3rd book was a bit rushed and it didn't really tie up all the loose ends of the whole story.
I had questions when I was done...
I don't like when books leave you hanging!
But I'm not going to base the whole series on one book.
In fact, reading this series is making me eager to return to her/his books!
Total Books Read: 21/50


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh I did not know she had a ghost writer!! I loved her Flowers In The Attic series (movie sucked though! IMO... lol!) ... will have to check these out!!!!!!!

  2. I've never read her stuff. And I totally agree that a series that leaves you hanging is super annoying! Glad you enjoyed it other than that.

  3. Yay!!! Glad to see you are still going on the challenge :D

  4. Thanks for sharing!! Always love hearing about your reading!!


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